IUWBB: Moren after 80-67 loss at Northwestern

Teri Moren took questions from reporters in Evanston today following the Hoosiers’ 80-67 loss to Northwestern. Here is what she had to say:

On the emotion of Saturday’s game following Jordan Hankins’ death

We knew there was going to be a lot of emotion behind this and part of our message with our players is we have a responsibility to help the Northwestern family heal from this tragic event and I’m happy that, not in the loss, but it just seems fitting that Indiana was the opponent today, as we think about Jordan, the fact that she was from Indiana, but obviously is part of the Northwestern family. We certainly, as I said to Coach Joe, I don’t know if there is any booklet or pamphlet that tells us how we are supposed to deal with something like this, all we can do is continue to pray for Northwestern and the Hankins family and Joe and his staff in this difficult time. With that being said, I thought it was a really good game. You have two very, very good teams that went at it hard today. For us, looking at the stats, we didn’t hit enough shots to beat a team that I thought came out with a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of emotion. That is what was disappointing to us. I thought we made it a game for the spectators and the fans. Unfortunately, our big two, especially – I thought Lex Gassion played well — but Amanda Cahill going 6-for-21, Tyra Buss going 6-for-17, is uncharacteristic of the way they have been shooting the ball. Disappointed, of course, but like I said, there is something special about being here today and helping Northwestern move forward.

On the help available to student-athletes with mental health issues

We are at such great institutions, Indiana and Northwestern and throughout the Big Ten, I think we have the best of the best people in place who can help our student-athletes. There is some resource on every campus and every athletic department that is available for our students-athletes. Part of the mission is always to encourage those student-athletes to use those resources. I think that’s the tough part, right? As a coach and as a staff, you hopefully want to have an awareness and recognize if there is something about the players you are coaching, but it is also the responsibility of that student-athlete to take advantage of those resources and I know that’s something we always encourage and we have our excellence academy at Indiana and do a terrific job of educating our student athletes of what’s available to them and for them, in hopes that at any time during their four or five years at Indiana that they will take advantage of those resources and that help.

On Indiana’s shooting woes (hit a season-low 32.4 percent)

I thought Lex, she was just coming up short today. Her midrange game is terrific and that’s one of her strengths. I don’t know that I can pinpoint Buss, but I do know this, it probably had something to do with Deary. She’s a terrific on-ball defender. Look, if you pay attention to this contest between these two teams, those two point guards like to go at each other. I think for Tyra and for Deary, they both get excited about the opportunity to play one another, they bring out the best in each other. It was just, unfortunately, Deary got the best of Tyra Buss today. I thought Tyra, she seemed hurried, she seemed rushed. At one point, you are hoping it goes in. You have to shoot it like you expect it to go in. I thought that had a lot to do with Northwestern. I thought they hurried us, made us play a lot faster. We did some uncharacteristic things, whether it was our shot selection, or just getting careless at times. Even though we only had 12 turnovers, I just thought we took some shots that we don’t normally try to take.

On Northwestern’s ability to maintain its energy for 40 minutes

Again, I don’t know obviously the team and the culture they have here. But here’s the one thing I do know about young people. I think there is a resilience about them when it comes to adversity. I don’t think we give enough credit, sometimes. Maybe it was 40 minutes that they could put aside their heartbreak, and just play for Jordan. And that’s probably was their mission today, to play for something bigger than themselves, and that was for that young lady that they lost. There is nothing in a pamphlet or a booklet that tells a coach how to coach that, you know. Again, let’s not forget, this is a veteran basketball team. They have five seniors, Nia Coffey. They are veteran and they are mature. So I’m not surprised at all that they came out with emotion. I thought the crowd had a lot to do with it also. They had a terrific crowd and that energized them. When they would make runs, you could just feel it in the place, that it was what they needed. It was a great crowd.

On her message to Northwestern and coach Joe McKeown

I love Joe, and I think he’s obviously done a terrific job here. Just a great ambassador for women’s basketball, and he has been for so long, and has done well everywhere he has been. The message was for those kids, even though you have the Indiana family and the Northwestern family, there is such a thing as the Big Ten family and we are all part of that. Just made sure they knew we had been thinking of them and praying for them and supporting them from afar. We talked about it. When we heard about it, we had left for our Michigan game. Like I said, a lot of heartbreak. It was a moment for me and our staff, I know, that we didn’t stop thinking about or talking about, like I said, the pain that Northwestern had to be going through at that point. I just wanted to hug them and I wanted them to know that we were supporting and thinking and praying for them and that’s the smallest thing I can do, because I know it has been a difficult week here.


