Wilson out, Allen in as Indiana football coach

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass knew what he was going to say to Kevin Wilson when the two met for a scheduled meeting at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

The initial direction of his 10 a.m. meeting with Tom Allen was much more open-ended.

On both ends, Glass got the closure he was looking for.

Citing philosophical differences, Glass announced Thursday evening that Wilson agreed to resign as Indiana’s head football coach. He’ll be replaced by Allen, an Indiana native who just completed his first regular season as IU’s defensive coordinator. Allen will assume his new role immediately.

Glass, who hired Wilson in December 2010 and agreed to a six-year, $15.3 million extension this past January, signaled there was no “smoking gun” or single event that led to Wilson’s departure, nor was it based on the team’s performance. Rather, the IU athletic director said leadership issues he felt Wilson had corrected in the past were “bubbling up” again in early November.

The Indianapolis law firm Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP was hired to investigate the program. Glass declined to reveal the findings of their inquiry.

“As things tend to happen sometimes, this thing ran its course,” Glass said.

Wilson, who guided Indiana to back-to-back bowl appearances, will leave Indiana with a 26-47 overall record.

In conjunction with the separation, Wilson has agreed to accept a base salary of $542,000 over the course of one year. Glass said NCAA compliance issues were not an issue that led to Wilson’s departure.

Allen will receive a new six-year contract, the terms of which have not yet been finalized.

It will be the first college head coaching job for Allen, who guided IU’s defense to a remarkable turnaround in 2016. The Hoosiers improved in every major statistical category, allowing 136.9 fewer yards per game than they did last season and 93.6 fewer passing yards per game than in 2015.

Allen, a New Castle native and former Ben Davis High School coach, was a nominee for the 2016 Broyles Award, which honors college football’s top assistant coach.

“As disappointing and challenging and as sad as the separation is, I’m elated and thrilled and optimistic of the future under coach Allen,” Glass said.

Given the stability of a multi-year deal, Allen’s approach now focuses on preparing the Hoosiers for their upcoming bowl trip — the specifics of which will be announced Sunday — and keeping Indiana’s current recruiting class and other targets interested in a future in Bloomington.

“I come before you humbly, blessed and extremely excited, although with mixed emotions about this opportunity,” Allen said. “… It’s time to break through.”

This story will be updated.


  1. This is shocking turn at IU football but I am so glad Coach Allen was selected as the Head Coach. I know he will instill the same attitude with the offense as he has done with the defense. It will be interesting to see what changes are made in the coaching staff after the Bowl Game. Tom Allen will be able to get players on offense to come together and play well in 2017. I would recommend a new OC as I just don’t see Johns as the best OC IU can get; move him to receiver coach. I hope the other coaches stay to help out Coach Allen.

  2. Kevin Wilson did more for IU football than fans will ever know….Assistant coaches salary where raised, facilities where updated, football was more competitive and recruiting was a lot better….IU had three or four late (3*) recruits ready to possible join the IU football team….Coach Allen will have an opportunity to add 6 to 8 recruits to the current recruiting class, provided he can hold this recruiting class together…..personally, i do not see Coach Allen as a upgrade from Mr Wilson…i see it as a step backward….only time will tell!!! Mr Wilson made all kinds of offensive adjustment this year to have a .500 season and take the Hoosier to a bowl game…..i cannot wait to see how Coach Allen adjust to injuries, poor performance and losing season, because it is Indiana football we will have some losing season.

  3. IU79, I agree with you, unlike past years the D this year made adjustments on the fly. Something Coach Wilson has done repeatedly in past years and this year really had to devise out of the norm jolts to the offense(in other words who is to say on the 1st day he started recruiting Natee that he did not see TN doing exactly what he schemed for him in games). Something he did not have the expertise to do to the D. Now we may have the reverse getting ready to take place in that can Allen make adjustments to schemes and personnel to the offense either for game planning or in game on the fly.

  4. This is wonderful. FG is to be commended. The timing was crucial. The DC position at Ol’ Miss was likely already offered with the retirement if Dave Wommack. Whatever the reasons were (varied and numerous) FG realized the ONLY irreplaceable piece he had was/is Tom Allen. As for hoping that the staff stays in place,…. don’t hold your breath! Johns and 1-2 others likely will be missing from the sidelines by bowl time.

