Hoosiers fall to Terps, 75-72

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — When his potential game-tying 3-pointer missed the mark and the buzzer sounded, Rob Johnson collapsed to the floor and covered his eyes.

He pounded the court with one first, then rolled his body side-to-side in the immediacy of Indiana’s latest loss, a 75-72 defeat to Maryland on Tuesday at the XFINITY Center.

On a night when Indiana was once again burdened by the uneven play that has become prevalent during a stretch of five losses in their last eight games, an uplifting result remained just out of the Hoosiers’ reach.

So does further traction in the conference race, with Indiana (11-6, 1-3) still struggling to find its footing more than two weeks into the Big Ten season. A win against a young, but talented Terps (15-2, 3-1) was there to be had, but the result IU had traveled East searching for was not to be.

By late Tuesday night, the Hoosiers boarded their charter plane carrying another missed opportunity in tow.

“It came down to one or two plays more by them that really won it,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “We wouldn’t do anything to change it at the end of the game. We got a great look at the end.”

In a game that saw 15 lead changes and nine ties, OG Anunoby’s violent dunk with 10 seconds remaining got IU within one point of a late tie. Maryland guard Melo Trimble made both of his free throws in the ensuing one-and-one but Johnson’s last second 3-point attempt couldn’t find the mark.

After he picked himself off the floor, he and Indiana coach Tom Crean shared an extended embrace as the two teams began the postgame handshake line. It seemed a mixture of heartbreak and frustration, another chance for the Hoosiers to generate the mid-season momentum that has eluded them.

“We’ve just got to watch the film,” said James Blackmon Jr., who became the 50th player in program history to score 1,000 career points while posting a team-high 22. “There’s a couple plays that could’ve went either way. We need to find a way to make them come our way and just bounce back next game and make those corrections.”

Led by Blackmon, Indiana’s guards accounted for 55 points, while Thomas Bryant, Juwan Morgan and Anunoby accounted for merely 17.

“We went to them,” Crean said.

But finishing was tough, at times, against a Maryland team that made those timely plays, hit big shots and made nine blocks — including six by center Damonte Dodd. Trimble paced Maryland with 18 points, going 8-for-10 at the line. All told, Maryland made 18 of its 22 free throw attempts, while IU hit eight of its nine at the line.

Consider it another uneven performance all around for Indiana, which struggled to break down Maryland off the dribble early in the night, and at one point midway through the first half, had more turnovers (seven) than made field goals (six).

“We didn’t have a great game, by any stretch,” Crean said. “But we had a great battle.”

That Indiana trailed 39-38 at halftime was a small victory given its eight turnovers, eight Maryland blocks and the defensive lapses that continued to arise. Trimble gave the Terps the halftime advantage, splitting a screen and driving through a wide-open lane to the rim for a buzzer-beating layup.

Indiana, however, would answer.

A five-point swing, which saw a pull-up jumper by Morgan and a 3-pointer by Johnson, put the Hoosiers ahead 45-43 three minutes into the second period. IU led for the next 10 minutes until Trimble finished against contact, tying the game at 63-63 with 7:15 to play.

Two minutes later, an open 3 by Kevin Huerter gave the Terps a 66-63 lead. It came during the midst of a four-minute scoreless stretch by IU’s offense, a rough patch exacerbated by a missed Blackmon layup at point-blank range.

Blackmon atoned with four minutes remaining in regulation, pulling up for a 3 that put the Hoosiers back in front 68-66.

A 3-pointer by Huerter with 1:48 left put Maryland ahead 71-70, while the Hoosiers managed merely one field goal — Anunoby’s dunk — after Blackmon’s final three of the night. After his 3-pointer, Huerter grabbed a key defensive rebound and tossed a nearly-halfcourt outlet to Anthony Cowan, who laid it in and brought the announced crowd of 17,213 to their feet.

“Those are big plays,” Crean said.

And on Tuesday, Indiana simply didn’t have enough.


