Hoosier Morning for Dec. 1

Indiana proved its vast potential once again in rising the challenge of North Carolina, Mike writes.

Even as well as Indiana played and as loud as Assembly Hall was, nothing ever comes easy, I wrote.

The reunited ’81 championship Hoosiers are still taking their lead from each other, I wrote.

IU women’s basketball is looking back at the Auburn loss to prepare for another road test tonight at N.C. State, Jon writes.

Numbers helped tip the (Tegray) Scales in favor of the defense for IU football this season, Andy writes.

After a step back at Fort Wayne, Indiana took a big step forward against North Carolina, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The Hoosiers win over the Tar Heels was just a reminder of Indiana’s vast potential, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A slow start doomed North Carolina so much that not even a late rally could save the day, Andrew Carter of the Raleigh News & Observer writes.

Big wins such as the one over North Carolina are now business as usual for Indiana, Eamonn Brennan of ESPN.com writes.

Bob Knight is the big loser for again passing on a Hoosier celebration, this one being the 1981 national champions, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes.

Five takeaways from North Carolina becoming the latest highly-ranked team to lose at Indiana, Gary Parrish of CBSsports.com writes.

Indiana pulled out all the emotional stops, then pulled off an upset of No. 3 North Carolina, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Bob Knight wasn’t at Assembly Hall Wednesday, and it didn’t matter, because the Hoosiers past and present had plenty to celebrate anyway, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Five takeaways from the Hoosiers’ win over the Heels, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Kyle Schwarber got a hero’s welcome as honorary captain at Assembly Hall on Wednesday night, CLTV.com reports.

Indiana matched a school-record with 12 total All-Big Ten football honorees when all was said and done, IUHoosiers.com reports.

In celebration of the Hoosiers’ homecourt advantage, a Neil Diamond rendition of “Back Home in Indiana” which he performed at Assembly Hall on Sept. 9, 1982.


  1. Dan Dakich has spent most of his afternoon radio show dumping on Knight. Let’s keep this in mind when it comes to Knight’s refusal to appear at these reunions: IU didn’t just fire Bobby Knight. They fired Patrick Knight as well. Dan Dakich has a son. We all want to believe our children will be a shining example of our most redeeming qualities….Bob Knight was grooming his son to be a coach. Maybe that wouldn’t have started at IU, but there was likely a feeling that IU would be a potential destination someday(e.g. Homer Drew handing the keys to Bryce Drew….Joey Meyer taking over at DePaul after the many years his dad, Ray Meyer, was the shining light of a legendary coaching run).
    Zero tolerance was wrought in deceit. It was concocted because the “brass” at Indiana did not want to be pinned down to 10-20 years of Pat Knight. Bob Knight, for all his flaws, was a father figure to many of his players that saw something worth admiring and modeling. And at the end of the day, Bob Knight probably had visions of his son attending a Hoosier reunion long after he was gone.

    Sons of legends have very big shoes to fill…..Maybe Bob Knight, like any flawed father, has no regrets in carrying a bit of that weight. Call it bitterness, if you will. But for those of you with a son wanting to follow in pathways of your own successes, put yourself in Knight’s shoes when he was severed sharply from Indiana.

    1. He continued to groom Pat at Texas Tech as well, and look how that turned out. Coach Knight earned his way up from the bottom. He earned his scholarship from Ohio State. He was a true student of the game and his hard work and dedication paid off when he became the youngest division one head coach. Pat was nothing like his Father. Pat was given a scholarship he didn’t deserve. He did not represent his father or his team well off the court. He’s been given numerous jobs based solely on his fathers reputation. His stock in Pat may of been a part of his own downfall, but I don’t buy into the fact the university or trustees fired Coach Knight on grounds relating to pat in anyway.

      Coach Knight WAS a great coach and COULD be a decent person when he wanted to be. The evolution of things surrounding the game passed him by. He quit recruiting. He became content winning 19-20 games a year with average basketball players (which is still a great accompaniment in its own right) and focused more on hunting and fishing than his own program.