  5. Chonnie, Clearly Ole Miss had nothing to do with it because there has not been a breath about it other than some “sky’s falling” IU fan hoping his prediction comes true to show how smart he is. Just no facts to support it. Anything can happen in coaching during December(just as we found out today)and IU does have some very good coaches but Allen has stated he intends for the entire staff to stay intact through the bowl contest with no coaching evaluations to take place till after the bowl. His words not mine.

    1. Well, sir, then you have definitive inside information that the University of Mississippi had no plans to bring back their extremely competent former defensive positions coach to fill their vacancy?
      Then please tell us where your information came?
      My statement is only logical eduction. What we all know is that mister Allen just orchestrated the biggest defensive improvement in ALL of FBS. That his contribution allowed IU to compete in every game against the best teams in the country while the offense provided the statistically WORST execution inside the opponent’s 20 yard line. It is reasonable to believe that IU very easily would not have ‘squeeked’ out a cowardly 2-point win against a ‘ coachless’ , depleted Purdue football squad but the rest of the 5 nailbiters….going 0-12! And yes, my overall insight, understanding of human nature, perception, and analysis far exceeds yours. Call me out publicly and risk being exposed for your own iniquities. Have a nice day.

      1. I demand your info to the contrary. Not innuendoes and chest puffing about what you know.

  6. Another site, maybe ESPN, in the ‘comments’ section noted a local rumor that Coach Allen would be at Miss. St. by yrs end. If true, wonder if the possibility of losing him may have sparked this change.?

  7. copy cat league……last year Maryland hired DJ Durkin (6-6. 3-6) , Rutgers hired Chris Ash (2-10, 0-9), and Illinois hired Lovie Smith (3-9, 2-7)…..all three coaches are defensive minded and all three coaches are suppose to be good to great recruiters…..all of a sudden Indiana University feels left out (we do not want to fall behind the other University) so we have to copy the rest of the league. fire our offensive minded coach and hire a defensive minded coach….now i am not a genius, but someone in this group is not going to make it pass their current contract (4-6 years)…an there is not enough 4* and 5* recruits to fill all these teams….it all will depend on who can find the talent (enough 3*) to make their football team “COMPETITIVE”…An i hate be the one that say but history is not on Indiana University side….i am in hopes that all IU fans remember we fired (resigned) a coach that had beating Purdue four years in a row and IU football had gone to two consecutive bowl game, and very few off field distraction.

  8. I will say one thing here about Wilson. While I agree that he has kind of turned IU football around by winning 4 consecutive “bucket” games and has improved recruiting a bunch for the last 4 or 5 years, he has digressed in other areas. By that I mean, here is a coach who was an offensive co-ordinator at Oklahoma which at the time was a national power. Of course with the athletes he was presented with there, he couldn’t help but prevail at that job. But, here’s the deal, about halfway through last year and all of this year his play calling has been atrocious! His desire to continue to run the ball time after time against really good teams (Ohio St., Michigan, Penn St and Northwestern) which were games we actually had a chance to win was insane! His falling in love with the wildcat the last 3 games of the year was at times crazy to say the least although it worked at times against Purdue. His red zone play calling was excruciating to watch. While we could move the ball down the field at times with ease, once we were inside the 20, things came to a grinding halt. Our 4th down efficiency was the worst in the conference. Time and time again this year, I found myself screaming at the TV when Wilson would call another and another running play in an obvious passing situation. I would watch TV and listen to Buck Suhr and Don Fisher on the radio, all season long Suhr questioned Wilson’s play calling saying, “I don’t know what he is thinking?”.
    I personally think that Allen will do the job! I just hope he can find and hire a really good offensive co-ordinator. I believe that Allen’s enthusiasm on the sideline will effect the whole team and not just the defense like we saw this year. If we can continue to recruit as we have over the last 5 years or so, we will be fine.