  1. No point guard on this team! That fact alone is the major reason IU is in deep trouble. There is no one that can consistently break defenses down off the dribble. Weave, weave and launch up 3’s. Blackmon is a shooter, Johnson a good all-around player but not very quick, Newkirk is a turnover machine, Jones is a good shooter but a terrible ball handler and Green is a work in progress. In other words, Crean has turned what should have been a great season into a free falling disaster. How could he have put this season in the hands of Newkirk? Amazing, this team beat KU and NC. It will take Bryant and OG to lead the charge if there is to be a late season run and based on their lack of progress I don’t know if it can happen. Your thoughts?

  2. On the upside it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll have a mass exodus for the NBA at the end of the season. I didn’t see an NBA potential out there.

  3. Hoosier Hopeful, my thoughts were that there was nothing on this Maryland team that could hurt us and that we were going to win and keep winning to get back into the top 25.

    I was wrong.

    My favorite play was seeing James Blackmon standing straight up and getting picked so that Huerter could pop out and have an open look for a killer 3 late in the game.

    My favorite commentary was that idiot Dakich noting after James hit a 3 and then had a player drive right around him for a lay-up that James thought “I’m up one from that sequence”.

    I have no idea why James took himself out of the game when he was stroking it! Seems when a player gets on a roll it’s time for him to get a breather! And still, later, he’s too tired to be playing defense.

    I still have hopes that our team puts together a streak, and I refuse to believe that we’ll lose another game at Simon Skodjt Assembly Hall. When James got his shot blocked late in this game I was thinking “at home that would have been called a foul.”

    We’re still looking good for an NCAA or NIT bid this season.

  4. Chet, you are absolutely correct and I thought that too. However, given the trajectory of our players, do you feel confident that as time goes by and they get older, we’ll be better?

  5. If we end up in the NIT with this much talent CTC should resign.

    Will these guys get better as they get older? Sure, I would think so. I can’t tell if JBJ is better though. He looks like the same guy who showed up on campus. Great scorer, can’t defend, never opens his mouth on the court.

    For every upside there seems to be a downside. Losing Colin has killed us. But why? I know, he’s a leader but we aren’t putting five freshmen on the floor. We have skilled players with several Big Ten campaigns under their belts. WTF would JBJ or RJ need someone to lead them?

    It’s not looking good.

  6. We’re still looking good for an NCAA or NIT bid this season.

    Looking good for an NIT bid….?

    You should change your screen name to “The Pebble” …to align with your predictions, the quality of Crean’s coaching, and your embarrassing expectations.
    The only “Rock” is the one tied to our basketball program’s ankles as we further sink to depths of a dark sea with Captain Overboard of the SS Turnover.

  7. I said NCAA OR NIT. You intentionally mis-quoted me.

    And I said – We’ll win all our remaining Home Games.

    Those are my 2 predictions.

  8. Maryland did not play all that great and still beat IU. Everyone on the team Jacks up a 3 whenever he takes a notion too. Oh they will refrain for a while until they can’t stand it any longer. They often do it early in the shot clock or instead of running a play (hard purposely cutting and screening) someone will launch a shot up out of frustration). This includes a lost frustrated center who decides to give a possession away by launching his own 3. Luckily JB was hitting several 3’s and a few others dropped for IU or the score may have been a 10 point loss. Then, OG looked like a big Troy Williams bringing the gym roof down with his dunk. I felt like that was from inside emotions of frustration that he let it out. Like Troy’s spectacular plays unfortunately they still only count for 2 points per the rules. I think such plays should count for 3 points. Here is the question; Why isn’t the IU center and OG battling every play every game inside on both, offense and defense. So be it if they foul out with battle scars that they get and give. It is a lack of mental, physical toughness and a lack of self and team discipline; a system taught by T.C. and staff. A trademark of this system in T.C. era even when it wins big ten and has number one ranking becomes more noticeable as season wears on against the better teams. The teams that go beyond sweet 16 are physically and mentally tough and are self and team disciplined

  9. McRoberts could have put a dent in Trimbles scoring, but we didnt see him all night, why? Are the hot doggers required to play so many minutes regardless if they are playing any good? A lot of street ball, everyone wants to be a hero. This is not Indiana basketball. I’m getting disgusted with the lack of team play with so much talent what a waste. When McRoberts is in, you see it, but the other players seem to ignore him, what a shame. And you would think by now the coach would have figured this out. Perhaps he should coach a professional team that tells the coach what to do.

