Green accepts invite to Shrine Game

For the fourth consecutive season, Indiana will have representation in the East-West Shrine Game.

Senior defensive tackle Ralph Green as accepted an invitation to play in the 92nd postseason showcase event, which will be played on Saturday, Jan. 21 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla. The game will be televised live on NFL Network at 3 p.m.

Green, who earned All-Big Ten honorable mention honors in 2016, will represent the West team. The 6-foot-5, 305-pound Texan made 92 tackles, four sacks and 21 tackles for loss across 47 career games. He led IU defensive linemen last season with 8.5 tackles for loss, while making 31 tackles, one sack and two pass breakups.

Green follows former teammates including quarterback Nate Sudfeld, offensive lineman Collin Rahrig and tight end Ted Bolser to play in the annual showcase game.

Green won’t be the only Hoosier playing in a postseason all-star game.

Right guard Dan Feeney will play in the 2017 Senior Bowl on Saturday, Jan. 28. Receiver Ricky Jones participated in this week’s College Gridiron Showcase, a five-day event geared toward gaining further exposure for college seniors.


  1. Three Hoosiers in post season games is showing IUFB is improving. Coach Allen has a tough road to follow with the All-Americans and post season players selected to play. I believe he is up to the task and IU will explode as coach DeBord said in his interview. IU will explode on the scene as long as they get more players like Green, Feeney, and Jones in the program. IU has had some outstanding players like Howard, Coleman, Spriggs, etc but Allen needs to get more of those types of players to come to IU.

  2. Just 16 days to signing day an the 2017 IU football recruiting class is stagnated….this was suppose to be a big weekend for recruiting on IU campus and IU gets no (0) commits…and from current media reports RJ Potts is going to Cincinnati now and we have most likely lost Beau Corrales (runs 40 – 4.71) (3*)(IU stop recruiting) to UNC and Kurt Rafdal (3*) to Nebraska, but IU staff is recruiting two very nice 2* wide receiver (Tyrese Fryfogle (40 – 4.90) and Louis Dorsey (no times) ) to replace Beau…rumors has it that IU stop recruiting Potts as he was no longer a primary target/recruit. Looks like IU recruiting is really falling behind.

  3. A few comments about this recruiting class:
    1. Did anyone really think that changing head coaches, the OC and etc., would not affect recruiting for this class? If so, that was naive. Allen is a virtual unknown throughout college football. It’s going to take time and a couple of winning seasons to fully recover the recruiting momentum, but this staff has the pedigree to improve IU’s recruiting.
    2. In spite of two consecutive trips to bowl games and being competitive in both, IU still has not produced a winning season in many years. That affects recruiting as much if not more than changing coaches. So I’m not sure the de-commits we’re seeing now would not have happened even if Wilson was still the coach.
    3. All those great IU players referenced above were not highly coveted players coming out of High School. Credit to Wilson for recognizing and their potential and creating a program that allowed them to develop into the quality players they became. I have every confidence that Allen will do the same.
    4. If we want to see recruiting improve, we should do everything possible to make sure Memorial Stadium is filled for every home game. 43,000 fans in the stadium at kick-off, with half of those leaving at half time, just isn’t going to inspire the best football talent to play for IU. We’ll get the team that we deserve.

  4. Po, Number 4 is spot on and it is the biggest short term hurdle. It’s always going to be hard to recruit a kid to play in front of empty seats. Empty seats won’t get filled until we have winning seasons. Winning seasons are sustained through solid recruiting.

    IU is going to have to win, and do it with overachievers, before we can end this cycle.

    As has been repeated ad nauseum IU does not have a rich history to return to. I can’t think of anywhere else that did not have some sort of football ‘golden age’ at some point. I think if Coach Allen can string together two really good seasons it could change the entire culture.

  5. The political correctness that ran Wilson out of town should be examined as much as the empty seats. IU has overreacted to very isolated and overblown investigations(Basketball 3-way call scandal and Wilson’s lack of decorum/political correctness with fans and roster).
    When you format your school to be holier-than-thou(when those in true power are anything but), you will definitely get what you deserve. This isn’t the fans fault. This is powerful people wanting to only protect their own circumstances via the selling of image rather than the building of winning attitudes and competent minds running the programs.
    With trust there is always risk. When there is no trust, those in secure positions are the only people who get to duck accountability.

  6. Po, a question for you. What do you think about drawings for, for example, future tickets, sweatshirts, etc., at the end of the third quarter? Bunches of them. Must be present to win. Or, you can’t enter your ticket until the 4th quarter. Something like that. It would be worth a small investment, I would think.

    I know it seems cheesy but it would entice at least the students to stick around until the 4th quarter began. I’m guessing it wouldn’t take much inducement to get students to stick around for another 20 or 30 minutes.

    Long before the Oakland A’s had any winning history that’s how Charlie Finley filled the stands.

    1. Chet,

      Interesting thoughts, but whatever the 3rd/4th Qtr gimmick is, it has to be able to beat “hanging out and eating BBQ, boozing and making bad decisions with the opposite (or same, depending on your preference) sex at the tailgate across the street.”

  7. Tampa Bay Bucs started out something like 0 – 25. They had guys wandering around Tampa trying to give out free tickets. Few takers. Radio station giving away tickets promised to forward tickets in a plain brown envelope.