  9. I am so very proud of our school in the manner in which this very challenging situation was managed. A lot of that credit goes to AD Glass. The performance here stands in stark contrast to the Coach Knight and Coach Sampson situations which were poorly managed and resulted in a lot of bad publicity, litigation, sanctions and bad blood that remains to this day. AD Glass recognized a problem that needed to be addressed sooner than later and did so in a calculated, professional, sensitive and decisive fashion. Great job! I wish Coach Wilson all the best and we all appreciate and value his many contributions. We congratulate Coach Allen and commit our wholehearted support. Go Hoosiers!!!

  10. For those, like ‘Clarion’ that still doubt how close T Allen may have been to filling the vacant Ol’ Miss DC job, read some of the comments from HC Hugh Freeze from various ESPN and SI stories. Keep in mind that for the 3 years that Allen was there 2012-2014, Ol’ Miss, similar to IU, went from last to first in defense. They also beat Alabama. Isn’t it ironic that Wilson’s fate was realized right after the big, nationally televised win over NC, Wilson’s home state…. where, in his one year of head coaching experience, at his old high school, his team would go 0-10.

  11. So Allen has enough influence with high school football coaches in this state to make real inroads against the recruiting competition of nearby OSU, Michigan, ND?
    We hardly make a dent in the elite Indiana basketball talent and we have a proven 5-star hoops coach.

    Good luck to Allen. Not encouraging when Isiah Thomas holding up a “crybaby” cardboard big head of MJ gets more ESPN air time than IU football’s stunning events.

    Personally, I don’t see this hire changing much of anything. Basketball is a different animal due to the mere requirements in numbers and roster depth. And even with those drastically lower numbers in hoops recruiting/rebuilding(a far less monumental task for some ‘flash in the pan’ years than a football turnaround at Fossil & Follies Football Tech) , we are still pummeled at our Sweet 16 dates.

    So much emotional investment in football…So little return. Meanwhile, the ’87 banner now next in line for Indiana Historical Society preservation…and a designated Hoosier roster member to don the short shorts in its honor.

  12. Good posts by MikeC and iufan23.

    Confession: My speculations offered in posts made yesterday about why Glass fired Wilson were completely wrong. After watching the press conference, Glass made that clear. I humbly stand corrected. Shame on me for surmising that it had anything to do with attendance at home games, football revenue, investment in the football program, or Wilson’s inability to produce a winning season after six years on the job.

    I don’ think IU is copycatting anyone. Wilson got fired (was allowed to resign) for having a “philosophical difference” with his boss. That’s a nice way of saying “I told him some of his leadership behavior/habits/tendencies were inappropriate and had to change, thought he had changed them, but realized that he really had not, so I had to move him out. I let him decide if he wanted to resign or be fired, and I agreed to pay him a nice severance if he resigned. Happens every day in the corporate world. Who knows what the specific issues were, and it really does not matter. It was obvious that Glass was going to do what he felt needed to be done whether he had a replacement identified or not. So after he deals with Wilson, he tries to determine who the best replacement would be. He concludes that it’s Allen, not because he’s a defensive coach, but because, 1) “He’s a leader of men,” 2) he has demonstrated is ability to coach young men to a very high level of performance, 3) he’s already here at IU – knows the players, knows the staff, knows the state’s HS coaches, and 4) he’s proven that he’s a very talented football coach that has demonstrated success everywhere he’s been employed. Being a defensive coach was probably not even a consideration for Glass. As he said yesterday, he’s not an expert on football.

    I support Glass hiring Allen based on the circumstances and timing involved. In an ideal world, Glass would have had the time to hire a man with previous college or pro head-catching experience. But the circumstances prevented that. If Glass had taken the time to conduct a proper search, IU’s football program would have been set back at least three years, or maybe more. That would have been devastating to the program. I believe hiring Allen was the least risky option available to Glass. And when you think about it, hiring Allen is less risky than it was to hire Wilson six years ago, simply because Allen has a year under his belt with the players and the other coaches. He does not have to start from scratch. I hope Allen is successful, and my gut tells me he will be. Because the turn-around he engineered with IU defense, from last season to this season, was nothing short of incredible. Anybody who could do that without any significant influx of improve athletic talent has to be a very good football coach.

