1. IU is matching up well and playing hard. The play calling is better now and the defense is starting to get in a good groove.

  2. Same story. Touchdown and a dollar short. However, IU is competing hard, struggling offensively, R.L. no threat athletically, running, and not a good passer even though a couple balls have been dropped. Offense struggle is not a reflection on T.A. at this point. IU sure needs a QB upgrade. Basically limited offense ability at several positions.

  3. All IU needs is a new Quarterback (Lagow is not any good), a new kicker (Oaks chokes again) and a new Offensive Coordinator. What a waste of a great defensive effort.

    Congratulations to the University of Polynesia.

  4. So frustrated at Indiana sports right now. Why do I put so much time and money into this? Basketball and football, the same story: When games are on the line, the other team makes the play. Their playmaker hits the key three-pointer, the key field goal. Our hoped-for playmaker drives the lane into triple coverage and loses the ball, or in football, runs around and takes a sack. In the last decade of IU sports, the only game I can remember that we stole through last-second heroics was IU-KY in 2011. But we have lost to the heroics of the other guys I don’t know how many times. In football: Rutgers; the dropped pass in the endzone against Iowa; the Pinstripe Bowl; IU-OSU and Michigan last year. Basketball: Nebraska several years ago; the NCAA Sweet 16 against Syracuse; Butler this year; Penn State a couple years ago. Shouldn’t these numbers be about even? About the same number of amazing losses for amazing wins? But for some reason, IU has teams that lose at the end way more often than they pull things out. AND TWICE TODAY fer cryin out loud. Grrrr.

  5. O.K., IU’s receivers dropped a few passes tonight, but goodness gracious, Lagow had a month to prepare for this game and he was just terrible. He fumbled, threw two INTs, had eight passes batted down, and threw into double coverage numerous times. He does not have time to correct all of his flaws. If he’s the starter next season, Allen is in for a rough season in his first year as a college head coach.

  6. I am still amazed IU ended up in a mid level bowl game against no less than a top 20 team. Still scratching my head about that. The D was opportunistic on passing downs but very weak containing big plays against the run game in this 1. I don’t look at RL as the ‘goat’ of this game. That designation goes entirely to Redding for his fumble inside the 5 on a guaranteed scoring drive. Utah front 7 every bit as good as the best in the B1G this year and they proved it with constant pressure on Lagow all night. I thought all in all a very good offensive game called by Johns especially finding the right opportunity for Zander to get his licks in.
    Far more concern in my mind with the BB program than the FB program.
    For what it is worth RL had ONLY 1 INT.

  7. Lets sum things up – Kevin Wilson was brought in to right the ship (Titanic)…..well the ship was starting to turn (back-to-back 6-win seasons)…on a football program that was dead in the water. Kevin Wilson problem was he dare to give the IU fan hope and expectation…IU football fans felt that Kevin Wilson was taking to long a 6 win season in year 6 of your contract was not cutting the grade…plus Mr Wilson was a offensive genius and not getting a quality QB for the IU football program (has the football program ever had a great QB – if not mistaking Nate Sudfeld just set all the IU QB records…Kevin Wilson lost out on some highly touted QB (Tommy Steven- Penn State, brandon Peters – Michigan, Gunner Kiel – Notre Dame – if you as a parent had highly rate QB in the country would you send him to IU to play football?)…..Now IU football has a new coach – Tom Allen – can he take the IU football program to the next step. Their will be major growing pains the next couple of years, while Mr Allen adjust to being a head coach..the major question is while he is adjusting to being head coach can he keep the current level of talent and the competitiveness which this IU football has achieved. Every IU fan is upset at the lost to Utah last night, but the IU football team was competitive.

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