Hoosier Morning for Jan. 10

IU is looking for greater mastery of the little details on the road at Maryland tonight, Mike writes.

Linebacker Tegray Scales is returning to anchor the IU defense in his senior season, Mike writes.

IU women’s basketball is ready for yet another talented guard when the Hoosiers visit Michigan tonight, Jon writes.

A look at some of Indiana efficient offense against Illinois in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

What to expect from a new-look Maryland team in tonight’s game, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Perception and reality don’t always match up with Thomas Bryant and the Hoosiers, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne Nes-Sentinel writes.

An Indiana-Maryland rivalry remains a work in progress despite showing early potential, Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun writes.

A capsule look at Indiana and Maryland game info, by Jordan Katz of The Diamondback.

Containing Maryland guard Melo Trimble won’t be a one-man job, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Mike DeBord knew he was leaving Tennessee to get closer to family, he just didn’t know he would be headed to his home state of Indiana, Patrick Brown of the Chattanooga Free Press writes.

A Q-and-A with IU offensive lineman commit Harry Crider of Columbus East, by Jordan Guskey of the Indiana Daily Student.

With an eye on the details for Indiana at Maryland, here’s Jason Mraz with “Details in the Fabric.”


  1. I don’t know what more we could have asked for in a NC FB game last night. It was a great watch. Many are surprised Clemson could overcome the Tide. I am not. Must say all season long Bama was hard to not promote as the best. But after having watched and re-watched Clemson dismantle OSU(albeit a young squad)I felt they were even $ in the match-up repeat because of all the intangibles they could insert on the offensive end and felt Bama could not offensively run away from the Tigers. I wonder if Kiffin could have made a difference as he was more familiar with the players and the O? Never know.

  2. HC, Not many in the state of Alabama were surprised either. Most folks here understand how good Clemson and Watson is. Plus that good ole Bama boy Dabo Swinney is one hell of a coach. Many suspect that when Saban retires Dabo will find his way back home.

  3. Clemson is a senior (or, at least, ‘last year in college’) heavy team. This was their year. They will have a lot of holes to fill next year but they seem to have the program running on all cylinders.

  4. Aside from the money, replacing Saban at Alabama will be the toughest, least desirable coaching job in college football. The pressure of those outrageous expectations will be crippling. Kind of like replacing Coach K at Duke when he retires. If I was Dabo, I would avoid going “home” to Alabama and stick with the program he has built and create my own “dynasty.”

  5. When Alabama fired Mike Shula the public clamor outside of the state was that the job was “undesirable” and no accomplished coach would want it. That turned out to be an asinine assumption then and the rest is history. Who knows what the future holds? only time will tell.

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