  13. Be interesting to see time of possession numbers… It’s probably insignificant.

    Another interesting angle of sorts…Why is it that Mike Davis was never given an ounce of credit for getting the Hoosiers to a Final Four so quickly after inheriting some of Knight’s best recruits in a decade? Well, I just sorta answered my own question…Davis had a flash-in-the-pan year completely the result of assistants and what Knight pretty much placed in his lap.

    I’m curious to why this same theory isn’t finding any traction with Allen? He sure had nice words to say about the Mallory family. And did he generated this miracle turnaround(not sure if its comparable to taking a basketball team to an NCAA title game) solely on his intellect for the game…or was this the culmination of the energy Wilson had infused into the program(along with the recruits he and his previous defensive team worked extra hours to bring in over the last four years)?

    Though Wilson is primarily an offense guy, it can’t be denied that any major improvement is a product of the culture he was changing and his brazen refusal to ever play defeatist in allowing IU Football to be postured as a joke.

    Did Allen capture a lot of that momentum….just as Mike Davis did? This was a rocky year for the offense, but there is no denying that Wilson constructed the excitement into a place that seemed destined for eternal Dullsville.

  14. My only reason for the “time of possession” comment in my previous post is because Wilson was doing a lot less hurry-up in his offense the last couple years.
    With hurry-up, you kind of live by the sword and die by the sword(an even more certain death when your defense is not up to snuff). You sometimes catch defenses on their heels and score quickly. But when you score quickly, you also lower your time of possession and an opponent with more depth may continue to pound it at your defense knowing your team will not sustain in that lopsided game of roulette.

    Was it me, or did we sorta grind out the points more this year? Did that give a defense finally catching up in recruiting and depth an opportunity to sustain because of added sideline rest?

    There was also a lot of focus on IU’s failure to get points in the red zone….With ‘big gainer’ plays and hurry-up scores, not sure how much we weren’t grinding it out against teams. Sometimes the slower, grind-it-out, style can fall short of points on the board(pegged as failure in missed field goals or TD’s left on the field). Easy to beat that to death as the glass half(or fully) empty…It fails to recognize that the new DC is benefiting from a shortened game.

  15. I remember several years ago I was basically run off this site for calling a spade a spade. I remember being at a pancake breakfast weeks after Wilson was hired. That breakfast came to be a joke on here, but what I said from the beginning ended up true…Wilson is a jerk and has poor character. When you watch someone interact with co workers and fans for over an hour, it’s easy, for me at least. There is a way you treat people, period! I went on to explain first and second hand talk, but it was rumor. How dare I spread rumors. Anyone not under a rock close to campus knew this was going on…on the field and off. There were a few people that called me out, but this ones for Tsao up in Chicago. As Wilson would say on Twitter…BOOM!!!

  16. If coaches were hired and fired by how much of a “jerk” they were, I would have never even had a high school coach. No joke…I actually had a high school football coach who go in a fistfight(during practice) with a teammate. Maybe the kid threw the first punch, but still….? This was a grown 240 lb. linemens’ coach against a hotheaded 165 lb. teenager. Verbal abuse? That came with your shoulder pads at first practice. Different era then, I suppose. We should go to all means possible to play the most brutal game on the planet safely. But within such grand ideals, there will be coaches who avoid the real scrutiny by simply winning.
    Let’s be honest…If Wilson had squeaked out one of those three close contests against OSU/Michigan/Penn St, we would have never heard anything about “philosophical differences.”
    If IU is anything, it’s an athletic department seized by lawyers and opportunists…These men don’t like coaches who won’t worship their earth in public displays of subservience. We’ll be just good enough for a very long time(basketball and football). Because to be anything else involves a bit of humility by the guy in the suit and tie(playing the game, of sorts) to appease those who want a bit of their own domain on the factory floor.
    And I just don’t think lawyers and business tycoons/developers are wired to play that game.
    When have you ever met a lawyer who was a total “jerk” and so “calculating” as to make you vomit? Gosh, I never have.