  10. Discipline comes from the top. If this staff and team would commit to consistently playing D with strong energy and passion it would flow some discipline to the offense and they could do some good things. If they don’t it is over.

  11. The McRoberts comment by the Taco man – I agree. He adds energy.

    The Newkirk complaints – No. Guy is shooting .417. In Conference play he has 13 rebounds, same as Johnson and Blackmon. 10 assists which leads the team. 9 turn-overs, same as Johnson (OG has 11). 5 steals which leads the team. He may not be a leading point guard, but he’s not the cause of the great 16/17 collapse.

    RPI has IU at #96. Ten B1G teams rated higher. Rutgers at #124.
    Guess the good news would be the opportunity to improve by beating the higher ranked B1G teams. Guess the bad news would be the need to beat the remaining B1G games. Another loss or two and the NCAA tourney will not be an option. Hard to figure out what has happened since the Kansas and NC games.

    And, it does seem appropriate to place the pressure on CTC. Just too much talent on IU to have the record of what, 11 & 6.

  12. A little perspective. Let’s compare him to is teammates over the course of this season. Four games is not a representative sampling.

    On the season Newkirk is 4th on the team in minutes played.

    Newkirk’s shooting percentage is the 11th best on the team ahead of only Zach McRoberts and Curtis Jones.

    He is seventh on the team in rebounding, far behind Blackmon and Johnson.

    He leads the team in turnovers.

    He is in a three way tie for 5th (with Green and Morgan) in steals.

    He leads the team in assists. Yay.

    He does not have ‘good’ stats by any measure.

    Regarding McRoberts and his ‘energy’. While that’s hard to quantify other stats are not.

    McRoberts makes you play offense with four players. He has played 154 minutes this season. During that time he has scored ten points. Tom Priller has played a total of 20 minutes and scored 30% more points (13). Grant Gelon has played 34 minutes and scored 40% more (14).

    McRoberts has only outrebounded Priller, Gelon, and Quinten Taylor. Those three players have played a total of 64 minutes. Combined.

    The only statistic McRoberts has excelled in is passing up open shots. He probably has the record by now. He is is terrified to shoot. That’s probably reasonable as he is shooting 25% on the season. Half of his total shots on the season were three pointers.

    Nine players have recorded blocks this year. McRoberts is not one of them. Tom Priller has two.

    I think IU would suffer very little impact if neither of these guys found their way onto the floor.

  13. You can’t compare McRoberts’ stats to those of guys who come in at the end-of-game garbage time(e.g. Priller). That’s just beyond foolish.

    I agree with Ron’s comments on Newkirk. Most of the struggles on this team need to be on the coach. He assembled it. Post the “Zeller & Co. Movement,” Crean has failed to bring in top talent from the state of Indiana(that would include point guards). Without the desperation moves to acquire transfers(graduate and otherwise)over the last two seasons(Zeisloft, Bielfeldt, Newkirk), the hurt by the local recruiting void would be far more obvious.
    Indiana has always been a place to find high IQ leaders and floor generals. Hartman is missed but he is a drop in the bucket compared to how much has been lost because Crean is forever searching for his next Wade to be on a SportsCenter highlight clip rather than heady players and leaders. Bryant is forever a whiner(a mirror of his coach’s personality). OG is often aloof(especially defensively)…Morgan is too cool for school and weak as a scorer.
    Davis, Newkirk, Blackmon, and RJ(also somewhat playing as if in a daze) are the backbone to carry this team. McRoberts(not used in mop-up or garbage time scenarios) is more dialed in than most on the roster. Hartman would have offered some extra stability, defensive awareness, and perimeter punch).

  14. It is a T.C. and staff philosophical problem of recruiting and coaching that falls short of what IU BB program standards should be.

  15. “You can’t compare McRoberts’ stats to those of guys who come in at the end-of-game garbage time…”

    Those are the only players whose stats are poor enough to compare him to. He’s embarrassing behind everyone else’s stats. Those “garbage time” players outscore AND out rebound him in a fraction of the minutes.

