1. I always thought when changes are necessary do it at light speed. AD Glass must agree. The best thing for IU is it is short even though not sweet but is over. Very anxious to see what additions are added to the offensive staff.

  2. Weird, wild stuff, as Johnny Carson used to say. I hope that recruiting doesn’t miss a beat with this change.

    1. Don’t think recruiting will miss a beat with Allen’s promotion. In fact, I think he will be a much better closer than Wilson because of his enthusiasm and energy. I think Wilson kind of told players to take it or leave it, while Allen will sell his vision. Allen may also be better at interacting with the fan base and students and actually try to recruit fans like Hep.

      1. Ranger- When I said recruiting I also meant keeping current commits. Hope there’s not too bad of an attrition there.

  3. I do know for certain it is the right time of the year to go shopping for and be particularly picky to find someone new for the offensive staff. With Allen as the new HC this will be interesting.

    1. I’m wondering if and how much Allen’s defense-based identity will shape the future of the team, and also how much of the great O-line play from the Wilson regime can be maintained.

      Imagine an IU program known primarily for great linemen on both sides and for playing great defense! This is something many people have dreamed about for a long, long time, and frankly, its probably the best path we have to finally getting a big win vs. Murderer’s Row.

      Pinball passing offenses are fun to watch , but if you don’t have the D, you’re just the Packers or the Saints or the Oregon Ducks going nowhere.

  4. I’m really curious about the reference Glass made to some “outside people” who were helping evaluate the program. It did not take a professional football consultant to see that IU Football was not progressing at the pace most Hoosier fans desired. Six seasons without a winning records is all you need to know about why Kevin Wilson is no longer the coach. And when you receive a relatively large pay increase, elevated expectations are part of the deal. When you fail to meet those expectations, it’s simple human nature that people start asking questions about the value and return they’re getting in return. No increase in home-game attendance, no improvement over last year’s record, no significant climb in the ranking of this year’s recruiting class; so basically no indication that IU was poised to take the next step in their progression toward a solid Big Ten Football program.

    Well, I think Glass made the right decision to hire Allen and give him a six year contract. If anyone can avoid the typical short-term damage associated with a coaching change, a high-performing Assistant Coach with the passion that Allen has gives us the best chance. And if Allen can produce a bowl-game victory, he’ll get a big boost that enhances his effort to recruit.

  5. Well, we will get to see where IU football is in two to three years….Once Allen start recruiting his own players!!!”Passion” does not win games…..it takes a little bit of talent to go along with the passion to win games….a bowl bid is not going to enhance recruiting or recruits….maybe passion will get fans in the stands also.

  6. Good Luck Mr Wilson, you really brought some excitement to the IU football program….you gave the IU football fan hope and the belief that IU football could find success.

  7. You know, I agree about the talent but ‘passion’ certainly wins games. Especially in football.

    i also think a bowl bid does enhance recruiting. I think every college football coach out there thinks that, too.

  8. Seahawk, I will be surprised if we lose any of our current recruits. I am sure Allen has already talked to all of them today and has convinced them to stay the course. As I mentioned, I think Allen will be a much better closer with recruits than Wilson. We will see over the next two months.

    IU79. I disagree with your comment about a bowl win not enhancing recruiting or recruits. I think a bowl win, which in all likelihood would come against a team with a better record (perhaps Tennessee), will keep all current recruits committed, and may convince some other recruits to buy into Allen’s vision of IU football. Again, we’ll all know in a little over two months!

  9. I think most people would have been content, all things being equal, with Wilson returning. I also believe that his firing is not going to cause much of a ripple in support. I don’t think most people felt strongly one way or another.

    Maybe that was the problem.

  10. I stand in agreement with Chet.

    The patient remains flatlined…I was hoping that we would go after a bigger name.

    Feels like it should be Easter..Now we have Hopping Bunny #1 at Assembly …and Hopping Bunny #2 at Memorial. It was already exhausting. Watching these guys on the sidelines gives me an idea of the miserable life a bobble head must endure.

  11. Coach Allen proved to people that those who thought he couldn’t change IU’s defense very much the first year were wrong. I hope he now shows people that think he can’t do the job as HC they will be wrong too. Coach Allen was a great recruiter down South and I expect he will continue to do well and even improve our recruiting levels. Coach Hagen has done a great job with the DL and DL recruits and as our current recruits show he is doing a great job recruiting players for the DL.

    Coach Allen pays attention to details and I am sure he will do the same with the offensive side of the ball. I wonder how coach’s tied in with coach Wilson will stay and how many coach Allen will have to replace. Coach has enough experience to pull in very good coaches if any replacements are needed. Maybe offensive red zone and 3rd/4th down production will improve now.

  12. AD Glass repeatedly stated the change was not connected to FB performance. He said he did not have the FB knowledge to try to interfere there.
    A difference in philosophy, most likely had much to do about the strong minded independence of Wilson. 2 leaders working together don’t always arrive at or share the same vision.

  13. v13, yes, if Allen just elects to kick field goals on 4th and goal inside the red zone, that will represent progress. He does have experience coaching special teams, so he has that going for him.

    In all seriousness, my guess is that Allen will get a talented and proven OC and allow him to run the offense with minimal interference. He’s already said that he’s going to continue on as the DC because that is his “strength.” At times during this season, I commented that maybe Wilson needed to turn the offense over to his OC, step back and focus on being the head coach. Not sure if he was running the offense or if his OC was, but the offense looked discombobulated for much of the season, especially down in the red zone.

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