  17. I actually don’t think hiring Allen is any more or less of a risk than hiring anyone else save Urban Meyer or Nick Sabin, neither of whom I’m told are available :). The guy seems to be high character, has lots of experience and wants the job. Could be worse! As far as not having offense experience, I think you’ll find most coaches are oriented towards one side or the other but generally learn what they need to learn to effectively manage the program so I don’t see that as much of a concern. In fact, had we gone out to the coaching marketplace and had Allen expressed interest from the outside, I suspect he would have been seriously considered. So, once again Kudos to AD Glass for conducting this transaction in the least risky, least disruptive and most positive manner.

  18. Maybe it’s time for IU Football to be a bit “disruptive.” Not sure if this hire really gets the attention that IU needs to turn the corner. Sure, it’s less risky…It’s safe because we don’t lose what appears to be a very good DC. But did we also have a window to secure a higher profile head coach with a big personality who could have really jolted the recruiting needle forward?
    We need butts in the stands. A bigger name would likely help that cause.

  19. J Pat, I remember you posting those comments about Wilson from having been present at that pancake breakfast function. Can’t remember if you said you were in attendance or if you had spoken to someone claiming they were in attendance. And I remember thinking, “was he a ‘jerk’ like Bob Knight used to be a jerk in public at times, you know, trying to demonstrate that he was a no-nonsense leader, or was he a special kind of jerk?” Was he under stress, being away from his wife and kids, or was he exposing a major character flaw? Since your comment back then, and after the “he was drunk, got lost and was rude to a dorm floor supervisor” incident, I don’t recall any other behavior issues being reported in the news or on the Scoop about Wilson being a jerk to people. Clearly, he did not invest a lot of energy being warm and fuzzy, but whatever his behavior was during that pancake breakfast function, it did not seem to rise to the surface in public again over the next five years.

    We live in such a PC society these days, and there has been ongoing discussions/articles etc. about the “sissification” (my term) of the American male. People are wondering if we’ve turned generations of young American men into “snowflakes.” I had to laugh when one of Wilson’s former players told the story of when Wilson ripped his helmet off during a practice some years ago. Good lord, that happened every day in practice on my HS football team! And it was probably the least violent method our coaches used to convey their displeasure to my teammates and I at the time. Clearly that shift in what American society found acceptable behavior contributed to Bob Knight losing his job at IU. I wonder if similar behavior also cost Wilson his job? And I wonder if IU, under Glass, is more sensitive to those issues than other schools’ coaching staffs might be.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Podunker. Different place and different time. Social media and just the vast amounts of news outlets these days can be blamed as well. Some report honestly and some twist it to how they want it. It’s my belief that every program has issues and I agree with Harvard that had we won the close games, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. I like Allen and think he will register well with our players and recruits.

      It’s hard to say if Glass has nerve or not. Regardless, society today has made these AD’s sensitive due to everyone being offended and not getting what they want. I want things too, but that doesn’t mean I start fires or destroy things either.

      You know the world sensitive when schools start banning Huckleberry Finn. It’s happening…

  20. Seems very strange that Glass was saying how he wanted continuity last year at this time and now fires the coach over “philosophical differences.” Also seems strange that KW is willing to walk away with nothing but 1 year’s salary. Seems like something happened that both KW and Glass did not want publicized. This seems like a situation where Glass found something out, thought whatever that was would caste IU in a poor light and gave Wilson a chance to resign in exchange for a non-disclosure agreement of some kind. Just too strange that neither side is saying what truly happened. That said, I think IU just hired the best head coach in their history. He seems like a combination of Hoeppner’s charisma, Mallory’s ability to develop talent with an additional element of energy that most people just don’t have. He is a proven recruiter, proven leader, high character guy with a great reputation in the state. If it came down to a choice of keeping Allen or letting KW go, Fred Glass made the right decision.

  21. No offense, but you guys are so out of touch. I was in attendance at the breakfast and two more functions his first year. Again, there is a way to treat people. Happy Holidays everyone! JPat tried to tell you this is how it would end lol!

