1. Big game + rushed dumb unnecessary 3 point shots that are not falling + lack of running plays (cutting, passing, screening) + frustration creeping in and now what do we do + poor defense + Butler getting confidence + Butler Running plays + Butler shooting well+ Butler having higher team IQ + Butler is a good but not great team = Difference between win or loss where this scenario has been seen before.

  2. No shock here. Always a tougher mindset than any Crean-coached bunch. Always better plays in-bounding the ball(took us to school on the dunk play near the end). Always better clock management. Always a team playing above their individual talents. Give Crean another multi-million dollar extension for keeping it close.

    Now get ready for another round of cupcake confidence builders…

    Wonder if those “faithful” Bruin fans are still flying planes over LA that say “Fire Alford Now!”….?

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