  16. Chet-
    The other team’s garbage time players are also in…Priller isn’t playing against the same level of competition. Nobody cares at that point. Priller isn’t called upon during meaningful minutes.
    It’s stupid to compare a garbage time substitution to a kid that comes in during the heat of battle with the opponent’s best on the floor.

  17. Those are the only players whose stats are poor enough to compare him to.

    Hold your horses Kellyanne. Here are the stats from KenPom. Benchwarmers have poor stats? Ahem … Grant Gelon is perfect from inside the arc (4-4) dude. Tim Priller also shoots twos better than Bryant, Johnson, Blackmon (71% percentage). So, dude, those guys don’t have “poor stats” and their stats should not be compared with anyone else’s except other benchwarmers, that’s what HfH says.

    Also: stop whining about Hartman. Did we have him when we beat Kansas? No. Did we have him when we beat North Carolina? No. We’re not missing any Hartman. What we are truly missing a head coach — that’s what we’re missing.

    Thank God Rutgers is coming to town (though starting time 12noon does not bode well).

  18. If you want to compare with players in the same group Zach McRoberts has an Assist Rate (ARate) better than OG Anunoby or Juwan Morgan. He also takes care of the ball (as seen by his Turnover Percentage (TORate)) better than any of the role players listed except Juwan Morgan. (Priller’s assist rate meanwhile is again, :shock:, through the roof so we should not compare, as HfH has logically tried to point it out to you.) McRoberts doesn’t shoot much (as I think you pointed out) but his steal percentage is very good (which you conveniently failed to mention). Things usually are not as simple minded, or single faceted as you would like them to be…

  19. 1. You must not have watched the games. Those teams getting pounded had not gone to the end of their bench. Quite the contrary.

    2. You’re really reaching to come to those conclusions. You’ve obviously never had to do data analysis. You’d be laughed out of the room.

    3. Why the fake screen names for the umpteenth time? You insist you don’t do that.

  20. I again made the mistake of responding to the Harvs with facts and reason with the ridiculous anticipation it would stay there. It never does. I’ll stop.

  21. Chet is correct in his assessment of Newkirk and McRoberts. Newkirk is not a reliable point guard and is a clear reason (one of many) why IU is doing so poorly. McRoberts has very limited skills and quite frankly, shouldn’t even be on this team, or any major D1 program. McSwain was a stretch and he is a minor contributor. So many marginal recruits! All of this would be avoidable if Crean could recruit the top high school players in the state of Indiana. I am surprised that there has not been more of an uproar over has failure to do so. IU, which for so many years was mentioned as an elite program along with Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and North Carolina has fallen so far in the recruiting wars. In fact, you could argue that even in Indiana, Norte Dame, Butler, and Purdue are getting equal talent. What went so wrong and how do you correct it?

  22. Chet-

    Most of the games haven’t been watchable. But on the few occasions I’ve seen Priller in a game, it’s been garbage time. I simply don’t care if some starters for an opponent(or even a select few of our own team) are still out on the floor. Where there is nothing on the line, the intensity and focus drops off a cliff.

    Also, I am by no means suggesting McRoberts is the sort of recruit I envision for the candy stripes. He is primarily used for defensive purposes(Remember Dan Dakich…? He also average around 2 points per game in his career…And he shut down MJ by playing an obscenely aggressive version of defense on him during some crucial stretches in a tournament game).

    Lastly, I don’t really see the point in blasting any player. They all do their best within their skill sets. They were recruited to be Hoosiers. It’s really not their fault if they are/were (a)misidentified as BIG material…or (b) forced to play under a clueless X’s and O’s coach who has (c)never proven an ability to create a cohesive and gritty unit dedicated to more than just an individualistic/offensive mindset.

    Data analysis has nothing to do with it. You don’t compare garbage time minutes to heat-of-battle minutes(especially when it is nearly a complete mutually exclusive comparison of type of minutes played).

    Lastly, I have asked Jeremy numerous times to stop you from making false accusations. You really have an issue(it’s as if you’re some sort of schoolyard bully) who refuses to believe more than one person could ever be in disagreement with your theories.

    Hoosier Hopeful- I’ve endlessly talked of Crean’s failure in showing any consistency to recruit the best players from the state of Indiana. All momentum came from Zeller and that’s pretty much where it ended. Without Zeller, Crean would have been long gone.

