IUWBB: Hoosiers beat Stony Brook, 74-60

Indiana juniors Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill had big nights Wednesday in a 74-60 win over Stony Brook in the Florida Sunshine Classic.

Cahill reached 1,000 career points in the contest, the third Hoosier to reach that marker this non-conference season. Along with Buss and senior Alexis Gassion, IU has three 1,000-point scorers on its roster for the first time in program history. Cahill finished with 14 points and 13 rebounds and six assists Wednesday, the 23rd double-double of her career.

Buss, the Hoosiers’ All-Big Ten point guard, scored 10 of her team-high 15 points in the first quarter and reached double figures scoring for the 50th consecutive game. That breaks the IU record of 49 previously set by Karna Abram in the mid-1980s.

As a team, IU shot 54 percent from the field. Gassion and fellow seniors Jenn Anderson and Karlee McBride each finished with 10 points.

Stony Brook (5-6) didn’t challenge IU’s offense, for the most part. The Hoosiers shot 61 percent from the field in the first half and led 41-27. On the other hand, the Seawolves 38 percent from the field and 1-of-11 from 3-point range through two quarters.

Moren risked leaving Buss on the floor with two fouls, and she picked up her third with 4:48 remaining in the second quarter. Stony Brook outscored the Hoosiers by only three points while Buss was on the bench.

The Seawolves did make a run, though, in the third quarter. IU led 54-36 with 2:46 left before Stony Brook went on an 8-0 run. Then Buss buried a 3 with a second left to rebuff the Seawolves’ surge. Jenn Anderson opened up the fourth with two buckets to rebuild the lead.

This is a positive showing for IU at the Florida Sunshine Classic. Last year, the Hoosiers lost to Miami and West Virginia, two NCAA tournament teams, at the two-day tournament. This year, IU went 2-0, following up Tuesday’s 102-88 win over Florida (8-4) with another victory.

IU now moves into BIg Ten play, opening up at Penn State on Dec. 28. Penn State finished 10-2 in its non-conference schedule with a 80-67 win over Iona on Tuesday. The Lady Lions were 6-12 in conference play in 2015-16, including 2-7 at home.


  1. Another pretty good game for the lady Hoosiers tonight on the road. This road trip was very important for our girls if for no other reason than to prove for themselves that they can beat a quality opponent on the road. They did that last night beating a ranked Florida team and coming back tonight on short preparation to over come Stony Brook. Our first half defense was instrumental in securing this victory.
    There were two terrific accomplishments tonight by Tyra and Amanda. Tyra set an IU record by scoring in double figures in her 50th straight game and Amanda became a 1,000 point career scorer tonight. Cahill’s game tonight was another example of her consistently steady play throughout her career. She had her 23rd career double-double with 14 points, 13 rebounds and added 6 assists. Cahill quietly goes about her business on the floor every night with little flash or fanfare almost invisible to the naked eye and then at the end of the game, there she is either with a double-double or close to it. Her methodical approach to the game is so quiet, she seems like a silent assassin. She is the proto-typical power forward or stretch 3 that has been well schooled by her high school coach who happens to be her father. Her presence on the floor is unassuming yet incredibly effective, we are so lucky that she chose IU. I have been attending IU women’s games for around 30 years and she has become my favorite player of all time! Watching her is like watching a clinic on how to play the game. We are incredibly lucky to have her for another year and a half.
    Now, on to Penn St. and into conference play. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. A couple of other things. We assisted on 20 of our 31 field goals. Cahill as mentioned in my earlier post had 6 assists, Alexis Gassion had 5, Buss had 4 and Ria Gulley had 3. IU shot 54 % from the floor as they continued their great shooting this year. They are the 3rd leading percentage shooting team in the nation at this time.

  3. I was glad to see the early push in the first half to get the lead up there by a good margin. The second and third foul called against Buss were pretty much BS. They appeared to be wearing down in the second half but still had enough to seal the win. They had gone all out against Fl. and I was wondering how they would respond tonight. Great to see Cahill got her 1000 pts and Buss the school record for games. All in all a terrific road trip. At Penn State will be a different kind of animal as they have been playing well and have been getting votes in the rankings. IU is on a roll and I like our chances- Go IU.

  4. It is good momentum road trip going into big ten. Qualifiers on Florida game 1. Leading scorer quit team 2. Florida was dealing with a couple injuries. 3. Though game was played in Florida it was on a neutral court 4. Most concerning is pattern that ladies are wearing down in second half a little (both defensively and offensively) Florida should have been a 20+ point win. Once Florida stopped fouling so much and turned their game up IU ladies lost half their lead + blew a 17 point lead in an earlier game. However, I will contradict myself as IU ladies did improve quite a bit on their overall road play with several players getting game experience. This team has some really good upside for improvement. Noteable Gulley and Darby are among them.

  5. Improvement and the good thing is IU ladies have not peaked yet will determine a top 2 or 3 big ten finish and NCAA MARCH Madness tournament appearance + a tournament win or more.

  6. John, I would really like to meet you and talk. The next time you attend a game in Bloomington, let me know. I sit across the court from the benches a couple of rows up above the bleachers almost even with the 10 second line. Come see me sometime.

  7. A few Christmas thoughts. Mick, Stoney Brook is not a good team. They are five and six against mediocre competition. Also T gave us the skinny on Florida’s problems and they have a lot. I finally agree with you on something. Amanda is a good player and an even better kid. John should be proud of the job he has done. Amanda and Lex are our two most important players and both are vastly underrated. What is the status of Amber Deane and Tia? Anyone know? We struggle to find a guard to play alongside buss. The one who’s starting now is out of shape, very erratic on offense, and can’t guard anyone. Thought coach moren wanted a defense oriented team. Last question, what do the five starters have in common?

  8. Im sure the pollsters knew that the gators best player quit the team and still they were moved from #30 to #28. No matter the case beating two teams on the road may or may not help the hoosiers in the polls. They may need to upset the buckeyes and beat penn st on the road to get some respect back. As for the starting 5 maybe not jelling , Moren has mixed and maxed the lineup and always seems to go back to the experienced lineup from last season, experience is the best teacher when the chips are on the line. Im thinking it will take to the end of the season before the true starting group comes to the front along with the big 3.

  9. Wish Coach Moren would develop the younger girls more for down the road. Also can’t believe the Cubs chose Eddie Veddar over Tyra to sing during the world series. Keep trying Tim!!

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