1. Wow! Undoubtedly Wilson has raised the bar of expectations and accountability to another level for this season. Redding with the fumble in the game and 1 again today in practice will set the bench if there is a 3rd. Now that is serious discipline. Just as serious as the suspensions were prior to Thursdays game. I sure would not want to be the guy across from Big Ralph on Saturday. Good news about the level of play from Patrick Dougherty and Omari Stringer on the DL. Now if Mike Barwick can make the mark also it would solidify the 10 man rotation Hagan needs. Barwick was even thought of higher than Dougherty during the Ohio HS careers. Stringer was a DB in HS so as a 6’4″ 230 lb. DE he should have some serious quicks against opponents OT’s. Good to see a DC showing independent demands of the D while being some much on the same page with HC.

  2. Such is life being a football coach and never satisfied, but I love the brutal honesty that Coach Wilson brings to the table. It’s nice to see our guys held accountable and Wilson exuberate confidence in his team. Hoping to finally put Ball State away and get that monkey off our back.

  3. HC,
    I’ll have a longer story on Redding later in the week, but yeah, interesting take from Wilson today. Talked to Redding about it. Here’s his response:

    “I totally agree with coach Wilson,” Redding said. “It’s something that I have to think about. It’ll get fixed. … He expects more out of me. It’s just little mistakes that should never happen.”

  4. I know these guys have to make themselves “available” for the “media”….but on Labor Day?

    And with regard to expectations, benchings, disciplinary actions, monkeys on backs, and the rest of the hullabaloo, it’s really sort of time for IU Football to put up or shut up. I prefer zero hype and zero availability. I prefer a lot less talk of how tough you are on players and a lot more consequences of toughness observed on the scoreboard.

    The first year defense best get up to steam very quickly…No more time frames. No more “should be ready next year” malarkey. It is on Wilson that he’s into his 3rd defensive coordinator…It’s rather inexcusable to keep buying time with each new coaching hire. You’ve run out of “get out of jail” cards, Coach. Like you a lot….but it’s time for results. It’s time to start acquiring properties on the Boardwalk… It’s time for results to mirror your Vince Lombardi meets Woody Hayes persona at the podium. Talk is cheap…especially right after another contract extension.

  5. MM, Thanks for the return and the heads-up. I’m also confident Coach McCullough is just as hard on RB’s when they fumble as Wilson.

  6. One thing I like about Coach Wilson is that he is honest about where the team is. Part of coaching is psychological and when you win is the time to be tougher on the team as they are feeling good and can handle criticism. When you lose you need to find positive aspects to focus on along with pointing out the errors as the players are already down about their performance.

    Coach is getting stronger as a head coach knowing how to handle the team. The team is getting stronger and I hope they are stronger when it comes to winning games. It is great to see the defense step up knowing our offense will come together. FIU is known for strong defenses so our offense may not be as far off as it seems. There is no doubt it needs to improve and score more points and this week they get a chance to show how much they improve.

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