  23. ND is rolling again…..4-0 in the ACC. They’ll likely have another Elite 8 year.

    Butler, ND, Purdue….are all playing very good basketball.

    Meanwhile, Bloomington has a very pretty campus.
    And you can’t beat the fried pork tenderloin sandwich at Trojan Horse. Yum.

  24. A coaching change which will never happen as long as attendance stays at sell out pace. I have stated many times CTC is a joke in his own state when it comes to recruiting and coaching . It is common knowledge he is not respected by most Indiana high school coaches . 0 for 2017 in Indiana
    Wilkes, Scruggs ,Jackson just to name a few. Also Indiana kids know and understand the game and have figured out CTC is still not a X and O’s kind of coach and is never in the flow of the game
    and struggles to change a game plan to adapt to what is happening on the floor. He is a good person just not a good coach and unable to fool the Indiana fans they know the game and will not accept someone who does not teach fundamentals of the game as well as defense . He continues to try and clone every recruit to be D. Wade . Not Working ! We have a lot of talent on
    on this team but they do not play defense as a team or take care of the ball which results in losses. No intensity and playing soft will not win ball games.

  25. In reality McRoberts and Hartman and Priller + a,few others would make very good players for Indiana State or Ball State and that level of competition

  26. My last response to the Harvs,

    Jeremy told me himself that he has no idea if you are posting under more than one name but it is merely his OPINION that you are not.

    You haven’t been exonerated of anything.

    You claiming someone is bullying you. That’s rich.

  27. Harv,
    Regarding recruiting, which college coach do you think could come in and recruit many of the top high school players from Indiana. The state is so rich in talent, that IU should be a top 10 program each year just by being successful in its own state. Could Brad Stevens do it? I agree with many, that Crean is not a good coach. His teams have high turnover ratios and play poor defense. He does not make good in-game adjustments and often, his line-up mix at critical times is baffling. Nevertheless, until the administration decides differently, CTC is the coach and that gives us plenty to comment about. Beat Rutgers!

  28. Hoosier Hopeful,
    The starting bid for Brad Stevens would be an additional million dollars a year just to get into the neighborhood of what he’s making now. That doesn’t include endorsements, which one would assume could be quite a bit in Boston.

    The only shot at Stevens would be if his fortunes suddenly collapsed (he’s popular right now) and no other NBA team wanted him (unlikely in the NBA coaching carousel world).

    You don’t see many coaches leave a successful NBA career (unless you’re Larry Brown and you want to coach every team in America at least once) for college. Pitino wasn’t a successful NBA coach. Calipari was just bad in his NJN gig.

    I’d look elsewhere for a dream coach. It’s hard to see Stevens leave the NBA.

  29. You can believe whatever you choose, Chet.

    I’m not a sophisticated techie. I work off of a Compaq laptop.
    I wouldn’t know where to begin to get past login procedures…My writing style is very rough around the edges(lots of grammatical errors).
    Jeremy is a pretty smart dude. He knows I don’t post under multiple screen names(other than the “Lord of ____” handle that I use for those silly pictures).

    But as I said, think whatever you choose. You’re sort of hurling a huge insult at “The Swedish Chef” when attaching his uniqueness and creativity to my limitations. I’ve never met Swedish Chef personally(nor any of the Henson Muppets), but I’m very familiar with his work. He is off-the-charts creative and has a sense of humor dwarfing anything I’ve ever seen around these parts. I’m out of his league, but I’ll take the association if you truly wish. Oh, and I have no live-in lover, tag-team friend, etc..etc… who is a Swede. As far as I know, none of my multiple personalities is of Scandinavian descent. If this was a mass conspiracy, Julian Assange would have contacted Price by now. You need to stop losing sleep over this.

