Hoosier Morning for Dec. 21

IU quarterback Richard Lagow has spent his bowl prep time studying his interceptions, Mike writes.

OG Anunoby returned to form Monday, and IU needs that form to continue into Big Ten play, I wrote.

IU women’s basketball blasted Florida in the opening game of the Florida Sunshine Classic, we reported.

IU signee Al Durham scored 30 points for Berkmar in a loss in the final game of the King of the Bluegrass Tuesday and here’s video of that performance, via Inside the Hall.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo remains sidelined indefinitely with a sprained right wrist, AJ Neuharth-Keusch of USA Today writes.

Former Hoosier Cody Zeller continues to thrive at center for the Charlotte Hornets, Steve Reed of the Associated Press writes.

Get to know IU’s bowl opponent, Utah, a team with some similarities to the Hoosiers, Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Another record-breaking performance by Tyra Buss sparked Indiana past Florida, Josh Eastern of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

In honor of Richard Lagow’s interceptions in review, here’s “Rewind the Film” by Manic Street Preachers.


  1. My fun comment for the day… I’ve been compromised. My hate for all things Kentucky is gone. The crappy thing about Calipari’s success is that I strongly believe he no longer needs to cheat to get the best players. It is now clearly apparent to the best players that going to U.K. Is akin to becoming a millionaire within 2 years.

    It also means that he doesn’t only attract the talented dregs… Cousins, Rose, etc… now he gets good kids – kids that I would love to have at IU.

    Fox and Monk, et al, are as fun a team to watch as I can remember. They’re not only entertaining, but they play the game the right way. They make amazing plays and don’t glower… don’t excessively celebrate… don’t point to the sky after every made bucket. They play their asses off on defense. They play together… unselfishly. They put up amazing numbers because they are generational talents, not because they are trying to ‘get theirs’…

    I’m sure most Hoosiers will watch tonight with interest. I wonder what you’ll think after watching. I wonder what UL’s #1 defense will be able to accomplish. (If they can shut down U.K., then IU can only hope for a perfect night of circumstances)

    I wouldn’t be upset if U.K. was put on national TV every game. I can’t get enough.

    1. Geoff- I’ve expressed the same sentiments numerous times on here. Since Scoop went to the HSR changes, it makes it far more difficult to retrieve them(because I’d like to throw them in your face as a friendly sort of snowball fashion reminder).
      UK’s kids play their butts off. Most don’t have that blank stare on their faces often found in a TC Hoosier….It’s obvious that they love the game of basketball. They’re intelligent kids and they play fabulous team ball.

      We caught them in one of their slightly down years last season. I doubt we’d fare nearly as well in a rematch this season. It’s a shame we lost the regularly scheduled border rivalry clash.

      All these neutral site games…..but we wouldn’t agree to play UK at the occasional neutral site…? Can you say “dodge?”

    1. I feel like Monk’s ceiling in the NBA is Gilbert Arenas… I think Fox has a chance to be one of the top 25 players in basketball history (because of his relentless defense).

  2. Geoff get a grip. I can not even watch my IU Hoosiers on Thursday because the BTN is too “busy”. But you want KY every night! I hate KY! I hate Purdue! I am learning to hate Butler! I hate WI, MSU, MI, OH St! Do you get the picture?

    1. Also also, my non-IU friends up here in Maine I’ll thinkI should be on national television every game because after UCLA and Kentucky they’re the most fun team to watch in basketball.

    2. BP, love your commitment, and share your evolving feelings about Butler and feelings about Meatchicken and that pro team from the wrong side of the Ohio. But I’m old-school enough to admire WI and MSU’s style of play – they’re my second-favorite B10 schools. Ohio State isn’t worth thinking about. And I just feel sorry for PU in the same way I feel sorry for the neighbor’s yappy dog who thinks he’s a big deal when he poops in my yard. Sometimes I have to kick his stupid butt home, then I feel bad.

  3. Louisville is gonna be a handful… If the game was in Assembly Hall – maybe.

    What a melt down – Grayson Allen….

    Stopped in Georgetown, Ky last summer. Tired, first motel was Holiday Inn. Checked-in. Started unloading the bike, removed helmet and put on the IU cap. Manager who checked me in stopped me. “If you had been wearing that hat on check-in, I would have told you No Vacancy” I told her “hey, we let you win one of the last three games”

  4. My question to Kentucky fans though and could eventually be a difficult decision, how long before UK fans get upset with only 1 national title? What if he never wins another one again? Much like Indiana, it’s about the championships, not the almost got there. He has had plenty of talent to win more than one at UK and hasn’t gotten it done. So, how many #1 recruiting classes and #1 rankings will UK fans put up with if all of that never translates into more than one title?

  5. iuhoosier1992,
    First, it’s a great question.

    Second, they’d have to be out of their minds to fire a coach who is sniffing the title every frickin’ year. It’s not like they will suddenly become a great academic institution and up their standards. Calapari has them in the basketball title hunt every year. Who is going to improve on what he does as far as results on the court?

  6. Being white and not having any obvious signs of a substance abuse issue or personality disorder goes a long way as well.

  7. They’ll need to play consistently solid defense and especially so if the shots are not ringing a good offensive note. Good play from depth on the bench will be paramount for the full game. They have to be cognizant that hitting 7 of the 1st 9 3’s means they can get lazy, nor missing 7 of the 1st 9 3’s means they cannot dominate at other facets of the game. Coaching means so much in mental toughness. The L’ville game will tell me much about IU’s posture in the last 3rd of the B1G competition. Do they feel entitled and anointed or can they will themselves to be warriors?

    1. Can Newkirk be the solid and mature presence we need? Might be the most important factor against UL… I don’t feel like our 3/4/5 men feel entitled at all. They seem to be lunch-pail guys who also happen to have the highest collective subset of bball IQ’s on the team.

      (Wish we had Hartman back)

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