Hoosier Morning for Dec. 9

Kylie Clark came to Assembly Hall last week a UNC fan, but the cancer stricken young lady left an Indiana fan too, Mike writes.

IU women’s basketball drubbed Northern Kentucky, but coach Teri Moren was anything but happy afterwards, Jon writes.

IU swimmer Lilly King won her third gold medal at the world championships on Thursday, we reported.

How Indiana reacts to the coaching change in the Foster Farms Bowl is almost as important as how the IU offensive line holds up against the Utah defensive front, Brian Bennett of ESPN.com writes.

A bowl game means extra practices, and that’s a huge benefit for some of the players on the Indiana roster, T.J. Inman of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

IU basketball remains an offensive juggernaut, but the defense is doing its part too, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Freshman De’Ron Davis is emerging as a significant part of the Hoosiers’ rotation, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Cupcakes such as Houston Baptist come with a sugar high but should be enjoyed with a grain of salt, Greg Gottfried of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Former Hoosier Yogi Ferrell became the latest player pushed off the Nets’ point guard carousel when he was waived Thursday, Brian Lewis of the New York Post writes.

Former Hoosier Cody Zeller averages five screen assists per game, as he has mastered the NBA’s most popular play, Yaron Weitzman of BleacherReport.com writes.

Attending the IU-UNC game was a wish come true for Kylie Clark, so here’s to her with Rascal Flatts and “My Wish.”


  1. Doesn’t look like Yogi’s stint in the NBA lasted very long. Things have changed considerably since Cody and Dipo found the fortunes of an unusually soft draft year….Just seems like a much higher level of candidates in the last four or five drafts. I think Yogi understood the bar getting higher when he decided to return for his senior year. There are only so many teams to absorb so much talent.

    Conversely, the NBA is a strange contradiction on itself. There are guys who were hyped and lucky enough to secure big first round contracts out of college who were never as impressive as a kid like Yogi. A lot of it is just the fortune of good timing …
    A lot has to do with simply catching the wave of hype around your team. The #1 ranking and advertised “turnaround” was the sort of hype that narrowly missed Yogi’s window. The hype around the Hoosiers dropped drastically once the premier post presence exited. With that drop-off came much less marketing and hype for Yogi.

      1. It’s the ultimate meritocracy… if Yogi were good enough he would have a spot. If Zeller and Dipo weren’t they wouldn’t.

      2. I don’t think I ever heard opinions based on less understanding. He may as well opine on quantum mechanics or string theory.

  2. Just noticed that Zeller is back to his 7 ppg average over the last six games. Hard to believe that sort of production costs so…so much. Congrats for beating the system, Cody. And congrats for doing it to an owner who bleeds Tar Heel. Though you were a Hoosier, I love nothing more than to see any byproduct of NC lose.

    MJ was the greatest ever….but what when it comes to top draft picks, he’s like a drop zone ride.

  3. If Larry Bird was not recruited off the garbage truck in French Lick by Indiana State where he was in a player coach type role and allowed to free wheel and develop his game would he have been an NBA super star? At IU, KY or wherever else what kind of role would he have had and how good would he have been? The stars aligned correctly for him. Playing with a big league school against the best night in and night out on most nights in college is not always the best road to the NBA.

    1. t, I need to ask you to further clarify this. I’m not sure what you are saying at all. Are you saying that if Larry Bird went to a better school, he wouldn’t have been an NBA star?

  4. If you want to watch good basketball, watch a college game. If you want to watch large men performing amazing athletic feats, watch an NBA game. An NBA game is as much entertainment as it is a sport, at least until the playoffs. I’ll stick with college basketball.

  5. If you think the sort of numbers Zeller and Dipo are putting up align with what should be a top 3 draft pick, then go with it.
    I knew Zeller would hit a quick ceiling. I also knew Oladipo would be plagued by shooting inconsistencies. His mid-range game will always be clumsy. We’ll always see the highlights of him skying over lazy defenders(and there are plenty in the NBA). Orlando knew they made a mistake. After the departure of Durant, OKC is left with a far different equation than hoped….Dipo was to be the havoc to unleash two superstars. He cannot carry the load of what was lost(certainly not as a scorer).

    Jordan can’t dump Zeller because there is no value.