  22. The explanation by Mr. Glass can only result in speculation by everyone who wishes to comment on the coaching changes at IU. It would seem fair to say that none of us likely have any specific knowledge of what transpired. But it does seem very likely that it was for reasons of a very serious nature or Mr. Wilson would not have chosen to accept the termination pay of $500,000+ and leave a couple million on the table. The best speculation or theory I have read yet was the possibility of a behavior that while not getting us in trouble yet had the potential to do so in the future.

  23. HC,

    I understand you think my recent blogs on Wilson’s “resignation” were not grounded in facts. Perhaps others, too. That’s not so. I simply choose not to state some of the specifics –facts that is–about his behaviors that led to his “resignation.”

    I did mention the facts would be seeping out over time. And they are. If you’re interested in knowing about some of these facts, go to http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/indiana/

  24. None of us know what happened that lead to this. We might have this or that tidbit of information but I’m confident none of us were given the results of the investigation.

    From the facts on hand I think Mr. Walker is probably as close as anyone as far as what that facts indicate. The facts are that Coach Wilson appears to have put up no effort whatsoever to defend himself from the termination. One season’s salary is walking around money for a dismissed coach.

    No, there is some fire behind the smoke. We may never know what it was but, at the core, player safety appears to play a key role. Good for Fred Glass. We don’t need to be a part of that.

    Regarding “things aren’t how they used to be”. No, they’re not. We know a lot more about things like brain injuries than we used to. If you went to your doctor and he wanted to use leaches would you be OK with that because “that’s how they used to do things”? From all available evidence, Fred Glass made this move for player safety. I’m pretty confident he discussed these issues with neurologists. Unless you are a neuorologist, or have discussed this issue with the same, your opinion on how to treat players with head injuries really doesn’t bear much weight compared to those who have had this conversation.

    We may have dodged a major bullet due to Fred Glass’ diligence. We may never know. I am happy to err on the side of a 19 year old kid not leaving IU with a lifelong traumatic brain injury.

  25. And, with all moral certainty, no assistant coach, or coordinator, who ever witnessed such “endangerment” and was still jumping like a giddy, pumped-up, pogo stick while entering the field upon every kickoff, has no business remaining at IU…as well.

    If Wilson is walking away without a fight because he was endangering players, then the house needs cleaned. It speaks to many more people without a spine worth a wet noodle. Those people should have never required hours of private interviews. They should have walked away from the program long ago.

  26. And the mere placing of this player endangerment insinuation upon on the shoulders of Kevin Wilson could have a far more dangerous implication for the future. With such insinuation can come an extremely false climate that all is well now and in the future with the assistants/coaches left behind. Will they get less scrutiny because of the heavy condemnation of one culprit? The administration needs to shut this witch hunt down quickly.
    The buck for any medical issues stops with the medical professionals. If not, a place where sports are played in the backdrop of a highly respected medical school will look far more sinister, bottom line motivated, and in the dark ages than anything in Wilson’s pancake breakfast buffet demeanor.

    1. J Pat, thanks for the perspective. I always find it instructive when I hear about real life interactions with some of these people. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      I had a friend who talked about what a snide, sneaky tyrant that Sampson was. One of his more Sampson like moments was when he gave a “tearful” eulogy to Coach Hep at Assembly Hall for his Memorial Service. Then, when the cameras were turned off and the press had left, he was berating all the people who were still around and demanded everyone get off, and I quote, “….my court. I have a practice to run.”

      These overrated gym teachers get absolute power to run their programs. Their programs are worth enough to be listed on the NYSE. Finding one with not only the desire and ability to win, but to have a personal ethos and demonstrate its integrity in managing them is very rare indeed.

