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  1. This game was an encouraging start. The offense showed in the 4th quarter what they can do as the season goes along. The defense showed this isn’t the same defense from the past.

    Players that showed were Lagow which should give coaches the news he can do more and should do more for the offense. Westbrook showed he is ready to take a bigger roll this year. Redding is ready to do better this year but needs another back to be a power back that we can count on. Majette and Gest showed they can do things for this offense. Our OL needs to tighten up but over all did a good job in the run game and most of the passing game.

    Defensively many players stepped up and showed they will be playmkers this year. Fant, Scales, Ball and others showed they are ready to make a difference for this team.

    The special teams need to be cleaned up before it cost us a game. Overall though, it was a good first game giving the team and fans hope that the team will improve each week and have a chance to win more games than projected.

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