IU expected to announce Wilson dismissal this evening

Kevin Wilson is expected to be dismissed as Indiana University’s football coach, The Herald-Times has learned.

A formal announcement from IU is expected to come at a 6 p.m. news conference at the Henke Hall of Champions.

Wilson, who guided Indiana to back-to-back bowl appearances, will leave Indiana with a 26-47 overall record. Wilson and the school agreed to a six-year, $15.3 million contract in January after helping the Hoosiers to six wins and an appearance in the Pinstripe Bowl, Indiana’s first postseason game since 2007.

Wilson’s dismissal is not believed to be related to the team’s performance.

Indiana finished the 2016 regular season with a 6-6 record and will be eligible to claim a bowl bid on Sunday evening.

Defensive coordinator Tom Allen is expected to be named Wilson’s immediate replacement.

This story will be updated.


  1. Boy, this is way out of the blue news! I have read on ESPN the reason is treatment of players with concussions, there seems to me that there’s more people need to be reviewed in the I U Football program. Is firing the head coach going to pass all of the program’s possible problems only on to Coach Wilson? The ESPN stated the I U investigation has been the last two to three weeks. I think the I U President should appoint someone to make a review of the I U Football program, starting at the top with the Athletic Director, and all the way down through the levels of management of the football program, with the medical staff to be included and see what is behind these charges .

  2. If what I am reading and hearing is true then it is not hard to say AD Glass is the right man for the job and probably 1 of the saddest people in Indiana. I’d bet lots of $ many on here are going to have their wish come true with Tom Allen being named HC in short order.

  3. This is just crazy and absolutely sickening if true. What in the hell is wrong with a man that he’d treat his players like cannon fodder?

    1. Sounds like a lot of the rumors floating around about player mistreatment might be false. Anyway, I’m not sure what happened, so I take back what I said here. I wish Kevin Wilson the best and hope he lands on his feet somewhere great.

  4. WOW!!! this is just to unreal to believe!!! Sound a lot like what happen at ILLINOIS University (Tim Beckman era).

  5. I remember going to a spring game in Wilson’s 2nd year and seeing players staying in the game after getting hurt when they obviously should have come out. They were doing this because Wilson had claimed players were too soft and needed to gut it out. I thought he had mellowed, but apparently not. I wonder if he tried to pressure Feeney into playing sooner than the medical staff wanted?
    We are going to really be in a bind. Tom Allen will take over for now and do a great job in the bowl game, but then what? I doubt he is ready to take over a program as the head coach and all the responsibilities that entails, although I think he would probably be a better closer with recruits than Wilson. He is demanding, but I think the players realize he definitely cares for them. Now the question is could we hire a new head coach and keep Allen as the assistant head coach? Not likely, but possible.

  6. Interesting timing. If I were an AD and wanted to snatch up one of the coaches who had just been let go from another program this is absolutely the week I would do so.

    But that may just be a coincidence.

  7. Assuming the job doesn’t go to Allen I hope they can manage to retain him as VT did with Bud Foster.

  8. I doubt seriously the cannon fodder analogy, or anything close to the level of Beckman. I do think it has something to do with Fenney’s being out for what was thought to be a long period. I expect some past players who transferred out over the past 2-3-4 years are publicly airing their complaints and when investigated found some claims had basis. I certainly do not believe any present roster player is involved. I also suspect we may never know any of the above for sure. Remember the girls BB coach.

  9. well, some of you guys/fans have what you want??? a new coach. Mr. Wilson just rode off into the sunset…probably will be some university offensive cord (maybe for Les Miles) or head coach within two years. An in two or three years we will see if IU football is still competitive (getting 3* (from FL and OH) recruits, bowl eligible (even if it is a minor bowl) and middle of the pack in the BIG 10 east. maybe as a IU football fan i had settled for mediocrity, due to our past history…but i for one was happy with the way Mr Wilson was building the IU football program (nothing against Tom Allen) from the ground up and changing the IU football culture.

