IU drops out of Associated Press poll

For the first time this season, Indiana has dropped out of the Associated Press poll.

It’s no surprise after Tuesday’s loss to Wisconsin extended IU’s recent losing streak to three games. The Hoosiers, who were fourth among teams also receiving votes, snapped that skid with a win over Illinois on Saturday evening.

Indiana, which was ranked as high as No. 3 on Nov. 21, has two games this week beginning with Tuesday’s game at Maryland. It will be the first on-campus road game of the season for the Hoosiers, who return home to host Rutgers on Sunday afternoon.

The Big Ten has three teams ranked this week, including No. 17 Purdue and No. 18 Wisconsin. Minnesota also appears in the poll for the first time in four years, slotting at No. 24.

Baylor is No. 1 for the first time in program history, while Kansas is No. 2 and Villanova is No. 3.

The full top 25 can be found below:

1. Baylor
2. Kansas
3. Villanova
5. Gonzaga
6. Kentucky
7. Duke
8: Creighton
9. Florida State
10. West Virginia
11. North Carolina
12. Butler
13. Oregon
14. Louisville
15. Xavier
16. Arizona
17. Purdue
18. Wisconsin
19. Virginia
20. Notre Dame
21. Saint Mary’s
22. Cincinnati
23. Florida
24. Minnesota
25. Southern California


  1. You’re usually right, t, but Maryland has nothing that can harm us. We’re going to start on a nice uptick tomorrow, count on it (back to top 25).

  2. To me a Tom Crean team since he has been at IU has a lack of flexibility meaning they limit themselves as a team on ways they can win games. They have a frustrating and lack of ability, lack of preparation to make during game adjustments. Even when Zeller and gang was # 1 that was why Syracuse beat them. Even though they have won big ten championships which is not the best conference and the expectation should be IU domination but it is not. It is also the reason T. Crean coached IU teams will peak at a sweet 16 once in a great while. Good teams shut their one dimensional system down and IU frustration transitions into a loss and tournament exit due to developing other dimensions to team play over the season. Other teams as teams improve more than IU.

  3. A win at Maryland will be very tough we struggled there when we good let alone when we still don’t who we are ! It will take putting two halves together like the first half against Illinois. I am not sure this team can do that as our defense has a way of falling asleep and at times this team is totally lost as to what is happening before their eyes. Maryland is lights out at the free throw line . We foul a lot and the officiating has been horrible all season . Coaching will go to Maryland as well and defense will depend on which team shows up for I.U. ! The biggest thing that needs to happen is Bryant plays where he supposed to and plays defense for a change and no dribbling or whining every time a whistle blows. Secondly Newkirk doesn’t shoot ever or take the ball inside for another turnover. These problems are on CTC’s lack of coaching and inability to make game substitutions as he rarely is in the flow of the game until its too late. If there would have been 5 more minutes in the Illinois game they would have beat us he made no effort to jack up the defense and let them score at will a lot like the stretch against Wisconson. So I am hoping for a very good game from I.U. but would not be surprised with a L . Starting at 1-3 would be tough to overcome . Going to Penn State would be another tough one on the road. Hopefully Davis, Jones, and Green will get some time and we make the extra pass and move without the ball.

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