IUWBB: Indiana beats Minnesota, 78-62

Indiana (12-4, 2-1 Big Ten) bounced back from Saturday’s home loss with a home win Wednesday in a 78-62 victory over Minnesota.

Alexis Gassion finished with a career-high 26 points in 37 minutes of play, taking control with Amanda Cahill absent for much of the first half with two early fouls. Cahill still finished with 12 points and nine rebounds in 16 minutes, and Tyra Buss finished with 13.

Minnesota (9-7, 0-3 B1G) appeared dysfunctional in the first half. Eleven of their 12 first-half turnovers came in the first 13 minutes of action, and the Hoosiers established a 25-10 leads following a step-back 3 by Gassion. In the first two quarters, IU had a 14-2 advantage on points off turnovers.

The Hoosiers’ advantage was 42-23 at half. And that was with Cahill on the bench for all but two minutes. IU’s lead was cut by five in the third quarter, down to 57-43. In the fourth quarter, Minnesota cut the lead to 66-55 with 5:27 remaining, but the Hoosiers responded.

Karlee McBride hit a 3 with 5:04 left, and Buss came up with a steal off the inbounds, feeding Cahill to boost the Hoosier lead back to 71-55.

Minnesota was plagued by turnovers, giving the ball up 22 times. The Gophers average 22.5 turnovers per game. Kenisha Bell – Tia Elbert’s former teammate at Marquette and in AAU basketball in Minnesota – led the Gophers with 23 points.


  1. IU had a tremendous defensive effort tonight holding Minnesota to 37% shooting for the game. Alexius Gassion did a tremendous job on Carlie Wagner who is averaging around 20 points a game holding her to 11 points on 4 for 12 shooting from the floor. Jenn Anderson also did a terrific job on 6′ 5″ Bryanna Ferstrom holding her to 2 of 9 shooting from the floor and 11 points. We scored 25 points off of the Gopher’s 22 turnovers which was huge. Although the Gopher’s Kenisha Bell scored 23 points, Tyra Buss and the IU defense forced her into turning the ball over 11 times.
    Now to IU offensively. Gassion scored a career high of 26 points, 5 rebounds and assisted on 5 team mate’s baskets to go along with the stellar job she did on Wagner defensively. Amanda Cahill had a very unusual game, while only playing 16 minutes because of foul trouble, she still scored 12 points and almost had another double-double with 9 rebounds. We assisted on 22 of our made 31 field goals and only turned the ball over 10 times. We also hit 10 of 23 three point attempts.
    I was a little bit disappointed with only 2,409 showing up after having over 4,000 against Ohio St.
    This was a great win after a disappointing loss to Ohio St. Now, on to Michigan next Tuesday.

  2. Cant say enough for the job Gassion did on Wagner basically cancelled her out til late in the game. Lex also scored 26 pts on her own, but the defensive performance on Wagner was key to the win. Even though Cahill got in early foul trouble and had to sit most of the first half it was good to see the bench get quality minutes with the likes Wickware, Foresman, and Elbert getting some good minutes on the court. As for the turnout we might as well face facts they wont come out to watch the women play unless it happens to be a highly ranked team like the buckeyes or the terps . In my opinion though they would be better off watching the women than the men considering recent efforts by the men.

  3. That was an enjoyable game to watch! Great game plan by coach Moren and her staff, nice halftime adjustment from the Minnesota staff, beautiful counter moves by IU , and for the most part a sound defensive effort by the Hoosiers.
    Alexis Gassion is as good of an all around player as anyone in the conference. Last night her primary mission was to shut down one of the best shooters in the league. Mission accomplished. Cahill goes out a couple of minutes into the game with foul trouble. Who you gonna call ? Gassion helps out on the other end by dropping 26 points. She added 5 boards, 5 assists, a steal and a superb block. All in a days work for her.