  10. Glass, as a long-time attorney, is nothing if not risk-averse, especially when it comes to risk of legal liability. If Glass thought for a minute that IU was being placed at risk of liability because of the tendencies of one of the coaches, he’d eliminate that risk without hesitation. And furthermore, he’s not going to subject IU to risk of a lawsuit tied to defamation or slander. So don’t expect to hear/read any specific information from Glass as to why Wilson was let go. We’ll get some rumors and hearsay over the next few days/weeks, but Glass will clamp down on any information leaking out of the Athletic Department. Wilson is already in Glass’s rearview mirror.

    But I wonder if Glass was opportunistic in making this move? I mean, would he have fired Wilson had he not had a very effective Defensive Coordinator waiting in the wings? Or would he have done the same thing and just endured the obvious fallout that follows a coach being fired? I doubt we’ll ever know.

  11. IU79, throughout this season, I had two recurring thoughts about Wilson’s leadership of IU Football. One was that his past mistakes in handling his quarterbacks was getting exposed. After six seasons at the helm, and having a reputations as some type of offensive genius/QB guru, why was the IU offense regressing? It was too easy and simply not fair to scapegoat Lagow, although he was clearly a step back from his predecessor. And why was there no apparent signs of significant improvement in the overall progress of the program. No additional wins, no improvement in the ranking of the recruiting classes, and no increase in home-game attendance. It often appeared as if the program, under Wilson’s leadership, had reached it’s peak and was likely to be stuck in mediocrity. No question that Wilson improved the program. But did he improve it enough? Could another coach take it to yet another, higher level? Assuming he did nothing egregious, it’s obvious that Glass did not think IU was getting the return on the investment it has made it facilities improvements and coaching compensation that was expected. Under Glass, IU has invested unprecedented sums of money in the football program. And yet it has yet to see any significant increase in attendance at home games. And that means revenues from football have not increased nearly enough, which is a huge problem for Glass. In other words, weather we had the steak or not, we clearly did not have the sizzle. Losing home games to Wake Forest and squeaking by a terrible Purdue team just wasn’t creating enough excitement for the Hoosier faithful.

  12. podunker, i can respect your opinion…but if Glass fired Wilson because of the low “return on investment” at the present state, what is he going to do if hiring Allen does not work out (for the world of me i cannot see IU football attendance improving in the next two to three years)…is Glass going to resign…….i know everybody is high on Coach Allen, but first year coaches do not have very much success in the Big 10, Jim Harbaugh, Urban Meyer are not the norm…..just ask Lovie Smith and Chris Ash….i for one had higher expectation for IU football next year, but now i will have to lower those expectation and see what happens with recruiting and what players decide to leave the program….something tells me the Vegas IU win line will be 4.5 again!!!

  13. Three years as a special teams coach and one as a coordinator at USF. Allan is a Hugh Freeze protege and Ole Miss hasn’t set the world on fire in the SEC since Freeze has been there. Why not at least wait a month and see who else may be available? What is the hurry?

  14. Coach Allen will be an excellent HC and will get the right coaches in the right place. I hope we don’t lose our best assistant coaches and IU improves in 2017 with a coach that cares about them. For many that doubted Coach Allen could turn around IU’s defense in a year were proven wrong. He will improve the team and get the job done.

    It was a surprise opening up the website and finding out coach Wilson resigned.

  15. I can’t blame or laud Glass for his decision to “separate” from Kevin Wilson, because I don’t know what really happened, and I’m certain that there was some sort of non-disclosure agreement that will keep that information confidential (though I’m guessing it will get out eventually). I just wish Glass would’ve named Allen the interim coach and waited until after the bowl to name a permanent coach. In the meantime, he could’ve tested the waters to see who might be interested and at that point, if he felt Allen was the guy, then make the move. Nothing against him, but I worry about a guy who’s never been a FBS head coach or who has limited experience as an FBS coordinator. I can’t help but think of Bill Lynch and Mike Davis — two decent men who clearly weren’t ready to run B1G programs. Lynch was a decent coach, but couldn’t recruit good enough players to IU. Davis was a decent recruiter, but wasn’t a good enough or experienced enough coach. I can see Allen following in that pattern. I certainly hope I’m wrong, however.