      On that note, so far, I’ve heard a few people who have had personal interactions with Coach Allen. Seems like the real deal. A tough, hardworking guy who will do things the right way. Let us know how the next pancake breakfast goes. 🙂

    2. JPat, I remember clearly your comments from those past posts . But to me they were not describing anything negative in my view. Yes he was surly, prickly, abrasive and damned independent. An exact description of myself. Lynch was such a softie I wanted IU to have a real tough guy and I viewed Wilson fit that model. I still believe before your vary eyes the real life scenes you saw and posted about was Wilson initiating the culture change IUFB desperately needed and AD Glass hired him for. A task no one can say he did not complete. In fact Coach Allen will benefit most from that heavy lifting not being before him now on his way to success as IU’s HC. Again JPat I want to “EMPHASIS” I was glad to read what you saw at that breakfast even though at the time I lightly dismissed what you posted. Stop back much more frequently/regularly. I always enjoy bantering with you. Have a Merry and a Happy!!!!!!
      Hoosier Clarion

  27. Ok the guy could/can be arrogant and abrasive. That isn’t ground for getting rid of him. Verbally abusing injured players is poor judgement, poor leadership and detrimental to the team. But if he abused injured players in an attempt to get them back to practice quicker or into games quicker, than he should go. Whether or not he did that hasn’t been proven publicly. Having a coach like Coach Allen waiting in the wings certainly makes getting rid of KW a much easier call. I also find myself in rare agreement with H4H- if the assistant coaches witnessed abuse, new of abuse or condoned abuse while doing nothing to stop it, they should be booted out as well. That said, I felt like the team would have been better with Coach Allen running the show this year. He seems to not only be able to teach, but to lead and motivate as well. With the improved recruiting and with the improved coaching, I truly believe the future of IU football has never been this bright.

  28. if the assistant coaches witnessed abuse, new of abuse or condoned abuse while doing nothing to stop it, they should be booted out as well.

    Couldn’t agree more….(Oddly, trainers and medical staff were not initiating the complaints). Let’s also keep in mind that the original accuser forwarded statements that included mistreatment and “cold shoulders” from more than just Wilson. He said something to the effect that “they” wanted him off the team.

  29. Indy Star is attempting to connect the dots on this story, and while no one is confirming anything yet, it appears Wilson and his former D-line coach had a tendency to berate/ridicule/mock some injured players in an attempt to get them practicing again. He was warned (by Glass) to stop that behavior, did so for a while, but was then found to have reverted back to it, and was fired. Interestingly, while the investigation was being conduced through player interviews by the law firm, numerous former players who were starters (i.e., Spriggs, et al) were interviewed and told investigators a completely different story. They claimed the treatment they received while injured was ideal, very sensitive and very cautious. They painted a completely different picture from some of their teammates who said they were made to feel pressured, mocked and ridiculed. And those different testimonies makes me wonder if this ridiculing/mocking behavior was selective, used as a tactic to pressure less valuable players to quit the team. It would not be the first time in the history of organized sports where coaches sent certain less-valuable players the signal that they were no longer wanted. In fact, I believe most college coaching staffs have used such tactics for as long as colleges have been granting athletic scholarships. Make life miserable for those players whom the coaches have decided will not be major contributors and the young man/women will quit, freeing up scholarships for more valuable players. And by the way, that’s not unique to college sports. High School coaches across the country have been “nudging” players to quit their teams for decades.

    As for Wilson’s severance, it’s over $540,000 that he gets to keep regardless of whether he gets another job or not. My guess is that Wilson is counting on being hired by another school very soon. If so, Wilson gets to keep every penny of that severance in addition to his new salary. Had he not resigned, IU would have been obligated to pay him the full severance, but that would only be the difference between his IU severence and his new compensation package. If he got a job that paid him more than IU had been paying him, IU’s financial obligation would have been $0.00. Wilson got a good deal assuming he gets another job. Chances are, we’ll here of him getting hired as another school’s OC within a few weeks.

    Let the word go out that IU’s AD is an experienced attorney, that he is very sensitive to how the school is perceived, is hyper averse to anything that puts IU at risk of legal liability and is fully in tune with our politically correct culture. Good for IU.

  30. Strangely(or maybe not so much), I think Wilson wanted out.

    It’s very insulting to be accused of disregarding the health of players(while be secretly investigated while facing that accusation). Once that letter was sent from Glass to Wilson(no matter where you fall on the scales of “motivating” vs. “mocking”), their relationship was completely contaminated. Was Wilson caught at something soon to be very sinister? With the abundance of medical professionals treating these kids, it’s very hard for me to see that possibility(and more heads would need to roll).

