1. This team just never learns. I can’t wait to see CTC go on a non-sensical rant after the game as he sucks down a bottled water. He will talk about what a great practice they had yet none of it translates to the actual games. Maybe IU can start charging admission to these practices.

  2. Newkirk is a waste….waste of a scholarship because he will NEVER be the point guard this year team needs or next year

  3. And Thomas Bryant is Playing himself DOWN the NBA draft roster…..he looks TERRIBLE like he hit his talent ceiling last year ….other team’s big men are out playing him and he looks lost on the floor on both ends.

  4. Well somethings never change ! 14 turnovers many unforced, Dodd owned Bryant all night long as his performance at both ends of the floor continues to spiral downward, He has become a spectator not a player Davis wants it. Bryant spends more time laying on floor that any I.U. player I can remember. Once again he spends most of time outside the paint want to dribble and launch 3’s. Which is coaching once again. Do we not have a coach that could work with bigs ? Maybe that crazy trainer guy on the bench ? Is it just me or would anyone else like to see CTC get light up with a tech defending his team ? Too soft and that has a lot to do with the team not being mentally tough ! Blackmon was awesome offensively but defensively hurt the team many times as well as a lot of the other guys. It continues to be more and more to be a ship without a captain and we all know it is not Newkirk . CTC will not face the fact of that and is praying for a miracle and he will morph into a PG overnight. I wish Nick and Yogi would of had their uniforms . No one realized how good Max, Troy and those guys really were ! Including CTC as he did not recruit a point guard for 2017. Should have a shot at Rutgers at home . Where are the guys that beat Kansas and NC? During the post game interview CTC spent most of the time looking down ,no eye contact as he continued to spin the usual. Help ! ! !

  5. Mentioned 2 weeks ago this season is the beginning of the end of the Tom Crean era. My thoughts about his coaching are very similar to the thoughts I had about Mike Davis. I just came to that realization earlier in the Davis tenure than I did in the Crean tenure. He has mesmerized us with his ability to evaluate raw talent and recruiting in general; although lack of top notch Hoosier bred talent on the roster is glaring. Also he does not appear to have a consistent ability to get commits to fit together to accentuate their skills and minimize their deficiencies. Unforced turnovers(for years), no set offense(for years), inconsistent team chemistry at clutch time(repeatedly)and mind numbing lack of energy and passion for playing D(that is deafeningly loud). Never been a fan of big men on the perimeter handling the ball and/or shooting 3’s. It’s physics. If that is effective offense then so should be the opposite, a small guard playing in the paint several possessions a game. How innovative. We all know the end to this movie. Crean has achieved as much as he can at IU and IU has achieved as much as it can under his management and style. I’m hoping for at least a .500 conference record but it is possibly a reach.

  6. HC, I agree with every point. The Hoosiers will pretty much have to have a surprising winning streak and/or win the conference tourney for this season to be salvaged.

    Then what?

    What a waste of talent. I give him credit for bringing in player like Morgan and Anunoby (and previously VO, et al) but he’s done little with them.

    We may be watching the final act.

  7. Chet, I really hate it that you and I may very well drink to that happening. It doesn’t have to be. My expertise is evaluating management, I’m ashamed I did not recognize this sooner. But because I am critical and surly I really work hard at keeping the glass more than half full. I tried to hard on this 1.

  8. I just read your evaluation and its absolutely correct….perhaps CTC isn’t a bad coach but has reached the limit of his abilities when IU holds a higher standard of accomplishment. I think CTC has reached the apex of his coaching ability ; time to find someone who can meet those higher standards.

  9. It’s not obvious to us in fandom but Glass is w/o a doubt aware. If things do not change in the next 6 games wheels will be churning. But even with wheels it takes time.

  10. Regardless of how IU finishes this season, I would not be surprised or disappointed if the 2017/2018 season is Crean’s last as IU’s BB coach. And I think it will be as much his choosing as it will The Hoosier Nation’s choosing. Staying too long can create a toxic situation, especially given what Crean has had to endure in reviving the program, and the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society we live in. I think he just might want a change. Then the question will become, “who, amongst the up-and-coming coaches can do better?” Since IU will NOT be able to lure any of the top eight coaches away from their established programs, who is going to replace Crean? And is it possible for any new coach to elevate the program above where it resides right now? If so, how long will that take? The Hoosier Nation is going to get a reality check in the next two years.

  11. I would love nothing more than IU to simply get a coach. The biggest honor is to be a masterful teacher and not a clapping insult of tweets, billboard with tie, soundbites, lingo, lottery picks, and endless carnival marketing to promote something that isn’t …and hasn’t been for 30 years.