      Coach Knight was my hero growing up. I never missed a game, coach’s show, or pregame talk…which without the internet was sometimes a very difficult thing to do. As I’ve gotten older, my thinking is changing. The same man I admired for keeping sponsors out of assembly hall is on Volkswagen commercials. The man who despised the media became a broadcaster on espn. I see a man who despised Purdue…in west Lafayette do Purdue university ah fundraisers. Now I see all three of his championship teams being honored…kids that believed in him…kids that survived the mind games…kids that made coach Knight financial success what it is today…Kids that have become men and still talk of admiration for their coach…being abandoned on a very special day. They came to play for a man for 4-5 years and he can’t come for one night. I get not coming back for Tom Crean…or Fred Glass…or the current players….I even get not coming back for the thousands of fans who to this day continue to support him….but to not come for the young men who came here for him….it’s just sad and selfish….and coach Knight is no longer my hero.

  2. Stunning. There must be more to this tale. Hoosier going after the Oregon coach?

  3. I hope what I am hearing about IUFB is not so. We don’t need to be looking for a new HC at this juncture. If you want to bust the bank pay Allen what market value is and then add a higher profile HC and the staff he would collect and that creates a lot of unexpected payables.

  4. If T.A. comes through this situation clean, hire T.A. if he is sincerely interested and has the ability or resources to put together an offensive staff.

  5. H4H. D.D. dumps on Knight anytime the occasion arises. He dumps on others as well. D.D. though knowledgeable about sports he is an opportunist dumper entertainer. How would you like a son play for him if coached like he hot airs his show? I am sure he was a lot different as a coach and with his family which was and is a good thing.

  6. If it can work IU will not find a higher integrity coach than T.A. He can start at 0 and 0. Then, can actually become the first head coach at IU with a winning record unless he would eventually go pro (would be a good thing because that means he won) when he retired.

  7. t- You’re right. Most of it is for entertainment value…Though, I do have to agree with Dakich’s comments regarding how IU completely disregarded Landon Turner last night…Disgraceful that Hammel was on the stage and there was no ramp built for Landon.

    *Dakich: “Somebody from IU please tell me how Landon is left up front(off the stage) and that fat ass, Hammel, gets to be up on stage with the ’81 team.”

    *That quote may not be word-for-word, but it’s very close.

    In all honesty, I didn’t even think Landon was at the game because I didn’t see him in any of the ESPN camera shots….or hear his name mentioned.

  8. April 20th(or thereabouts), 2011:

    JPat calls Wilson a “jerk” ….

    He is pounded by multiple Scoop members in expressing his feelings. JPat wins. Six more years of sixty million “pixels” later, we must reflect.

    H.T. says:
    April 20, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    JPat- A lot of people in the public eye come across as jerks, but are nevertheless good people or at least great at what they do.

    John Fogerty, for example, is known to be an arrogant, controlling jerk. One of the best male rock vocalists of all time. Same can be said about an infinite number of coaches.

    My suggestion would be to not invest emotional energy in public figures. They will almost always let you down.

    By the way, I said yesterday that I met coach WIlson at a restaurant, and he was gracious and friendly. The staff at the same restaurant says Crean comes in all the time, and everyone hates him – rude and poor tipper. SO far they give Wilson a high rating.

  9. Ben_M,

    Exactly my point…He did groom his son for the job at Texas Tech. Texas Tech is not Indiana….nor will it ever be.
    IU gave Bob Knight a very long swan song…I guess that’s what you do after three championship banners(and another Final Four in 93). For a span of nearly twenty years, he(and his great teams) were participating in Final Fours at nearly perfect five year intervals. Shortly after his removal, Davis took over for a team representative of Knight’s team-building and character-building efforts that went to another Final Four.
    But I simply think there is a lot of hypocrisy in believing he should now return to be the subject of a new freak show IU already exhausted under “zero tolerance.”
    I also believe these reunions are designed to place a lot of varnish on a cheap table. We would have never needed to reach a “zero tolerance” point if topping out at Sweet 16’s would have not been enough for the Indiana standard we now live. It’s been said that banners made us tolerate much….Sad that we now have such a distorted perception to be “tolerant” of mediocrity because only someone labeled as a tyrant can return us to such a place.
    Now it’s time to turn the tyrant into the the plastic swan he never was. It’s silly. It’s shallow….and it’s only to gloss the current mediocrity.

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