IU flips athlete Juwan Burgess from USC

Plant High School has been good to the Hoosiers.

Indiana received a third verbal commitment from Tampa’s top football program, accepting a pledge from three-star athlete Juwan Burgess.

The 6-foot, 185-pound Burgess flipped his commitment from Southern California on Friday. According to 247 Sports, Burgess projects as a defensive back at IU.

Burgess had earlier offers from Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson and Florida State, among many others.

In Bloomington, he’ll join high school teammates Thomas Allen, a linebacker who is the son of IU coach Tom Allen, and receiver Whop Philyor, who committed on Wednesday.

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  1. This is a big deal if they can bring him in on signing day. It seems younger Allen is a great recruiter himself and IU is benefiting as a result. Ihope the momentum of this past weekend leads to getting a very good QB and a Ohio RB along with several others looking at IU.

    IU has now gotten players flipped from USC and TN, I am sure I have missed a couple of other flips, which shows how IU is moving up in recruiting. I expect we will see better recruiting results in 2018 after this coach staff has a year to build the 2018 class.

  2. Ole Miss, too.

    Great pick up. I would think the chances of him changing his mind are much less than just about anyone else as he has a friend and teammate doing a daily sales job.

  3. I think the folks who were throwing Allen under the recruiting bus just last week might want rethink things.

    Long way to go to signing day. Great get guys!

  4. If these flips hold up, that’s a huge win for Allen and his new coaching staff. And when an IU coaching staff can flip a young man from USC, that’s a sign that recruiting is pointed in the right direction. “Come to IU and give yourself a chance to play as a freshman, develop into a star and get the recognition necessary to become a high NFL draft pick. Or go to one of the major programs and compete with four other 5-star players at your same position and maybe see playing time in your third year.” Seems like a reasonable alternative to me!

  5. Yes DD, I agree. It seems that the sky is NOT falling after all.

    There’s a reason Allen hired two coaches from SEC programs.

    And by the way, if anyone listened to Zander’s radio interview recently, he provided effusive praise and a great endorsement for IU’s new QB Coach. His comments were encouraging.

  6. Pleasantly surprised with this latest commitment. I agree with Chet that the odds of getting him to sign in 2 weeks are higher than average given that he has 2 teammates that he has played with for the past 2 years already committed.

    As Vesuvius noted, the younger Allen seems like a pretty decent recruiter in his own right. I hope he is communicating with Hendershot on a daily basis and gets him to honor his commitment. This definitely could turn out to be a pretty good class if we can land the QB and RB this weekend and keep everyone else already committed.

    Maybe there will be a few more surprises (good ones) before signing day!

  7. T.A. and staff will be able to recruit probably above level that has been recruited over the past few years. If they could get it up to and maintain at the level of Kevin Wilson’s best 2 recruiting classes year after year that is attainable. That would be a very respectable and reasonable goal. However, you must remember most IU recruiting classes rank near the bottom of big ten. So that’s what the recruiting is improving from. If TA. and staff can up the recruiting and maintain where K.W. was recruiting his best 2 classes that would make IU very respectable in big ten (7, 8 plus win seasons from time to time). If T.A and staff does not meet this attainable recruiting goal IU will struggle to win 6 or 7 games and often fall short winning 5 or less. I feel like a capable coaching staff is in place to make this recruiting goal and respectable winning seasons happen from time to time over the next decade.

  8. DD – gentleman I was not throwing Allen and his staff under the recruiting bus, just pointing out the fact that IU had not had any recruiting commitments since the new staff was announce and that the IU 2017 recruiting class was falling behind. did not expect this recruiting class to get much/any better with a new coaching staff, just wanted to see more recruits (which is what happen)!!! Now, if you want to get critical, they have added 7 recruits to the current recruiting class…an the recruiting class still ranks next to last in the BIG 10…so adding these latest three recruits has not improved the recruiting class…..An if i am not mistakes a lot of you fans on this blog was criticizing Kevin Wilson for not having recruits (different/double standards) with low stars. Only elite (not middle of the pack) teams give a scholarship on a punter. another risk is given a scholarship to NR wide receiver (which we all hope works out well for IU), that seems more interested in playing basketball than football. How will he adapt to the physical play of the BIG 10. An three of the the recruits came from the same high school football team (i think it was the coaches son team???). Another big recruiting weekend ahead, hopefully they get a few commitments from recruits this weekend.

  9. The ratings of any school’s recruiting class are meaningless until after signing day. But if flipping three skill players from schools like UT, Ole Miss and USC does not improve the ranking of IU’s recruiting class, then the ranking system is bogus. And as I’ve commented in the past, Hoosier fans can’t expect IU’s recruiting rankings to improve until IU produces winning seasons or hires a head coach with a high profile and proven track record. Going 6-7 is not going to convince the best High School players to consider IU over the traditional power programs. So in the meantime we have to hope that our coaching staff is adept at finding more of those relatively lower-rated but high-potential players that will develop into quality Big Ten football talent.

  10. Podunker, in the future with the coaches IU has and their areas of experience in recruiting they will start getting better classes especially if the 2017 team could win 8 games or more. If this OC doesn’t call numb skull plays like we have seen in the past then they could win 8 or more. The reputation of coach Allen and the other new coaches the word will get out and get better players. The key is to evaluate the talent of the lower stars and find out they are better than rated. I think the rating system is skewed and it is up to the coaches to evaluate how good the players are.

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