IUWBB: Indiana beats Northern Kentucky, 100-49

Indiana returned home Thursday and hammered Northern Kentucky, 100-49, at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Six players finished in double figures, led by Karlee McBride’s 16. Two players finished with double-doubles — Alexis Gassion with 10 points and 15 rebounds and Tyra Buss with 14 points and 10 assists.

The Hoosiers (6-3) started the game on a 25-0 run, hitting their first six shots and 11 of their first 13 overall. The lead was 35-5 after one period. The second quarter wasn’t as lopsided — 19-17 in IU’s favor — which may have had something to do with Teri Moren’s slam of the clipboard against the scorer’s table following a timeout.

But even with lulls in their play, the Hoosiers were never in danger. The Norse (2-6) were not able to match up with the Hoosiers, shooting 33.9 percent from the field. They were outrebounded by IU, 49-22.


  1. Great victory over powerhouse northern kentucky. Too bad the bench couldn’t seem to put any points on the board. Perhaps they should see the floor every now and again.

  2. First of all, Northern Kentucky is not a very good team to say the least. While we scored a ton of points and had the game won about 4 minutes into the first quarter, IU coach Teri Moren was basically livid in her post game press conference. She was complementary of the starters but very upset with the bench and their approach to the defensive side of the ball. After viewing the video of coach Moren, I can’t say that I disagree with anything she said. The difference between good teams and very good teams is their attitude on the defensive side of the ball. She is trying to instill defensive concepts that lead to championship type of play and according to her, the players coming off the bench are basically are not adhering to these basic concepts that are being taught in practice every day. She made the statement that she really doesn’t care about the bench scoring but, instead was demanding tough defensive concepts that the staff is teaching to come into play. She said that if this type of play by the bench continues that we will not be competitive against the types of teams they will face down the road in the conference. I know that the average fan would be happy with the big win tonight but, I can understand what she is saying. Giving up 84 points to North Carolina St. and 85 points to Western Kentucky will not get the job done! Our defense in those 2 games had a lot to do with those 2 losses. The defensive concepts that coach Moren and her staff are trying to imply on the team when followed correctly may have prevented those 2 defeats. as I mentioned in a post last week, this team at this time is not mentally tough enough to match last year’s record, that is a simple fact! What coach Moren is basically saying tonight applies to the teams mentality. This has to improve. Great teams approach every opponent with a mental resolve that does not deviate no matter who the opponent is. This is what this team must do if it is to reach the heights we all hope it will. The bench players tonight played a total of 85 minutes while the starters played 105. Hoosierfan, the coach did not say anything about the bench players lack of scoring, she simply addressed the defensive side of the ball.

  3. Moren had made a comment after the game that the defense backed off that she thought we shouldnt have allowed more than 35 pts and I have to agree there was a lax late in the game. She wants anyone who gets in the game to keep up the intensity and if they dont , well you fill in the blanks. The same thing she said was the very same thing I was thinking after the game plus the missed free throws both sticking points in her craw. I was happy to see Darby get more min. and get some pts and reb. I think it was something like 6 and 3 respectively. If she could start getting some blocks , it would be a feather in her cap in the coaches eyes.

  4. I placed my previous post before watching the post game interviews and yes I agree with Mike in the fact Moren was livid about the let up of defense. She made it clear that she doesnt care if the bench scores just keep up the defensive intensity as that is the one thing she wants the entire team to get. To get more mins. on the floor thats what she wants otherwise you will find yourself sitting.

  5. T. Moren can’t be happy with road trip. She is probably frustrated with some of the ladies play. Do T. Moren comments extend beyond bench play lack of defense? Are there a couple players not having mentally tough attitude coming off bench because they feel like they should be starters or playing more which diminishes mental and physical toughness to take care of ball and play great defense. It makes that part of team to soft. Good to see T. Moren speak out and livid whatever the challenges are right now.

  6. I would be livid too if none of my own recruits were performing on either side of the ball. T, I can’t imagine anyone on this team being unhappy? And Mike, I know you missed me..but I didn’t say moren said anything about the bench not being able to score..I said it myself.

  7. Moren singled out certain players who are not performing on defense , the so-called vets Deane and Towner who are seniors and she expects more from them when they get on the floor. But there is some blame for the coaches to accept. You let players sit on bench for a lot of the season then let them get on the floor and wonder why they cant produce when thrown in the fire. Aside from that Moren has laid it out there , DEFENSE, is #1 anything that comes from it is a bonus.

