1. These sorts of intense games are meant to be watched in a very dark theater, said Pee-wee Herman.

  2. Yep..Took care of #338. Next up, #309. That should get the confidence up for #8 Louisville.

    Pee-wee no longer visits Sarasota, Fl….He probably should have hit Siesta Key beach instead of the movie house..

    1. Before playing Kansas we played a D2 team…

      Before playing UNC we played RPI #296…

      And although your misplaced sarcasm is noted, we actually play Nebraska before Louisville. Our issues with UL will be their habit of playing some of the best D in the country on an annual basis… we’ve already proven we can beat teams of their caliber…

  3. Nebraska has the #1 strength of schedule according to the RPI… they are 4-6. They now have to finish AT LEAST 11-7 in the B1G and make a little run in the Conf tourney just to get a NCAA bid… good luck.

  4. I should have noted I was quoting KenPom numbers. And just like my stocks, Austin Peay lost a little value during night, down to #310.

  5. Geoff,
    If Nebraska wins two games in the conference tourney with the scenario you suggested that would put them at 17-14 with no big wins (so far) and a loss to Gardner-Webb. No way does that get them to the Big Dance.

    That was stupid scheduling.

  6. The only stupid scheduling is weak scheduling. Indiana is not Nebraska.

    Good lord….

    It’s not hard to understand Nebraska’s strategy. They knew their conference record would likely hover around .500. The only way they get into the NCAA is to pad that “likely” 5th or 6th place BIG record with some strong upsets in the non-conference portion. They rolled the dice and failed.

    There is no risk for IU to schedule a bit higher than the beyond lowly 10 non-conference games for the brain dead to enjoy. If we can’t finish in the top 3 or 4 places in the regular season, then we don’t deserve the name “Indiana.”

    And quit putting so much weight on beating Kansas in Hawaii. It’s carries the same set of excuses for Kansas as our losses in Maui the previous year/years. These are very early contests and not indicative of the team you’ll see in March. Kansas will be stronger. Crean will be excused for mediocre results due to our team resting without rhythm at a BarcaLounger showroom between the 2nd round and the Sweet 16 game.

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