    Hoosier Hopeful- I just want a decent and authentic person to coach the Hoosiers. Some creative intelligence would also be a good thing. Always liked Bill Carmody…Loved Majerus but he’s passed on. Bill Coen would be sort of interesting …though most would find him too old and not theatrical enough. He would be my pick from the Northeast. Boston can keep Brad. We could always go after Calipari just to really piss off Crean. Who was the coach at Florida Gulf Coast a few years back….Is he now at USC? I like that guy a lot as well(can’t remember his name at the moment…I do recall that he’s had some sort of feud with Alford). Shaka Smart would be great too. I think he’d be a relentless recruiter inside the borders. We’ve had luck with guys named Smart before. …and “smart” is on the opposite spectrum of our current state of affairs.
    But the main qualities are authenticity and creativity. Kindness and openness are nice traits as well. Someone who knows how to be steady in a stormy sea.

    Take care, all.

    p.s. Swedish Chef- I’ll be over for dinner at 9:30.

    1. For the record, I’m just letting you two argue this out, because we will be going to a Facebook sign-in for comments soon, which should eliminate all of this imposter/not imposter nonsense.

      1. I applaud your efforts on trying to eliminate “waste” from the blog, but you might lose half of your contributors when commenting. Dustin brought this up way back, and it had little traction. Who’s to say someone wouldn’t create an email address to create a troll Facebook page? I’m fine either way, but just curious if this method has been tested elsewhere?

        1. I’ve posted to the Scoop for quite a few years and during that time there has only been a single poster who has repeatedly been the focus of this kind of issue.

        2. Ben,
          This method is now being used on the H-T pay site, to much success. It may not cure everything, but it will help. And while we may lose come commenters, we just might gain some too. It’s happening, regardless. I’m not sure of the time frame yet, but it should be fairly soon.

          There’s been more than one, trust me. Some are just easier to clean up than others.

  30. Jeremy,
    I don’t have anything further I need to say. I made the mistake of responding. Most people here have learned not to. I’ll join them.

  31. Herferd yuoo elveys velcume-a fur deenner. I prumeese-a irfe-a freeed purk tenderlueen sundveech joost leeke-a et zee Trujun Hurse-a iff ve-a beet Rootgers. Yoom (elthuoogh in Svedeesh ve-a ectooelly say Bork! Bork! Bork!)

  32. I would be 1 who would consider not posting under the new procedure. If Chet(+ 2-3 others)now start to ignore the main culprit that tells me the problem has healed itself and there will be far less arguments in the future.The are only a few posters on here now but if addition by subtraction is looked upon as success ‘knock yourself out’.

  33. I’m out for sure if FB is the only way to comment. I’ve massively reduced my social media imprint and would get rid of it entirely if not for my job. I’ve had people stalk me through that. My girlfriend’s ex sent links of my family to her in a very threatening way. Police were involved.

    I’ve seen the level of discourse some chose to engage in around here. Sorry. FB gets implemented, I’ll just lurk for good.

  34. Yeah, Facebook…..Had an account for probably 5 years. Maybe. Not signed on in two years. Way TMI. I would probably create a false account, This place is about as sociable as I want to get. Otherwise, just give me my bike, tent, any forest and little bit warmer air.

  35. If Chet(+ 2-3 others)now start to ignore the main culprit that tells me the problem has healed itself and there will be far less arguments in the future.

    Chet started the “argument” by making a false accusation regarding multiple screen names/identities. I am not the Swedish Fish guy. I have no control of another contributor.
    For the 1000th time, I don’t do multiple screen names. What would be the motive? Under my given screen name(Harvard for Hillbillies), I have no desire to have a politically correct filter. Why would I need an alternative?
    The only argument(point of disagreement…not really an argument) between Chet and I concerned the throwing of certain players under a bus while comparing such players to those who only primarily play during garbage time(end of decided games). I don’t think that’s a valid way to compare players. That was a basketball discussion. It only turned to something else when “Swedish Fish” had something to say about the topic and Chet decided to attach such comments to me.

    How on earth can any of that be on me?

    To be called a liar(even on a site where true identities are never known) is the first invitation to a breakdown in civility. I never called Chet a liar.

    1. For the record, I have no reason to believe H4H is doing anything but telling the truth. If I’m correct, The Swedish Chef has had many previous names on this blog, but Harvard or Lord of … isn’t included.

