Florida WR Philyor commits to Indiana #iufb

Indiana received its second wide receiver commitment of the week on Wednesday night, as De’Angelo “Whop” Philyor announced his commitment to the Hoosiers via Twitter.

Philyor is a 6-foot, 175-pound, three-star wide receiver/corner back, according to 247sports.com, who is expected to be a wideout with the Hoosiers.

The Tampa, Fla., product was high school teammates with recently enrolled IU linebacker Thomas Allen, the son of head coach Tom Allen. Philyor caught 91 passes for 1,329 yards and two touchdowns in helping Plant reach the Florida 7A state title game. He also ran for 201 yards and two touchdowns, while recording 38 tackles, two interceptions and a forced fumble on defense.


  1. Some of these WR stats are just crazy. Thirteen hundred yards receiving and 200 hundred rushing while also playing defense on a 7A title team in Florida? At 175lbs?

    This kid has got to be a stud.

  2. I was hoping Whop would commit after Tyrese committed yesterday. These two look like really good receivers for IU to add to their team. The receiver room is stacked and has the players to fill in for the next for years. Two top receivers from last year’s class got held back by injuries and we haven’t got to see them yet so Allen’s commitment to run the ball includes passing 35 -40 times a game. Running an uptempo offense could include 45 -50 runs and 35 – 40 passes a game. We have too many receivers at the WR, slot receiver, and TE to ignore that part of the game. Just as we have too many good RBs to ignore the running game.

    Things are looking up for this class of 2017 and maybe it will include the QB they are after once he visits this coming weekend.

    1. A really good get! Let’s hope Phylor and Fryfogle are communicating with Tronti and we get his commitment this weekend. Hard to believe I am rooting for a 2* QB to commit, but as I commented on the previous article, Tronti could be one 2* commit who really surprises.

  3. Ranger 67, Tronti is a 2 star recruit based on not going to camps where the QBs get ranked. If IU can pull off his committing to IU they could very well have found a diamond in the scrap pile that others have missed. Schools like IU need to hit a few HRs on players rated low but playing like a high rated player. I think coach Allen has a few players like that in this class who will show they are much better than others think.

  4. I wonder what Big Ben’s ranking was when he committed to Miami of Ohio? Oh, and didn’t Green Bay’s Rogers get passed over by all the major D-1 programs coming out of High School? I think he played two years at a JC before Cal discovered him. If a player has to go to all these “camps” in order to get a high ranking, then the ranking system is corrupt.

    Here’s my question. Why is IU recruiting another QB this year? Could it be that Allen is worried about losing one of the four now on the roster? If all four QBs on the roster intend to stay, do we need a fifth quarterback?

    1. Of course IU needs a “good” 5th QB! Unexpected things always happen! We lost 2 QB’s in 1 game at IA!

  5. Po, Lagow, who does not fit the mold of the type of QB Allen and Debord have stated they want, only has one year of eligibility remaining. Diamont, who was never going to be a successful Big 10 QB, is gone. Cameron, who wasn’t a full time starter his senior year in HS, will never be more than a back up. What IU needs to be successful under Allen and Debord is a relatively athletic QB with a strong arm that can run and extend a play. Just think if Lagow had the legs of Diamont or Diamont had the arm of Lagow. Our offense would have been dynamic with that combo.

    I am hoping King and/or Ramsey have that ability, but that basically leaves us with 2 QB’s. The coaches have heaped praise on Ramsey. If he leaps ahead of King this Spring or Fall, will King stick around? If King moves ahead of Ramsey, I think Ramsey will stick around for his chance.

    Most programs sign at least one QB to each class. Hell, Tennessee has signed as many a 3 in a single class and most of the time two. They have fierce completion and the cream rises to the top and some of the others leave. Peterman who was Pitt’s QB left UT after a year. There is another former signee who started for another program last year.

    Competition at all positions, including QB, is extremely important to a successful program, and that is why we need to sign a QB in this class.

  6. If you say so, Ranger. But given that Lagow will most likely be the starter next year regardless of DeBord’s preferences, with three guys competing to be the back-up, that seems like plenty of QBs to me. Between a “2-star” QB and building greater depth on the O and D lines and getting a pass-catching TE, I’d focus on recruiting more big guys and then go hard for quality QBs next year. As for any team signing three QBs in one recruiting class, that’s just guaranteeing one or two of them are going to transfer.

  7. How is it that Florida’s “Mr. Football,” Nick Tronti is only rated as a 2-star QB recruit? Interesting that Rich Rod at Arizona is also recruiting him. Rich Rod goes through QBs like he goes through golf balls.

  8. I think Tronti could grow into a nice qb. Lack of size and arm strength are probably why he was a high 2 and not a 3. He has a weird throwing motion- the ball never gets much more than shoulder high- always looks like he’s a second baseman completing a double play. Hudl has his senior film now- improved his arm strength and threw a lot fewer rainbow passes. He does things that Lagow has trouble with- keeps his eyes down field when the pocket breaks down, sees the whole field, can throw on the run and throws his receiver’s open, also runs well. Seems like a nice fit for the new offense.

    1. He does look good. Throws a great fade which is a lot harder than a lot of folks realize. His videos show him looking through progressions before hitting a guy out of his break.

      Great wheels, too.

      He’s not Lagow tall but he’s not little either. If he can really clean anything close to the claimed 355lbs he has plenty of arm to develop.

      1. I like him alot. Plenty good enough size for a D/T QB. His power can only increase as they throw 20 more lbs. of muscle on him. The only Q’s are can he mentally process visual info at CFB speed and is he naturally competitive as his highlight video looks + on both. Which are Q’s asked of every HS QB looking for a college opportunity.

  9. personally, i am just glad to see this staff get some recruits. Why? to see if they can develop and recognize talent. IU needs depth at every positions to compete in the BIG 10. Maybe these recruits do not have the type of stars we are looking for in recruits, but hopefully they will develop into very good IU football players and students. GO IU (Hoosiers)!!!!

  10. IU79, you hit the nail on the head, the telling point is how well they judge talent for the future. It is easy for big programs to bring in 5 star players that excel but there are more outstanding player out there ranked as 2 & 3 star or lower. The key for programs like IU is to find the diamonds in the rough that other big programs ignore or overlook. The better our coaches find that talent the better our team will be. Coach Frey and McCullough are both examples of IU coaches finding talent to develop into top college players even if they aren’t rated so high in HS.

    MSU developed their program on 3 star players and now are able to bring in 4 and 5 star players now and then. They also show how close teams are in the B1G East of falling short some seasons despite excelling most seasons. To make the B1G East even tougher OSU, UM, and PSU are historically strong programs that bring in top rated players because of who they are. Those programs aren’t going to slip very far; it is a battle to break into their level on a consistent basis.

  11. 247 sports reporting Coach Frey is rumored to be going to Michigan. That would be a HUGE loss. I hope IU can counter the offer and keep him.

  12. So far this is just a rumor and he was at the last IU Bball game with coach Allen according to another site.

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