    As for you, Chet…..? You forever walk behind the self-proclaimed experts.

  6. Podunker- Some rare agreement. My father never got into watching high school or college sports. He simply worked too long of hours and spent too much time securing a roof over our heads(along with my hardworking mom). In his brief retirement, my dad became sweat stuck to a leather chair. Some of it was health, but some of that sticking to a chair(especially during the nights) was slow resignation to a life with too few side interests. Dad could never get enough NBA. “When’s the Pacers on? You know what time the Pacers play? Are there any games on tonight?” He also liked professional wrestling. I think they were sort of the same thing to him.
    Nobody ever said the best circuses don’t have talent. But there is a point when something of the disjointedness and purposelessness of it all sorta numbs the eyes and the soul.
    When all your dreams are realized, or time has simply closed the door and left you cemented to a chair, I suppose that the NBA is the next best thing to Wheel of Fortune.

  7. I simply can’t watch the Bulls anymore. They are a bigger disaster than the Bears.

    I somewhat enjoy watching the Trailblazers. I don’t recognize as many names on their roster.
    I guess I sorta wander into the galleries of art museums less populated. Consider van Gogh was given little due from the critics of his day. But how they do flock now when on display.
    The NBA is on an opposite art vs. time continuum. How they flock now at anything splashed on a canvas. I don’t think they’d know an artful basketball talent if it bit most in the ass. Dr. J was the last van Gogh. The art in the game is being dismantled for the dollar that can be made on mere marketing and getting what the “experts” want on the wall.

  8. And Yogi is a wonderfully “artful” talent. He would make a Norm Van Lier very proud. He plays his heart out. He’s not driven to make himself the star. He’s a leader with great vision. He’s loaded with a ton of positive intangibles that make for true winners…..But he’s of the wrong era. Sure, the talent is higher than ever and that knocks him off the podium of pundits. But there is more going on. There’s a lost appreciation for the ballet in the game. The crafty and the savvy have lost to the fiercest wolf in the cage. The athleticism has eclipsed the art …..and eclipsed the art of the team somewhat accidentally growing together rather than built by science and assembly instructions to win(e.g. Chicago Cubs).

  9. Bird wanted to go to KY. I am not sure they were that interested in him. Bird was an Indiana high school all star who did not play a lot in the all star game. Knight took him at IU but Bird felt he did not fit in even before season started so he left the school. Yes, I am saying there are major schools that Bird could have went to one being IU (this applies to other players as well wether they make it oe not to NBA) and he would have not have been the big dog thus not becoming the great player he was.

  10. You must have land for sale in Colorado. The only thing “dropping” tonight was Oladipo’s stock. There’s no fixing that shot. Good Lord…he looked bad. Then again, one former Hoosier was taking advantage of his minutes. EJ was lighting it up from outside(during his rare chances with James “Hardly Passes” Harden).

    EJ: 50% from the field; 3-6 on 3-pointers; 17 points as a ‘6th man’ off the bench.
    Oladangerous: 12 points in 38 minutes as a starter. He’s more like a scattered “Thunder” storm. He must have had most of those sprinkles early because I saw nothing but wet bricks and a Russell Westbrook show.

    1. James “Hardly Passes” Harden had 12 assists and leads the NBA in assists at 11.4/gm

      Just please stop Harv…

      1. That’s hilarious. This is where he comes back to tell us Curry can’t shoot the three. A bottomless well of wrong.

    2. Always liked this stat. Oladipo is just the third player since 1985-86 to begin his NBA career with 1,100+ points, 110+ steals and 70+ three-point field goals made in three straight seasons. The other two are in the NBA Hall of Fame.

      Yeah, he’s definitely going nowhere.

  11. It was a joke… obviously taken literally by you because the inconsistencies plaguing Oladipo are the facts you can’t combat. Harden is also in the top 10 in shot attempts. Credit to him…When he’s not shooting, he finds a reliable outlet(most often from the perimeter and late in the shot clock). He should be thankful that one of those targets is now Gordon and not Olabricko.

  12. And Russell Westbrook leads the league in assists per 36 minutes played….which begs the question to why Dipo isn’t getting a huge bump in his scoring averages. Answer: Poor choice for the outlet.