      1. Chet is the one who always starts the food fight. Let me repeat so you all understand it: Chet is zee oone-a vhu elveys sterts zee fuud feeght. (He-a und Pudoonker veet hees Tum Creun derungement syndrume-a.) You guys are so insecure you can’t believe other people can be in agreement on some point of view if that perspective disagrees wildly what your theory. Now it’s about McRoberts: Ron and HfF posted a positive comment about him. Chet couldn’t stand that. It’s ridiculous to compare McRoberts’ stats with players used significantly more or significantly fewer possessions. I pointed that out and backed it up with a screenshot from KenPom. That’s when Chet (as he usually does) went for yet another pivot à la Kellyanne Conway.

        If I’m Swedish Fish who are you guys? Probably a different type of candy: B1G Sour Patch Kids.

        Jeremy I only post here to defend HfF and sometimes to poke fun at you for being such a control freak (however I actually am very sympathetic towards your efforts and very appreciative of the work you and Miller do for the H-T). I also poke fun at Tum Creun.

  36. Butler. Again wins a tough one. Made 8? 10? free throws to end the game…..They do need to upgrade the plane they use. Couple of away games they had plane difficulties returning home.

  37. It hurts me to see Duke unravel…..

    Ron- Just wanted to tell you that I’ve always enjoyed your posts. You seem to be very easygoing. Your integrity comes through in such displays of confidence and honesty.

    1. Same here but for two different reasons: I think Ron has a very refreshing sense of humor. He once posted a fictitious interview with Crean taken by Dustin in which Crean could not get Dustin’s name right. Truly funny though the reaction here was as always kinda glacial. Sour patch kids, whaddaya expect? Furthermore I like that Ron follows Alford’s UCLA and posts here. Do you get the PAC12 on your TV, Ron? Did you see the 4 point play Bryce Alford made at the end of the Utah game? (He did miss the free throw but the three pointer was absolutely amazing… )

      If Bryce maintains his average of 16.8 points per game and the Bruins play 16 more games — which assumes a minimum of one game in the Pac-12 Conference tournament and one in the NCAA tournament — he would finish his career with 1,918 points. That would put him fifth on UCLA’s scoring list, trailing only Miller and Jason Kapono, who each scored 2,095 points, Abdul-Jabbar (2,325) and MacLean (2,608).

      Alford could also challenge Kapono’s school record of 317 three-pointers. Alford has made 266 shots from beyond the arc and is averaging 3.1 per game, putting him on track to finish his career with 315 if the Bruins play 16 more games.

      “That’s something I would definitely like to get,” said Alford, who has spoken to Kapono about his shooting prowess.

      This was in LA Times on Jan 10. Since then he scored 12 more threes (9 in Colorado and 3 in Utah) so he’s now at 278 (only 37 behind Kapono. With 3.1 per game and at least 14 more games he’d get to 321 so this is all very exciting and within reach). Very proud of the Hoosier heritage in Bryce Alford.

  38. Duke cannot win without Coach K it appears. Two and three in the conference.

    I think they have the talent.

  39. IU bb & In-State kids…Per the Indy Star today; (Rivals rankings)
    #10 Porter to Michigan State
    #17 Wilkes to UCLA
    #22 Williams to Louisville
    #33 Scruggs to Xavier
    #52 Harvey to Notre Dame
    #73 Eastern to Purdue

    Butler has 2 recruits on the Rivals 150 list….#93 from Vermont & #111 from Ohio……IU has #107 from Illinois & #126 from Pa…..

  40. Ron, thanks for the recruiting posting. That is astounding that not one of those top players wanted to come to Bloomington. Something is very, very wrong.

  41. Ron your post really emphasizes a weakness. In seasons past IU would have received commits of 2 of the 6 highly rated recruits you listed. Something I posted earlier in the week on the Scoop stated the IU roster glares at me with the lack of Hoosier HS pedigrees. Who the hell is responsible for recruiting the state of Indiana? Is the IU coaching staff held in such low esteem in the state or do they just not focus in-state like our rivals do? I posted within the last couple of weeks that Crean”s recruiting budget should be decreased to get his attention to at least adjust his direction 30 degrees. The Skjodts, Cooks along with their endowment brethren and cocktail friends have to be seething.

