1. Not sure how all the recent news played into the emotions…Hard to wrap your head around a molestation charge on the team….and then hear of the tragic car crash resulting in the death of Allison Hoeppner.
    Hard to find any cynicism or sarcastic humor after the last 48 hours. Strange how the world just moves on…I made a couple posts before hearing about Hep’s daughter. Never read the early tweets on LiveChat….Heard the news from the BIG announcers… Just very tragic. She sure had a beautiful smile…captured in that picture taken at Memorial.

  2. I’m not certain this was a case of it got away or it was given away. The Wake Forest line play both on offense and defense was very good. I think we came close to beating a team that is a little better than we are at this stage. Could we have beaten them…sure, but give credit where its due…WF is a good football team and well coached.

  3. Not a matter of must-win, it was a matter of should-win. WF is in their 3rd year of rebuilding the program, IU is in its 6th year. They do not have the level of talent that IU has. We had two weeks to prepare. A loss like this in front of your own fans is what keeps the fan base doubting the continued progress. This team displayed a lack of discipline and needs to beat teams like this at home, period.

  4. agree with CaliHoosier totally……two weeks to prepare and the team plays so poorly (dispcipline wise) at home….maybe to many distraction ( Aaron Del Grosso, Kiante Enis, etc.) this week….again a game we should have won…what i gather from from some conversation on line is that Wake Forest has progress farther along as a football team in one year than IU…….i do not get this ideal of playing all year just to get to some low level bowl game, wouldn’t it be nice to be ranked in the polles (AP, ESPN, etc.) or make a higher bowl game…IU football needs to win non-conference games , because of IU lousy record within the Big 10….we now have 9 games left in this seasons and we have to find 4 Big 10 victories (Good Luck)….i am really pulling for this team and the IU program

  5. Could be worse….We could have lost to Duke at home and be a 1-3 ND.
    If Duke can beat ND in South Bend, we might be the best team in the BIG…Too early to tell.
    Who knows…? Lagow shows so much more promise than Sudfeld. Hope Wilson blocks all the noise and sticks with the kid. He threw a couple balls too high, but he’s looking the right places and showing real resiliency. No reason to hit any panic button. Take down MSU and start anew.

  6. H4H , I agree with you and if IU can quit to making so many penalties and get our two starter OL back then IU will be better. I think the two first games where coaches we trying different players instead of put the best players out has caused most of the problems. Lagow should have been the starter from the start and given the most reps to get in sync with the receivers. Our receivers need to get used to an arm stronger than Sudfeld because it gets there quicker and you have to keep running fast to get there. Lagow needs to get the slant passes down into the torso of the receivers because they often need to catch it with their bodies. If we had NFL receivers they would catch slants with their hands but Lagow has to adjust to the receivers he has now.

    I don’t know what it is but every time things are going well with IUFB major injuries rise up and make them play without their best players. Hopefully the rest of the season will see everyone healthy and the team being more discipline on the field.

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