    I would ride a sunset of last place conference finishes as a forever underdog to no longer see the lore of Hoosier hoops paraded like a cheap whore.

  12. Even when we were winning games last year, our team still lacked fundamentals. It wasn’t nearly as bad as this year, but it wasn’t that good. Yogi’s leadership and our weak schedule in the B1G allowed us to rise the top. It earned Crean some breathing room. But our success last year wasn’t due to the fact that he found his coaching stride and our teams started playing solid hoops. We had a good season last year, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that we didn’t exactly have it tough last year.

    Remember, we squeaked out wins vs bottom feeders Rutgers (away) and Minnesota (h & a), lost on the road at PSU and then were knocked out in the 1st round of the B1G Tournament by a bad 8th seeded Michigan team we beat pretty easily on the road in the regular season.

    Our defense was much better last year. Andy Bottoms crunched the numbers and last year we held teams to 1.01 ppp (in conference) and our first four games this year, we are at 1.14 (we only had that high a ppp in 3 out of 19 games last year). But I’d argue that it was much better because we played lower quality teams last year. It isn’t the complete reason, but a primary one.

    The turnovers? Sorry, just because we lost Yogi Ferrell doesn’t mean we should be turning the ball over on close to 22% of our possessions. Most of them are head scratchers too. A lot of mental errors and just general confusion on the offensive end.

    Fact is, besides the specific comparisons, I feel like I copying and pasting these critiques into these white boxes over and over again. Elite programs don’t consistently play like this.

  13. DD- Could not agree more with your first paragraph. Last season was the softest conference schedule in the history of IU hoops. “Breathing room,” indeed……Much like the one recruit that gave him five years of breathing room: Zeller.

    Most were elated when we landed Zeller. I was not because I suspected the legit post presence would still never be enough to counter the inadequacies in coaching. Substitution pattern overload….Favored status of “chosen one” recruits who needed the discipline of solid teacher…..Lack of leadership….Lack of synergy…..Same movie with same low NCAA tournament ceiling.

    I knew it was simply more guaranteed years of mediocrity and reunions. If he would have had one ounce of acknowledgement when storming the Knight for a handshake, he(Crean) would have guaranteed himself a lifetime of breathing room.

    Regardless of Knight’s perceived bitterness, not acknowledging Glass and the horrifically coached basketball of Tom Crean likely saved us 10 additional years. But I still have my doubts because Crean was on the “committee” to hire Fred.

  14. …and yet…

    When Fred Glass looks at reasons to retain CTC he will see 2 BIG titles in the last 4 years. We have what we feel are legitimate arguments for his replacement but we can’t pretend that that IU hasn’t won 2 titles in the past 4 years. Nobody else in the Big Ten would fire a coach with that on their resume.

    I guess that’s the difference between IU and a lot of places.

  15. Big 10 titles were always the standard Purdue would use in their purgatory of envy for Indiana hoops. Comb-over Keady and all PU coaches subsequent generate endless screams of resentment aimed at IU every time we step onto Mackey.

    NCAA tournament success is the “standard” in which nationwide elite programs live by. We have yet to play in the second weekend of March under Tom Crean. 21 Elite Eight appearances by ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ since 2010. Zero for Indiana. It was always a given that statements like “We’re Back!”….and “Hoosier Rising” were intended as a starting points of “deep run” optimism to rejoin a different definition of “elite” than that used by a Boilermaker….or TC apologist. Those goals have never been met under Tom Crean.

    Crean’s prime is one (Big 10 title) on the coattails of Cody….and another on the coattails of a beyond gifted soft conference schedule(not to mention the final recruit, Yogi, who came as part of the Cody “Movement”).

    Tom Crean said it best…..”It’s Indiana.” Sweet 16’s are the ceiling for Bryce Drew and Valpo. Big Titles are the measures of Boiler greatness that will forever shrink next to five banners. Indiana was to never need artificial enhancement. The candy stripes were to always be the real deal. But it goes beyond banners….We want to see teams reach beyond the glorified individual parts…
    Indiana, “because it’s Indiana,” is the beauty inherent in the almost mystical chemistry of the game; when hunger meshes with the talent and the hardwood classroom as the collective result somehow rises above the individual parts of everyone else’s “me” basketball. Then it’s truly “Because it’s Indiana.”


  16. While nearly all are labeling this season as the beginning of the end, I fear it could easily be the end of chance at a new beginning.

