1. Here we go again. Geoff was right after the Butler game. This team is so much about hype but when they have to dig in and fight they really don’t. Just a lot of wasted energy. Hopefully the shots will start to fall.

  2. Down by 12, up 3 at half. Ugly & clumsy & lot of wasted effort, but they are showing fight. Which should not be an issue with this game. Than again Nebraska ranked something like 25 or so NCSoS. IU at 349. Ball State & Texas State between IU and the bottom.

  3. This team is a AAU team. Will never win six games in a row at tournament time. Compare our team in March compared to UNC or Kansas. They will get better because they are coached instead of led by cheerleader. Oh well, at least Blackmon’s defense on full display. He is the second coming of Bracy Wright. Get ready D-League, we got another one ready for you.

  4. When it comes to playing cards for college basketball coaches I’ll trade 3 Tom crean’s for 1 Tim miles

  5. This must be a “bridge year.” Anyone remember that theory?

    I blame losses to IPFW, Butler, and Nebraska on the “rhythm” whatchamacallit….Or, maybe it’s the biorhythms of OG’s short shorts…?

    Tom Crean, the rhythm is gonna get you. Isn’t 8 years of the ‘Crean Sound Machine’ quite enough?

    1. They beat UNC and Kansas… stop with the cupcake crap. They aren’t good when they have a week off.

  6. Not much positive can be said….Switch to football just in time for a fumble & Utah touchdown. Blahhhh.

  7. Classic Crean team. A lot of standing around & bad shots. On the other side, they played better, faster & took it to us. They wanted it & you could tell that from the tip. We didn’t.

    Blackmon 2-9 from 3. Lost on D. Loss. Repeat. Same game as IUPFW.

    How about Newkirk driving into the corner trap with < 1 min to go?
    How about Johnson being allowed to commit 3 fouls in the 1H?
    Ankle or no ankle, OG played just 26 min. Newkirk played 33, top on the team.
    OG was awful with the ball tonight, but if that gets you bench time, Newkirk would be sitting constantly.

    So much promise. So much talent. So poorly coached.

    1. Newkirk is awful… the Frost guards should have gotten 20+ minutes per ga,e against the cupcakes so they felt more confident coming into the B1G season… they are infinitely better than Newkirk.

  8. We could lose 3 straight here w/o a doubt. I think we’ll play L-ville tight, but lose by 5 or 6. They’ll be more pissed than we will, they have more toughness.

    Then Wisc. A team with a lot of veterans & Happ. They’ll frustrate us in a slow game (no rhythm). That one’s a toss up.

  9. Why did Crean offer Newkirk if he’s “awful.”

    You know who’s awful? Crean is awful. And no rhythm theory or bashing of certain players can explain away 7 other Midwest teams having 21 Elite Eight appearances in the last six years while the Hoosiers under Mr. Rhythm have none.

    All teams can get rust during layoffs…The well-coached teams manage to shake off the rust.

    We didn’t need a week off to lose to IPFW(we had played three days previous). We also had a week off after an exhibition game before we beat Kansas…Accordingly, we should have lost.

    This was a home game against Nebraska. A month off shouldn’t matter.

    They don’t go deep in the NCAA tournament because Crean is, at best, an average coach…and his teams rarely play with a collective mental toughness.

    Nebraska was a hungrier and tougher team last night. It has nothing to do with layoffs. It has to do with a coach instilling preparedness, discipline, and toughness into his teams. Without it, the talent and athleticism will only take you so far.

  10. Time to start giving Crean subtle notices about his inconsistent coaching results. Like tweaking the BB budget in several areas with some decreases occurring in 2017. Nothing vast, just attention getting.
    AWinAZ mirrors my thoughts perfectly. With all that talent it was a piss poor effort by several players. None of which that could not be corrected by a coach capable of doing so. This team has FF talent as UNC and Ks. found out. Recruiting is the life blood of college athletic programs but the other parts of coaching are even more critical to consistently good results in preparing players for the X’s & O’s on the floor, every game. An area Crean continues to show(obvious to IU fans)flaws. Where are the assistants in all this, are they not allowed to inject opinions offering solutions?

  11. Here’s great measure of a good, or better, coach;

    The quality of his out of bounds plays…especially when he needs a bucket.

    @HC…I think Crean surrounds himself with those that stroke his ego & don’t challenge it. It is why the same mysteries always surround his teams.

    Last week I told my 72 yr old mom, an avid fan, “we can win, or lose, to anybody.”

    Last year when the season pivot occurred (last 5 min of ND game) Yogi took over & carried the team on his back. Blackmon is supposed to be “that guy” this year, based on Crean’s own expectations. I think we all know where this is headed…the ditch.

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