  8. It appears Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is finally coming to an end…..Just sayin’.
    Maybe IU is just ahead of the times….? Probably another 10-15 years before protecting young men from permanent brain damage will be as important as protecting elephants from the cruelty of circus life. Oh, but Kevin was so insensitive. Shame….shame …..shame on his tongue as we place those wildly carnivalesque reflective chrome helmets over the tender brains shaken into Swiss cheese. So much reflections…So little introspection.
    Ticket Sales always #1. Did you hear that elephants? Ticket sales always #1.

  9. Ron, Florida’s relationship with football is pretty interesting. Phenomenal high school football. Pretty great college football.

    But for a state with three NFL teams a pretty dismal record. The Dolphins have had a few flashes. A couple good years from Tampa. Jacksonville is the worst franchise in NFL history.

    Lucky for everybody else that the NFL doesn’t recruit like colleges.

  10. PO, i am a little confused….at present IU has 17 committed recruits….Since the Kevin Wilson dismissal IU has added only three recruits (a punter and two LB). Yes, i accepted the fact that recruiting would probably take a hit. But i did not expect recruiting to drop next to last in the BIG 10….even the size of this recruiting class is starting to look weak…..How can a staff/team build two deep with no recruits??? Even Purdue has received 7 to 8 commits since the announcement of Jeff Brohm as the head coach. So at this point IU has an unknown head coach and supposedly a well travel and knowledgeable new offensive cord, a quarterback coach that some on this blog consider better than Jon Gruden and a new WR coach from the SEC…..An yet we have been unable to attract any new offensive recruits. but yet IU football can still offend two or three recruits (Beau Corrales, RJ Potts and Kurt Rafdal) that had IU on its radar of which two of theses recruits are from the State of Indiana.

  11. Re: recruiting. I think it’s a little early to start with the panic. Of course there was going to be some fallout. But Allen has just pulled out of the whirlpool & his two offensive guys haven’t even had the chance to dip their toes in the water.

    I do seem to remember about the same level of commit/de-commits during Wilson’s time here. Especially with the players who are moving higher up the food chain. There’s a lot of time left before signing period. So instead of thinking from a constant state of panic, and since we have absolutely no effect on the outcome, let’s just sit back and see how these guys do. Once the LOI are signed and in, we can throw all the tomatoes we want.

  12. Agree with DD…Turn the tomato-launching trebuchet toward Skjodt Hall..If for nothing else but to free the ‘c’ from prison; defeat the ‘kjd’ to reclaim the proper spelling for ALL of off Scotland basketball played in Hoosier plaid jackets now kilts! Bekjause idt’s Indiana!

  13. Since the coaches can’t comment on recruits at this stage in the process, we really have no idea why some players are questioning their original verbal commitment (an oxymoron) to IU. We have no idea if Allen and staff are replacing them with what they consider better talent, or if we’re just seeing the typical “a-better-program-is-now-recruiting-me, so-thanks-for-serving-as-my place-holder” scenario. But hear’s my hypothesis. We have three new Assistant coaches and one brand new head coach out recruiting for IU. One of them (Watson) has been off the recruiting circuit for at least a full year. Two of those men (DeBord and Heard) were, up-until-recently, recruiting for Tennessee and Ole Miss. And players who were seriously considering signing with UT and Ole Miss are not likely to consider IU a viable alternative, no matter how much they like those coaches. And our head coach is a virtual unknown with no real recruiting success stories (i.e., Sam Bradford, etc.) to reference. So, a significant portion of IU’s coaching staff is starting from scratch, “playing defense” to keep the players who previously committed to IU on the hook while trying to identify more “diamonds in the rough.” It is not an ideal scenario.

    If Allen does not succeed (produce a winning season) at IU, I think we’ll be able to look back and say with certainty that Glass’s decision to hire a man (Wilson) without a successful track record as a head coach was a terrible and costly mistake. But unfortunately, it will have taken IU eight or nine years (just enough to allow Glass to retire) to draw that conclusion. If Allen does not succeed, he had better be the last man IU hires without previous, successful college or NFL head-coaching experience. To win (i.e., recruit) in conferences like the Big Ten, or transform a program like IU, you either need a miracle (John Pont’s 1967 team) or to hire a man with a successful track-record as a head coach Mallory or Hep) who can rapidly invigorate recruiting and “punch above his weight class.” No matter how good Allen is, it may not be enough to allow him to overcome IU’s dismal history in football. Remember that then next time IU loses to programs like Ball Sate (2012), Bowling Green (2014), or Wake Forest (2016).

  14. PO, maybe i am in the minority at the present time…, personally was very happy with the recent success (competitive nature) of the IU football program. i know all the facts, Kevin Wilson had six years at IU and never had or produced a winning season. Maybe Kevin Wilson had reached his ceiling or maybe this football program had reached its ceiling. But my concerns is that i really do not want to see this program take any steps backward. I am so in hopes that Coach Allen and his staff can take this program to the next level. but, i feel that is not possible when you have a middle of the pack football program and you lose out on one or two recruiting classes. at present we are seeing the devastation of not recruiting a QB every year (granted IU had some unexpected departs).

  15. There are holes in classes in almost every program. Either not sufficient talent rated high enough to help a program progress or support targeted ample depth. It can be gauged in 2 ways, by position or O, D and ST’s. Pretty complex surgery every year.

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