  1. While I did not see the game, it was evident by simply looking at the stats when it was over what happened. We shot 32% from the floor while they shot 49%. They had 15 fast break points to our 0. Our “big three” was 15 for 50 from the floor. Shooting like that will not beat anybody! While Cahill had a double-double to go along with 3 assists, she missed 15 shots from the floor. Buss missed 13 shots from the floor and Gassion missed 10 shots. When out 3 best players shoot like that against a good team, we have no chance. Jenn Anderson had her second consecutive really good game (8 for 11 from the floor for 17 points to go with 5 rebounds and 3 blocks) or it would have been truly embarrassing. As I stated the other day, Northwestern is a very athletic good team and after what they went through this past week, you had to expect they would be emotionally charged for 40 minutes. They had 5 players in double figures and another player one point shy. Hopefully we can get this turned around Thursday at home against Purdue.

  2. Mike C. has it right.
    Outside of Jenn Anderson, the rest of the team shot below 25% from the field.
    This had to be an extremely difficult game for both teams.
    Beat Purdue!

  3. Mike- You read it correctly certainly a very cold shooting day for IU. NW put it all on the line for Hankins and one player even wore her number. On top of that you put IU and their poor shooting night says it all in fact they have shot and played badly for the last two road games. Being back home on thurs hopefully will play better.

  4. When your three best players shoot poorly at the same time you lose. Our assistant coach seemed to blame the loss on our bench which is ridiculous. Are our bench players not good enough or are they not being developed. We have a player on the Naismith watch list who goes 4 for 7 and we want to blame our bench? What do you think T. You constantly bash the men’s team and Coach Crean. This player and that player aren’t good enough to play at IU. Crean can’t coach. What about the 8 girls coach moren has brought in that make up her bench? Can’t understand why you hate the men’s team but women do no wrong. Mike C, you said only two teams in the Big Ten could beat Ohio State. Maryland and possibly Northwestern. Michigan State beat them by 20. They have some problems, that was my point. All these players we have now who you ordained, are sure things, and can’t miss, need to step up (if they are given a chance). Finally, flopping doesn’t always work on the road. Need to get back to Assembly Hall where it does.

  5. Nathan, two things, your constant criticism of our coaching staff makes me smile and ” a player on the Naismith watch list goes 4 for 7 ?? ” you continue to make me laugh each time I read one of your posts. I will say no more than that with a smile on my face.

  6. I know when you can’t answer my questions or comments you ignore them or look for grammatical mistakes or this time both . Glad I can make you smile cause you make me laugh .

  7. I thought the women’s program was on the uptick? Don’t follow it much, but losing to Northwestern by double digits…? Is that akin to the men’s losing at Northwestern?

    Hopefully, Moren just said something like “it moves…it just moves” at the postgame presser to dial down the smirks and death stares from HT journalists.

  8. Gee, sorry Nathan, I have reread your post, still trying to find a direct question in there? I see a couple of statements but, no question. I just keep smiling. I am pretty sure a couple of days ago I made a statement about the Michigan St./Ohio St. game but, apparently you missed it? If you will go back and look, you will see my response about that game.

  9. BTW, did anyone notice that the Northwestern bench outscored our bench 20-9? Just saying. Criticize the assistant coach saying what he said about our bench all you want but, the proof is in the stats. Harvard, the Northwestern women’s program is a very, very good program.

    1. MikeC,
      The stats back up your viewpoint, but they also tell a little more on the other side of the equation. Amber Deane played 18 minutes off the bench and scored seven of those nine points. Starter Karlee McBride scored zero. Kym Royster scored two points in 14 minutes, but the rest of the bench saw Ria Gulley play 7 minutes, Darby Foresman 5, Tia Elbert 4 and Bre Wickware 2. So if you want to criticize Royster, fair enough, but hard to blame four players who played a combined 18 minutes. I think part of the point being made is that the bench hasn’t seen enough playing time to be ready for such situations leading up to this and the rope is now short in these games.