    Happenstance happens. I could just so happen that we squeak into the NCAA tournament as a 5th or 6th place team…The seeding will be low. We’ll get gifted a generally easier bracket than seen in previous seasons with overrated teams that came with those Big titles(we’ll see a quality team early that may be taking us too lightly). Catch that one team yet to find its true tournament stride and we may be off to races.

    This team could easily end up as Crean’s best during the month of March. He could easily happenstance himself out of a Houdini death plunge. If Blackmon stays healthy….? If RJ and JBJ both find their strokes when we are the “underdog” in a Sweet 16 game? It’s all about match-ups……Sort of shameful how many of you are abandoning ship. You may think you now know Tom Crean…but fail to astutely know the history of the game, the volatility of perceptions, the power of momentum swings, the unpredictable nature of chemistry, and the latent power of talent being served and disrespected as an underdog.

    Far too early(even for the lowest threshold of a belief in the coaching of Crean) to call for mutiny. The NCAA tournament is where all the demons of a wild ocean in doubt and turmoil can find an island paradise. A dose of happenstance..? An early upset…? More than one hot hand ….? Some dominance on the glass as a superior opponent has an off-shooting night? The door is forever open. Just get into the dance and look for the pretty blue eyes across the room. Basketball is forever a blind date.

  17. To the point that reknudoP is trying to make and has been trying to make for the past 6-7 years: pick a team from the B1G any team you want and let’s set up a best of seven series with them, but before you do that switch the head coaches (that’s very important). Give them plenty of time to prepare. Do you think Crean’s team will win it? I don’t think so.

    To the point made by many here that Crean’s such a great recruiter: pick a team in the B1G, any team. Switch the head coaches, like I said above. Wait five years. Do you think after five years Crean would have better talent on that team than Indiana? I don’t think so.

  18. Bottom line: it is clear (and it was already clear as early as two to three years in his mandate and has been argued here ad nauseam, even ecirP wrote a column in H-T a couple of years ago) that Crean is not the (basketball) coach Indiana needs. There are plenty of better alternatives. Not Stevens. Not Alford. Not Bennett, Huggins, Few, Wright, Calipari, etc (that is, the tried and true of the coaching world). Indiana does not do things that way nor should we. Indiana is basketball. Knight was a virtually unknown coach when he was hired in 1976. It’s easy to spot promising young coaching talent if you’re honest at it. (For example, after Army’s 66-60 loss to BYU and Hall of Fame coach Stan Watts in the semifinals of the 1966 NIT, Knight completely lost control, kicking lockers and verbally blasting the officials. Embarrassed, he later went to Watts’ hotel room and apologized. Watts forgave him, and is quoted as saying, “I want you to know that you’re going to be one of the bright young coaches in the country, and it’s just a matter of time before you win a national championship.” Bob Knight was 26 years old at the time and a complete unknown.)

    dravraH once said (so well, as he always does) that unfortunately he doesn’t think Crean will ever resign of his own accord. I can’t remember how he said it and I can’t find it either but it was brilliant. He said something like: “he should go now, riding his current wave of fame and accomplishments. But something tells me there’s a deeply ingrained sense of misunderstood predestination in the man (n.b., Crean) that makes me think he doesn’t know how and when to quit and thus I think he will inevitably end up being fired.” So unlike reknudoP but just like dravraH I too think Crean will self-destruct.

  19. To tehC: stop saying all is well in the IU Athletic Department just because swimming is again winning gold medals on the world stage. Swimming is led by Ray Looze who was hired during the now defunct administration of Rick Greenspan. Ray is the kind of coach that would do well under any administration: a former great swimmer, still holding the 200 breast school record at USC and truly a man dedicated to his job. Glass has and had nothing to do with his success. Fred Glass is as a matter of fact very much still on probation as far as this fan is concerned: he (Glass) has not hired Crean (instead it was very much the other way around) and his only other major hire was a bust (though that hire will continue to work in the B1G conference as offensive coordinator of a vastly superior football program.) So unlike tehC (and a few others most notably noiralC)I think Glass still has plenty, and I mean plenty of work to do.

  20. Sorry, Knight started in 1971 in Bloomington.

    One other thing: all of you apologists are now giving up on Crean (again). Don’t forget though he’s Mr. Happenstance. There will still be some big wins this season (nobody knows when and where, not even Crean) as there will be some disappointments. In fact every season under Crean so far has ended with a big disappointing game, if you think about it. Stand by your man. Just try to keep a modicum of decorum and objectivity through the highs and lows, if you can…

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