  42. Ron and HC,
    I grew up down on the river and the television stations were out of Louisville. Like the Cubs and Braves in baseball, being on one of the limited number of television stations resulted in there being many UK fans on the correct side of the river. Nonetheless, it was still nearly scandalous for a Hoosier to go play for the Cats. When Mike Flynn took his Mr. Basketball title down to Lexington instead of reflexively heading for Bloomington there was collective civic shock. Now, it is cause for celebration when a home grown kid chooses the Hoosiers over the Mildcats.

    It was about IU and Indiana, not personalities. RMK had just been hired. Hoosier kids wanted to play for IU.

    To be fair, CTC did not invent this problem. Coach Knight was losing out on many recruits as his career wound down and Mike Davis didn’t recruit the Hoosier state as vigorously as he should have. Sampson took a different approach, as well.

    But Indiana should be able to fill at least half it’s roster with Hoosiers every year.

  43. HC…Your earlier comment was what I remembered when I saw the Indy Star article. HH has also been rather outspoken about this issue – for years. Besides the Skjodts (tongue-tied just looking at that name) and the Cooks, & maybe what’s-his-name in Texas with the 3-D system installed. IU has so much going for them yet mediocre results. How soon we forget two B1G championships. I don’t really follow recruiting but with no big names on the horizon maybe this would be a good time to make a coaching change?

  44. If we want to truly be Crean apologists, we can remind that Perea, Hollowell, Patterson, and Devin Davis were all Indiana kids. Indiana kids like to have a bit of college fun/sin in their lives. Yogi could have easily been discharged from the team, but he was too important to the roster. Those that end up with their heads nearly splattered onto the pavement of 17th Street have no use to us after such partying shenanigans. But these guys, all brought to you by Cody Zeller/Movement, weren’t the cream of the crop in Indiana.
    I could list the many top names lost over the past six years, but that would be redundant. A lot went to Bulter…Some to Michigan…Some to MSU(Harris)…One very good PG to SMU…and many, many others whose names you’re not even aware that will pop up when you’re watching an NCAA tournament game.

    I believe the center at Purdue,…..Swanigan?(getting a lot of press attention of late), was an Indiana Mr. Basketball.
    Knight had some pretty decent Indiana kids who provided some key components on the team Mike Davis took to a Championship game…Coverdale, Jeffries(Bloomington North), Odle..etc. etc. Let’s not act like Knight was striking out. Odle had a monstrous opening to a second half against #1 Duke at a Regional in Lexington. That was the last season an IU team has reached anything beyond a Sweet 16. Fife, though a Michigan kid, had a ton of desire to play for Knight…..

    Thanks for the bit of props, Ron.

  45. Fife would love a shot at coaching the Indiana Hoosiers…..Michigan has a ton of basketball talent as well. Fife(also ties to IPFW) could pull from Michigan and Indiana. I’m not saying he’d be my first choice, but he’s young and he could provide certain positives in reversing the flow of recruits going from Indiana to Michigan. Maybe even convince some of those very talented ballers from places like the suburbs of Detroit to consider candy stripes.

  46. After Knights firing, Matta(moving from Butler, Xavier and, eventually, to OSU) reaped a ton of benefits from Hoosier turmoil. Mike Conley(Memphis Grizzlies) and Greg Oden might ring some bells. Matta went to his last Final Four on the coattails of Hoosiers….He would later secure the DeshaunThomas(Fort Wayne) kid who was also pretty good.

  47. Remy Abell(hometown of Louisville and just outside the Indiana border) was pretty important to an Xavier team last season(losing on a heartbreaking miracle shot against Wisconsin). Xavier could have easily been a Final Four team.

    Remy was pushed off the Hoosiers to make room for somebody. We lost his humble leadership skills in doing so.

    The Xavier coach would also be a good candidate for the Hoosier job. I like their style of play and their defensive emphasis. I think we lost on another Indiana guards who was on that Xavier team….(Trevon Bluiett 6-6).

  48. Swedish Chef- Thanks for having my back. And sorry about accidentally referring to you as Swedish “Fish.” I do like candy….but I’m not really a fan of Swedish Fish. I do love licorice ..My favorite old-time candy is Good & Plenty. I also crave Milk Duds on occasion. Milk Duds are great with a bowl of popcorn.

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