      Also, Northwestern is a good program on similar footing to IU right now. Only NCAA appearances in last 20 years were 1997 and 2015.

  10. I would agree that the IU bench has not been getting the minutes that they need in order to contribute. I do know that several games ago coach Moren was highly critical of the play off the bench and made the statement that if those players were expecting more playing time they needed to play better. My thought is that she has very little trust in their play?

  11. Expectations, Tradition and History of IU men’s basketball is irrelevant to expectations, tradition and history of women’s basketball. NJ; Any IU basketball fan should know this.

  12. What are you smiling about Mike? Nathan brings up some good points. Why does the coaching staff have to blame the bench when we lose? Also remember you mocking him saying Ohio State could only lose to two teams in the Big Ten. You don’t seem to understand simple comments keep up your post Nathan. I enjoy hearing different opinions not just propaganda

  13. T. I don’t think you’re an I.u. Basketball fan of any kind . You’re a Teri moren fan or relative . Mike for most of the season I have been saying we need to develop our bench for conference play . You’re right our bench has not performed . So who do we hold responsible the person who recruited them the person who coaches and developes them or the one who does or doesn’t play them . T says coach is great at player development so develope away . When your starters play as poorly as ours did why does any coach feel it’s necessary to blame the bench ? Here’s a novel idea don’t blame anyone . Go to practice and fix the problem . Elbert and Deane were good players at their last stops and mike has proclaimed royster a sure thing many times . Those 3 can be good players and help us . Not a good practice losing and blaming kids . Same thing we did 2 years ago . Let’s learn from past mistakes . Beat Purdue !

  14. Here we go again Nathan, you have miss-quoted me again. At no time did I say that Royster was a “sure thing”. What I said in a couple of quotes was now that she has gained strength during the off season, with her athleticism she should become a steady contributor. She obviously has not. You continue to put words in my mouth??

  15. Yes, T. Moren is an excellent coach and has developed the lady Hoosiers as a team against stiffer competition in pre big ten season plus elevated IU LADIES program to its current status which is an improvement. There are challenges and setbacks along the way but the total picture is one of a higher level program that includes program development, improvement, and on the rise.

  16. Btw mike I did see your post on the Ohio state game . I wasn’t looking for you to analyze the game for me . I’m quite certain I can do that for myself . What I wanted to hear was you admitting you were wrong as you often are . The all knowing mike c struggles to admit he’s ever wrong . Growing weary of you . Going on long vacation in my basement . Spin it .

  17. Before she ever stepped foot on campus you were singing her praises . I guess you’re just getting forgetful . Up until the game where we blame the bench players for a loss the only thing I have criticized our coach for is playing a girl who can’t defend . Blaming players can’t be good for team chemistry Mike. Think I’ll skip my vacation to keep you in line .

  18. Nathan, I did not make the post game statement, the assistant coach did, all I did was point out the bench scoring by both teams? And again, as usual your memory of my past statements is incorrect. I did not “sing” the praises of the just hired coach. All I said was, she seems to have a good resume and we should give her a chance. Nathan, it would be good to know how old you are because you seem to be suffering from short term memory loss? And as I have stated before, you need to get out of that basement and actually see this team play in person. And as I had stated not that long ago, I do agree with your assessment of that player defensively. You see, we don’t disagree on everything. Still smiling.

  19. My thinking is that the farther Deane gets from her concussion and last years injury the better and more efficient she will play, but there is one other player when she plays is more akin to a bull in a china shop and this is both surprising and disappointing. The problem for IU is we are in a part of the season where every conf win means something. The ones who can play and help this team should. This upcoming game on thurs will be critical to our season . The real IU team needs to show up. Anyone who watched the PU vs OHio St knows how athletic and quick they are. Now is the time- Go Hoosiers!

  20. Come on Ron this is entertaining. I enjoy a lot of what Mike says but he is a little bit of a know-it-all. Nathan calls him out on some of his BS. Pretty harmless. If you really want to get irritated go on the men’s site and read Chet and H. H. Or read anything T says.

  21. Mike as usual you can’t seem to follow what I am saying . At no time did I accuse you of singing coach morens praises . I was referring to a player . Ron I apologize if you are being irritated . If you have followed this back and forth for over 2 years you would know I never get the last word . This wil l be my last comment on the matter .

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