    1. I didn’t quite understand the deal about Bird, but thought I might be missing something. Glad I wasn’t the only one. Bizarre.

  13. Larry Bird was passion, positioning and passing and that is why he was so dangerous from anywhere on the court.

  14. I have seen several highlight videos on Bird. Reality is the fact that he was a great college and pro player (one of the best). However, that has nothing to do with the thought of him playing for some place in college where he might not even start every game until he was a Junior or senior or get less playing time or assuming a less role than his super star status at ISU which allowed him to become what was as a college and pro player. You could say things are situational or circumstantial for players, athletes and people in all aspects of life. What is so hard to understand about that? Of course I am a Larry Bird fan.

  15. Oladipo’s career numbers and shooting touch might fit into Bird’s early morning garbage pick-up route.
    If only today’s rims were the circumference of an old metal garbage can lid…? If only you could recycle jumpers in this era of a green-friendly NBA?
    Chet could leap from his mighty step-stool of Dipo comparisons and put a mark on the wall slightly above Mini MJ.
    Dipo in a thread with Yogi is just fine….but dropping Bird’s name into this thread is like talking awkward ostriches jumping off cliffs at an eagle sanctuary. Just ain’t right.

  16. My dear late mother-in-law was born and raised in the South. She loved watching basketball but, bless her heart, she knew absolutely nothing about it. She’d say such crazy things that she thought made sense but everyone else would turn their heads and chuckle at her lack of basic knowledge of the game.

    She sounded exactly like Harv.

  17. My dear Chet,

    I don’t know much more than the average hoops fan on here. But I do know that I’ve watched enough basketball over the decades to know the difference between an Oladipo….and a Bird or MJ…or Dr. J…Maravich …or any of the truly iconic figures that made the NBA its true glory.
    When you place Oladipo into his premature Hall of Fame next to those sorts of names, it is only yourself that looks the most at home in the “hills” of your origins. Your basketball ignorance shined through long ago on Scoop when you used to place Oladipo in the same gallery as Michael Jordan. I hate to break it to you, fella. If you think Oladipo will ever be an MJ because you found some stats that line up your stars, then I believe you’re on Mars.
    Geoff has an Establishment crush on his Ola-overrated. You have a crush on Geoff. Any other questions?
    Finally, please stop putting this bricklayer who has never put a team(college or otherwise) on his back to even lead the charge into deep NCAA tournament runs or in an opening round playoff game.

  18. I don’t believe there is any “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy basketball. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute the many lessons your mother-in-law could teach a few prima donnas. She probably appreciated the level of talent far more than any of those infatuated with their own ability to play a game of put-ball-in-bucket could ever see in the humble fan or the the glory to love something other than the mirror.

    We argue over these jocks as if they were the gods to win favor. We’re all pretty damn dumb to waste such energy on those who care nothing of us.

  19. Know how you feel Chet…Doctor told me to stop with the pontification, it could have long-term ramification.

  20. Not going to touch that…..

    Question Mr.C….a grandkid was dropped as a baby resulting in a skull fracture. Surgically repaired. Now, as a 10 yr old she is seeing Speech Therapy, difficulty with picking words. Will start a sentence 2 or 3 times before able to finish. ST said it was from the head injury. ????

  21. Very possibly. Was the injury on the left side? The condition is likely what is called anomia which translates to ‘without word’. At such a young age I would expect a good prognosis.

    Now, this is generic and I’m not trying to diagnose from a blog post but the possible damage to her brain will reroute to nearby undamaged tissue. There is plenty. The best thing caregivers can do is engage her in language constantly. I have often gotten push back from parents saying that’s not the type of people they are and they don’t converse that much.

    That’s not an option.

    As a 10 year old she had an excellent chance to move past this but she needs constant stimulation of her language processing areas.

    Hope that was beneficial.

  22. It’s okay if Jeremy gives you my email address if you want to discuss this away from Scoopville.

  23. Thanks for the info Chet. Only get to see her 2-3 times a year. Took her for her first kayak trip last summer around Charlotte Harbor Fl. Followed that up with her first trip to the North Carolina. White water on the Nantahala. She never stops talking – ever.

  24. That will serve her well. Encourage her. You’d be amazed and saddened at how many people try to get their kids to talk less.

    Back in the day I took every swift water class imaginable at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

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