1. For what it is worth I already miss the links down the right side of the old format, like the 1 to the official IU sports website, peegs, ITH, Hoosier Nation, puntjohnpunt(?) etc., plus the listing of the print media from the other B1G cities. It is a small thing but it is missed. Also hoping Hoosier Morning is still considered viable to/for Scoop readers. Other than those thoughts the new layout is acceptable.

    Hoosier Clarion

    1. HC,
      Fair point on the links. I’ll inquire about restoring those in some fashion. Hoosier Morning will continue, just didn’t get to it with the holiday this morning.

  2. …and no ‘Archives’….and no twitter links.
    I really miss the twitter links….especially Tom Crean’s.
    My mornings are priceless with Hoosier Morning.
    When is the funeral for LiveChats? Did I miss it?
    LiveChats was such a carefree and fun-loving soul…May our LiveChats rest in peace.

    Martha Stewart: ‘Teleprompters….They’re a good thing.”

  3. The guy at the 4:20 mark in gray cap may have had a couple too many….Hope he had a designated Bart.
    You should do some ScoopTalks (STDs / ScoopTalkDiscussions still in the future?) with those old dudes at the bar…They are entertaining and quite good on camera…Also seem to know their schnitzel.

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