  16. this situation is exactly like the Bill Lynch and Mike Davis, an over-rated assistant coach that is in the right place at the right time……Indiana defensive did improve, but those improvements where with players that Kevin Wilson recruited (all but Marcelno Ball)… you could tell that Marcus Oliver, Tegray Scales, Rashard Fant and Jonathan Crawford all had enough talent last year to make this a good defense…..all Allen did was bring this talent to the surface…..the question now is to see if he can find talent on the recruiting trail.

  17. Word on the street is that high school coaches in Indiana LOVE Allen. They’re all seeing this as a very favorable move.

  18. Po, Spend an hour and listen to the press conference. AD Glass clearly, distinctly and multiple times said football had nothing to do with the separation of Coach Wilson.

  19. While I appreciate Wilson’s work in bringing IU’s football program out of the ashes into respectability, Glass has made the right decision. He’s made a big statement that every person who loves IU should prize and respect. IU does not believe in winning at any cost. It values its students as human beings and avoids treating student-athletes as chattel.

    Though his service to IU was a mixed-bag, I thank Coach Wilson for resurrecting the program. I wish him and his family the very best in the future. And now, I look forward to Tom Allen taking over the coaching duties. If he can turn around our defense, he can turn around our offense and special teams, too. He’s a person of high standards who cares about student-athletes as human beings. He’s demonstrated such caring and concern is contagious and can work wonders in creating a culture of success. I’m confident he will take the program to another level, the likes of which we’ve not seen.

  20. It’s not a zero sum game. Coach Wilson can be both the coach who brought the IU program out of the gutter AND not the coach to raise them above mediocrity. They are not mutually exclusve. Perhaps we’ve seen the best he’s gonna be at IU. That’s OK. He left the team better than he found it. Thanks for that.

    I see a lot of similarities between Hep and Coach Allen. Family ties to Indiana, well liked by high school coaches, bubbling over with enthusiasm, born to coach. This may be his moment.

    I like the hire a lot more than someone like Charlie Strong or Mark Helfrich. If you can’t win after being handed the top programs, with virtually unlimited money, in the Big 12 or the Pac 12 I don’t see how you’re gonna win in the Big Ten with limited resources.

    Nick Saban and Urban Meyer aren’t coming to Bloomington. Mike Leach is always 20 minutes from an absolute meltdown. Charlie Strong can’t win at Texas for God’s sake. Bobby Petrino has probably been arrested since I started typing this.

    Each year Fred Glass looks a little smarter than the year before. The Olympic swimming and diving team had IU all over it, just like the old days. A College World Series, oh my. Winning Big Ten titles in basketball again. An up an coming women’s basketball team. The wrestling team seems to be turning the corner. The Cuban Center. Facilities that can stand up against some of the best. IU athletics seems to be in good hands. Fred’s moves usually look better down the road then at the time. Remember how many claimed the sky was falling with the hiring of Terri Moren? As far as I’m concerned he’s earned a ‘wait and see’ from the fans.

    It will be interesting to see if the persona of the football team seems any different for their bowl game. I’ve seen Tennessee and Stanford bandied about as possible opponents. A good showing agains a traditional power would go a long way on the recruiting trail.

  21. So there are facts Wilson treated student athletes as “chattel”? I would very much like for the HT boys to post them so I may view them. Unlikely.

    1. HC,

      There are facts that support such treatment. They are seeping out from staff, former staff and players. As time goes by, you and I will hear more about them.

      Having worked in HR most of my life, I’m aware how these deals and packages are put together. And why. You may know, too. Glass, however, is not going to talk about the facts. That’s part of these agreements, not to talk about the cause. His role is to protect IU from liability. And he’s doing that while granting Wilson the opportunity to resign and thus not show just cause, the latter a benefit to Wilson. The fact Wilson accepted this package and resigned, giving up two more years of pay, also lends support to my statement and termination for “just cause.”