  8. I think one reason why Amber Deane has been ineffective is because she simply hasn’t recovered from last years injury. When she was at Dayton her first 3 years, she was simply incredible! Very hard to guard, super athletic and at times took over games. She did not start her first 3 years but was the first off the bench. Her senior year last year was when she was injured and played very little early in the season. I really expected her to have a huge impact this year but, I am assuming that her injury last year has really been a problem, she ahs simply not recovered 100%. Yes Hoosierfan, your sarcasm has been truly missed but, it’s good to know you are making up for lost time:-)
    Among my 30 sports package stations is the station out of New York that carries all of U-Conn’s games and they also carry the Geno Aruriemma show that is on every week. I have taped it and watched it for 5 or 6 years. The reason I bring this up is they show clips of practice every week. The attention to detail that Geno applies in practice every day is incredible! Now I know what everyone is going to say, he recruits the best players every year and that’s the reason they win, not true. His team’s every year play defense like nobody else in the nation. If you watched the Notre Dame-U-Conn game this past week, you saw their defense at it’s best. This particular U-Conn team is not nearly as talented as they have been in years, yet they continue to win because of their defense. Again, watching this team practice is insight to winning! This is what coach Moren is trying to instill in her players as far as their approach to defense. You can’t go out and outscore teams every night, defense especially against really good teams will be the difference.

  9. I think UCONN success is a combination of Geno the great coach and his ability to recruit the best. UCONN ladies are pretty much the best talent wise (women among girls). They have the ability to carry out coach Geno’s coaching. What is pretty fascinating is even though they are the best talent it appears they would run through a concrete wall for him. Ladies love playing for him and the program in each of her roles and they are the top recruits in the country and they just keep coming to him and UCONN.

  10. t, much of what you say is true but, the point I was trying to make is that he coaches kids who were the stud on their high school team and maybe never played defense and he GETS them to play defense in a team environment. As I stated , if you would see some of these practices, you would understand that he DEMANDS the little things that make a difference and if they don’t comply, they sit and watch! Defense is nothing but hard work and a mental commitment which is what coach Moren is trying to emphasize.

  11. Yes I too have seen a practice that Geno had on youtube and I was quite impressed with the detail and his players believe in it and execute. Im sure Moren has also seen some of his practices and she is teaching the detail needed but maybe some of her players cant do the job or dont believe in it enough yet. So it seems those that dont, cant, or wont will be sitting. There was also a huge reference to blocking out and rebounding that was also a sore spot in the coaches eyes. It doesnt take a coaching expert to see the lack of it in the post area. Moren has shown she is not afraid to change the lineup according to merit in practice. Also because of what she is trying to get possibly the rotation may be 7-8 and will put the same burden on those used as last year which is not an improvement. I also tend to see Deane as not fully recovered from her injury. Possibly she lacks the confidence and trust in that healed leg. Only time can give us that answer, whether she will come around or not. I have seen her play before the injury and there was a lot of flash to her game and have not seen a hint of that as yet.

  12. That was my point the willingness of star players (many of the best) to play defense and really do the hard work plus assume her role in games besides just scoring points for Geno/UCONN and the players love it. Of course they win so much it’s probably hard not to love. Still he has the ability to get what he wants out of all these star players. T. Moren is trying to get the most out of her players as well and she is really really good at that as well. I still think IU ladies will finish in the top 3 in big ten.

  13. Its still eating in her craw about the road losses and now shes going to push even harder for better defense from those that can do it. A good coach will get the best out of each player that she can. She wants to use her deep bench but if they dont execute as she wants it will be a smaller rotation. Im also surprised that we havent seen a bigger contribution from Tia. She has been here even last year when she couldnt play in game she could practice with the team . Before this season started Moren was building her up saying she could roll off screens even better than tyra , and that she could create on her own and we had trouble stopping her, so whats happened to that. Moren didnt even mention her in her critique or am I being too hard, I doubt it , put blame where it belongs.

  14. As a side note I was wondering if anyone had noticed what vanderbilt is doing. They are currently 9-1 IU being their only loss, but what stands out is that one of their wins was against Duke who just recently knocked off South Carolina, just sayin. I also note they have a ranking point of which IU does not have. Way to Go coach White!

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