    Glass covered his and the university’s ass just perfectly. But there were also plenty of people who did not like Wilson’s independent style along with a seemingly flippant attitude toward social graces. That sort of man will not appreciate hierarchical bullying in the form of letters rather than face-to-face.

    After the original hard fist on the table that came with Glass’s first warning, there was never going to be a feeling of trust. Dead relationship walking.

  31. DD and Clarion, thank you. Allen does seem like the real deal and I should meet him soon 🙂 Again, Happy Holidays…you too Harv!

  32. Po, really good post and I’d bet that is exactly how the…whatever…was utilized. There seems to be a pretty definite demarcation line between those reporting exellent treatment and those who cited questionable behavior. Perhaps that is exactly how it is done at Oklahoma. I’m betting CKW may well have used similar words with Fred Glass and he apparently responded that it’s not acceptable here.

    Good for him. One of my closest lifelong friends is a UNC grad. He told me this morning that UNC fans and alumni would give anything for there to have been someone like Fred Glass in Chapel Hill two decades ago to say, “No, we don’t do that.”

    UNC went, along with IU at one time, from being that beacon of doing things right to being the example for just how wrong college athletics can go. Those people would gladly give up a couple national titles to not being viewed as the college equivalent of pond scum.

    These aren’t ‘SEC less Vanderbilt’ alumni. These are people that view their education as being worthy of value. They love UNC because they felt they got a great education and had a great collegiate experience. Now, they feel shamed.

    Again, I’m betting you are right, Po. I’m also glad that Fred Glass isn’t willing to sell our NCAA soul to be like Oklahoma.

  33. I didn’t mean to suggest that IU is viewed poorly. I meant that IU and UNC were both considered above the riff-raff of college basketball (aka Kentucky).

  34. And we have to realize that in today’s world of college sports, that philosophy and those values makes it less likely to win NCAA Basketball Championships. We’re simply not a University that is willing to do anything, or cut any corners, or do the wink-wink/nod-nod routine in order to get the players necessary to win championships. For example, I believe IU’s policy of requiring it’s athletes to be real students, go to class and pursue a legitimate degree is a turn-off to a lot of the elite basketball players who simply want to use their one year in college to be used as preparation for the NBA.

    And by the way, Glass claimed to have written those memos to Wilson as a means of documenting the dialog involved of their face-to-face meetings. S.O.P. when engaged in an “employee disciplinary process.” I think Wilson’s major complaint about IU Football had more to do with a lack of attendance at home games. I remember his comments made after the win at University of Missouri. It was as if it was beneath Wilson to be coaching for a school that could not fill a small stadium for home games.

  35. Po, Wilson shopped around for other jobs before agreeing to the new contract. That is why it took so long for him to decide. The crowds bothered him…you are correct, but even more recruiting kids to IU pained him.

  36. And we have to realize that in today’s world of college sports, that philosophy and those values makes it less likely to win NCAA Basketball Championships.

    OMG. Villanova….? Maybe I’m wrong, but their coach seems to be of the highest integrity. Butler @ back-to-back championships?

    How shameful, defeatist and asinine.

  37. JPat, I never heard anything about Wilson being “pained” to recruit kids to IU, or that he was shopping around for other jobs. But Wilson is no fool, and I’m sure he had his agent keeping his ears open for other opportunities. Aside from a losing tradition in football and less than full stadiums for home games, there should be little to prevent good coaches from effectively recruiting players to IU? Of course, they have to have a reasonable set of smarts, but that’s not a prohibitive factor. And I’m not blaming Wilson for not being happy with home-game attendance. It’s a real issue that I believe affects recruiting and also the quality of play. But of course, it’s the old chicken or the egg argument. Hopefully, the construction on highway 37 to and from Indy will be finished soon, eliminating the excuse used by apathetic IU fans in Indy, some of whom are dear friends of mine, to not make the 60 – 90 minute drive to Bloomington.

  38. I am very glad Tom Allen is the HC and can recruit very well. He motivates the players the right way and never cusses out the players.

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