      Perhaps the word “chattel” is too strong for you and I should have chosen another word. Maybe so. But the facts that are coming out indicate Wilson didn’t treat all his players with the dignity and respect reasonable persons would believe he should much less the law. And apparently Glass believes that, too. That’s why he acted swiftly when he got the results of the investigation.

  22. Chet- Nicely stated. I would add, not just a “good showing” against a traditional power. We’ve had enough of those over the last 10 years and they got us nothing. We are the reigning Big 10 champion in moral victories but we haven’t had a winning season in almost 10 years. A “W” is what we need, and nothing less.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Allen for the reasons you’ve stated and because he’s defensive-minded and has delivered measurable results in only one season. I like that he’s young but not Lane Kiffin USC-young, and that he’s seemed to be a part of winning organizations wherever he’s gone (mind you, the same was said about Bill Lynch). His resemblance to Tom Crean in name and facial features is a little weird, but at least he’s not tweeting Joyce Meyer and binging on Diet Coke, to my knowledge.

  23. What I like about Allen, apart from the fact that he’s killed it everywhere he’s been, is that he gives a crap about Indiana. He really cares. He’s from here and has a passion for making Indiana Football a winning program. Competency and desire. Rare traits, indeed.

    We’ll see how he does as a head coach in the B1G. On pure speculation from my end, I bet he keeps Greg Frey (O-line coach), but guts the rest of the O-staff. Not because of performance issues per se, but because he can start fresh with guys who buy into his overall vision and team philosophy.

    We got an idea of what Allen is looking for when he talked about the offense coming up in the bowl game. He said, “We’re going to run the football. It all starts from there.”

    1. If he really wants a rushing game he better keep Deland McCullough. Coleman, Howard and Devine(twice) all attaining 1000 yd. rush seasons. Also TE’s are so important in IU rushing the ball so maybe Patton should be kept also. WR’s down field blocking has been a hallmark to rushing at IU the past 4 seasons so maybe Johns is worth keeping. I suspect he will have trouble keeping some of the current asst’s. as some of the big boys making changes could come calling wanting to add some of Wilson’s offense to their programs.

  24. Ziggie I see nor hear any such seepage of facts. Just BS talkers. I work with facts not gossip and innuendoes. Obviously it is your choice to do it differently.

  25. HC, the following statements were posted on another string a bit earlier. Obviously, I had not seen the press conference when I made the comments posted above in this string. Sincerely, bad on me!
    “Confession: My speculations offered in posts made yesterday about why Glass fired Wilson were completely wrong. After watching the press conference, Glass made that clear. I humbly stand corrected. Shame on me for surmising that it had anything to do with attendance at home games, football revenue, investment in the football program, or Wilson’s inability to produce a winning season after six years on the job.”

    I could be wrong, and only time will tell, but I believe Allen is much better prepared to take over as IU’s head coach than Lynch ever was. My reason for saying that is, in relative terms, Allen coached at much more prominent/competitive programs before arriving in Bloomington than Lynch ever did. In addition, Allen was much more successful as IU’s D-coordinator than Lynch was as IU’s O-coordinator. The transformation that Allen engineered this season was amazing. Furthermore, I think Glass is a much better judge of talent than his predecessor was.

  26. In a bit of serendipity, Allen will probably be able to pick and choose the offensive coaches he wants to keep. I doubt if schools are lining up to pilfer coaches after the offense went into free fall out of the blue this season.

    Allen certainly has a ‘Beameresque’ quality about him. He is that rare individual who might choose to stay at IU even if success brings other offers due to his Hoosier roots.

    This may work out fine. Like everyone else, I don’t know what that backstory was. That being said, everyone is toeing the party line. If Wilson thought he was somehow being treated unfairly I think that would leak out pretty quickly.

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