  4. First of all Mike C. I respect your opinion. I don’t agree with you a lot of the time but I know you are a very big fan of the women’s team and mean well. I don’t choose to ridicule or belittle people who have different opinions than me. We all base our opinions on life experiences. No two people have the same life experiences or opinions. I am disappointed that most of my questions are ignored or taken out of context. I wanted to know if DW was still on the team since I haven’t been to a game this year. Been busy in the basement. Didn’t know what was wrong with Amber Deane but I heard she had a concussion. Nothing sinister about those questions. Ohio State has more talent than anyone in the country. Their 2nd five would beat a lot of the teams in the Big Ten. Chemistry and lack of interest are their biggest problems. That was my point. You seemed to miss it as you often do. A lot of young rebuilding teams in the Big Ten this year. If we can beat Northwestern and Michigan on the road, the Maryland game at home will be our only game where we are not favored. We have the weakest Big Ten schedule possible for the second year in a row. Also, for the three years Moren has coached, we have not had a single injury. We have been fortunate. Amber Deane, as Mike C. has pointed out, was damaged goods when she got here. Why does coach Moren preach defense first and start a girl who could not guard me. Towner, Elbert, or Gulley can guard much better. We need to develop coach moren’s recruits and stop playing coach Miller’s recruits 38 minutes. They won’t be here forever. I do agree with you Mike about Amanda. I love watching her and Alexis play. They are our glue. And both are underrated. Like Schwartzie said, Lex is one of the best all-around players in the Big Ten. She gets little credit. Coach Moren has done a good job coaching coach Miller’s recruits. I want to see her coach her recruits. Last, we need to stop complaining about the officials. I’ve been to enough games at Assembly Hall to know we usually get a favorable whistle. Too much foul shooting ruins the flow of the game

  5. It is a good thing T.MOREN is coaching Miller’s recruits because Miller would play a weak pre big ten season schedule and finish below 500 in big ten. I doubt if a Miller team with his players would make it to NIT by now after being scouted by other coaches in big ten for a couple years because they would not be certain physically and mentally as tough on offense or defense. They would simply depend on the 3 ball nor would IU have a really good big girl coming next year to go along with the other T.MOREN recruits

    1. t,
      This post and the whole pitting Curt Miller vs. Teri Moren thing is foolish. Both have had varying degrees of success along their coaching stops but with different styles and approaches. Miller had a big girl lined up in Jenna Allen and had a shot at landing Jackie Young while coming off a school-record for wins. There was a lost year while Moren recalibrated the team and now she’s kept it going in the right direction. At least so far as on the court product goes, give them both credit and move on.

  6. Speaking of next years recruits their athleticism added to what we already have should improve our team. I have watched Marchese [sp] in action and she is about the same size as Jenn but more mobile. Bendu Yeaney can jump thru the roof, what does she have like a 44″ vertical at 5′ 9″ almost always wins the opening tip. This is said to be the #1 recruiting class in the big ten. Should be fun to watch .

  7. Nathan, first of all, I have no idea where you are going with the “life experience” statement when referring to people’s opinions about basketball? I tried to answer all of the questions you presented in your earlier post to the best of my ability. I am not sure that I ignored any of them, yet may have?? As far as our conference schedule, that is something we have no control over. Basically, your statement of anybody in the conference possibly beating Ohio St. on any given night struck me as a little unwarranted, sorry you may have taken that another way. I have now seen Ohio St. play 5 times this year and as of yet have I seen them dis-interested at any time. They are very well coached and play hard. Northwestern gave them one hell of a game the other night at Northwestern but, Ohio State’s talent got them through. Northwestern is a VERY good team and very talented. If it is your opinion that I belittled you or ridiculed you, I am certainly sorry for that. I can’t say that I disagree with your statement about the player you constantly refer to defensively. She is the only one of “Miller’s players” that I would take issue with as far as her playing time. all of the other Miller players certainly deserve the time they get. It strikes me as odd that you criticize a team so much for not having seen them play?? Ria Gulley, Darby Foresman and Bri Wickware have played many valuable minutes this year so far. I am sure their minutes will continue to increase as the season wares on. You really need to get out of that basement and see this team play.

  8. Not trying to pit any coach against another. Simply my observation and opinion of where program would be vs where it is regarding both coaches. Very significant differences are T. Moren ‘ s motivation to 1. Upgrade pre big ten schedule 2. Development of players physical and mental toughness 3. Players play defense 4. Players run plays What is so foolish about that?

  9. t, I am not comfortable criticizing an IU player by name on a public forum. Nathan and I know who we are referring to although he apparently has not seen the team play in person this year. I will just leave it at that.

  10. In looking at the latest RPI updated thru Jan 5 Minn was our best win with a 33 now and Prev.33 Next up Mich is a 36 Prev. 37 Northwestern a 52 Prev 55 IU a 57 Prev. 51 That seems a bit off since we beat Minn who just got thru playing Maryland and Ohio State. Confusing to say the least.

  11. Im wondering why we didnt get a preview of the Mich. game . I realize they are now most likely in Mich. but normally we get a preview and interview of said games before they leave for road games.

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