Camiel won’t play 6th year at IU

Dimitric Camiel will not have a sixth year of college eligibility.

In an Instagram post on Monday, the Indiana right tackle said his focus now centers on making an NFL roster.

Camiel certainly has professional potential, having developed into a 19-game starter on the right side during parts of the past three seasons. The 6-foot-7, 315-pound Texan suffered a back injury after IU’s second game of the season this past September and did not play for the remainder of the season.

During the final week of the regular season, Camiel spoke openly about weighing the possibility of a sixth year at IU against his hope that he could return in time for the Dec. 28 Foster Farms Bowl. Camiel did not play in the bowl game, and now is looking to play his next game for an NFL team.

“I have had the opportunity to meet, learn, be coached, and most importantly play with some of the most interesting people in the world,” Camiel wrote. “With that being said, I will be pursuing my life long dream of playing in the NFL. Hoosier Nation, thank you for all your (continual) support.”

In Camiel’s absence this season, Indiana relied on Brandon Knight, Delroy Baker and Dan Feeney. Of that trio, only Feeney won’t return in 2017.


  1. Sure seems Coach Allen and the other coaches have a lot of scholarships to fill between now and signing day with Oliver, Redding, Camiel, Diamont, and possibly others not returning. I would think we have at least 25 scholarships available, but seriously doubt we will sign that many recruits.

    It sure would be nice to get a few commits between now and signing day. If we stay at the same number that we have right now until signing day, I am not optimistic that we will pick up many on the last day. Wilson always seemed to pick up 2 or 3 on the last day, or even after signing day, but I am not sure any of them ever made it to Bloomington. Wilson’s late pick-ups made our recruiting classes look better relative to other teams in the conference, but they had zero long term effect on the team.

  2. Some of it went to the character of what recruits were being signed coupled with a less than solid commitment. It was K. W. just trying his best to recruit and you can’t fault him for that. I agree that recruiting classes seemed to lose some of its players lacking to make an impact (as do other programs) and IU needs all the help it can get. On the upside hopefully T.A. will improve in that area as to how solid actual commitment of a recruit will be and his positive impact on program. K.W. was trying many things even in his 6th year (junior college qb’s and qb’s leaving, poaching commitments who changed their minds from previous colleges which it seemed that several had less than desirable impact). However, IU has won 6 games back to back seasons qnd a few big ten games so that is a positive. However, they watered down the pre big ten schedule for a win or two so in reality they are just a little better but not a huge difference. Yes, they lost a few close ones and yes they won a few close ones. And in the past when they were not quite as good they lost a few close ones plus had a few blow outs also when the pre big ten schedule was not quite as watered down.

  3. I will miss seeing Camiel in an IU uniform but I didn’t think he would really be back for the 6th season. I wish him the best on making it in the NFL and I hope he is 100% healthy for the Pro day to impress the NFL coaches.

    Yes it will be interesting to see how many new commits the coaches can bring in and how good those commits will be. There are very good players in the 2017 class that get looked over and are rated low but are really good IE look at the Colts rookie OL Haeg (?) that went to North Dakota State. He certainly ha the talent to play in D1 but got overlooked. I hope IU coaches can find players like that to fill out the 2017 class. I know one very good WR from MS coming up to visit IU due to coach Heard being here.

  4. Yes, there are good overlooked players out there and you can have a few but percentage wise you need the more sought after players which usually means higher 3 star and a few above.

  5. Dimitric’s decision is understandable. Best of luck.
    67, I view your post as only being fixated on the 1’s who were underachievers or short timers. There are many late targets/commits over the Wilson years who have made the grade and have been a game day part of elevating the program. Here is a small sampling of those playmakers and achievers he got late; Nate Hoff, Rashard Fant, Nile Sykes and Simmie Cobbs. There are more.

  6. t = what exactly are you saying about Kevin Wilson recruits/recruiting? I just do not think IU fans (are maybe me) realize or understand how hard it is to recruit football players to play football at IU (a school with hardly any (NO) football tradition). Kevin Wilson was recruiting players from wherever he could…players that first off wanted to play football at IU (from what i hear he would always asked any recruit to take his time and evaluate/compare ever scholarships offer) and second off players that didn’t have too many off field issues (yes, he missed on a few). Kevin Wilson missed out on a lot of recruits (Gunner Kiel, Tommy Steven, etc) but he never complained about it….He played with the players that want to commit (play for) to IU football team.

  7. IU79 yes, that is pretty much what I am saying is how hard a situation recruiting @ IU must be and that is through over the last 60 years for the program on a sustained basis for me. I do think a couple/few 4 star recruits that decommitted from other programs and left early or transferred did not impact the program as much as hoped for.

  8. t = my belief is that when a 4* or 5* recruit transfers from another program like a Alabama, Ohio State or Michigan (provide they have been at those programs for one year (with competition for positions), unless a coaching change) to a football program like IU, Illinois or Purdue is that these 4* and 5* athlete do not like to compete.

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