1. Defense the way Hoosiers are spose to play it. But the biggest intangible in CBB is IU’s 6th man, the AH fans. I don’t know how many points the Hoosier crowd is worth but is certainly equal for the defense as it is for the offense. Has to be the best IU BB game I’ve watched since Coach Crean came to Bloomington. A beautiful night holding success for the Hoosiers and failure for the PUkes. Nick’s better have plenty of bartenders working.

  2. Very happy obviously… could have been a wider margin, but I felt refs kept it closer… nothing they could do at the end.

    Newkirk is an interesting addition – he’s a decent player, but he’s simply a horrible decision maker. His drives are consistently awful. He rushes into bad situations. I’m not a huge fan of many of his shots. PG’s are supposed to be the ones to calm things and get teammates into the right spots to succeed… but ’tis not what he ever does. Luckily he is an above average individual defender.

    Blackmon played with energy on both ends… his normal blasé demeanor was much more impassioned this evening. He wasn’t great on D, but he contributed. He rebounded in traffic several times. I was proud of how he played… IU could not have won without him.

    De’Ron Davis is rounding into shape. Dickie V was surprised he was in down the stretch, but not me… he’s our best post player and a good FT shooter. As positive a player Bryant is, his post defense was awful tonight – it’s fair to say that UNC scored 80% of the time they dumped it into the block against TB.

    So great to see our depth as an advantage… against a team that almost has it’s pick of the litter every year. Meeks and Pinson both chose UNC over IU… I think Crean had a special smile for them tonight.

    Not sure what happens the next month without OG, but wins over KU and UNC secure a high seed if we finish in the top 4 of the B1G, which should absolutely be the case.

    Great night to be a Hoosier fan!

  3. I actually like Newkirk a ton…..Dribbles far less than Yogi and he has more surgical precision at punching holes in the defense. Thought he played with a lot of energy and speed. Robert Johnson was very good as well.
    But I think Newkirk is the biggest surprise. Solid baller. He must have been coached very well at Pitt.
    Agree with Geoff concerning Davis…His demeanor and instincts help settle us down low. He played a very strong game.
    Nice win. It’s not March and Carolina will be better in March.

    1. Newkirk… really? He led the team in shot attempts and TO’s. He was the 5th leading scorer… only had 3 assists. Go back and watch what happened when he drove into the paint. He gets into bad spots… he ends up taking awkward lay-ups that have no chance or get volleyball spiked back in his face.

      Listen, I’m not saying he shouldn’t be playing significant minutes… the good news is that his mistakes seem to be mental, so they can be overcome. I don’t think he’s a stupid player. It’s hard to be a starting PG on a B1G team or a Big East team if you don’t have bball IQ… hopefully it’s just a matter of getting comfortable in the offense and with his teammates.

  4. Ahh, if the NCAA tournament could only be permanently moved to Assembly Hall, we’d be looking good for another banner soon.

  5. IU recovered from a few blinks, with assists from the crowd including 81 team, and won the stare down with mental and physical toughness on defense, JBJ played well….Game is the way it should be in assembly hall.

  6. Yes, Geoff. I don’t rewind games. I do know this team is a disaster without Newkirk. The other candidates in the backcourt don’t have the toughness/experience/maturity to play both ends with his grit. You can tell the weight is beginning to get distributed to his shoulders(thrown on him, to a degree, against a very good backcourt last night).
    I thought he didn’t shrink from the task. NC’s premier guard had 8 points. Maybe some of that was Newkirk…? Maybe some of that was just a poor shooting night.

  7. That’s why I like him as well….but I also think he’s pretty steady offensively and that aspect of his game(and shooting the ball) will improve. It will have to for this to be a team to make a deeper run than the usual Round of 32/Sweet level.

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