1. I THOUGHT Bryant was SUPPOSE to be a post player…even setting screens out front he looks lost and confused..his Playing IS confusing. With 4.3 secs in 1st half Bryant setting screen 30 ft away..then blocks off the boards because he’s running a marathon to go rebound.teams shows NO response to Crean. Its getting old watching Crean’s teams play UP then play down ..too many roller coaster rides with Crean.

  2. We are one of the least fundamentally sound teams in the nation.

    -save the ball under opponents bucket
    -4 sec left, inbound ball deep into backcourt….when you were in the front court
    -screen & rolls wide open, not 1 entry pass
    -Bryant wide open for 3 sec under the basket, no pass
    -Newkirk almost gets hit in the ass with a bounce pass backdoor
    -poor shot selection
    -no urgency down 15 with the ball with 1:30 to go

    Hopefully we make the NIT for whatever reason.

    When was the last time a team beat two top ten teams in the same year & didn’t make the tournament? Answer will soon be IU.

  3. Geoff predicted this…..Something to do with a ‘Miami Sound Machine’ theory.

    Michigan will probably get to an Elite 8 again….Nice looking team. DJ Wilson and Wagner are nice inside combo.

  4. This game is just making me sick. How disappointing. Why dont our players put their hands in the faces of the offenders when they have the ball. Im no expert but wouldnt this make a little tougher to see the basket. What is the center doing playing guard? Shouldnt the center be playing near the basket, at both ends? Some of these guys need to warm the bench, put guys in that dont play much they most likely would have more heart.

  5. It’s not one play or player. Injury/s or no injury/s. IU is middle of the pack big ten program that has peaked out with the current philosophy and system. Thomas Bryant has digressed and continues to digress. Things are not going to get any better under current regime. (next decade may produce another sweet 16 and final 4 appearance in NIT). They are just figured out. Fort Wayne was not that big a fluke. Fort Wayne beat Indy by 30 about the same amount IU would beat them. IU bb will give you teaser games especially at home and in certain situations. It would be no contest against N.C. now.

  6. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this after watching an Indiana BB game. At least the 08 & 09 teams tried.

    What was the issue in the game? Everything. None right things.

    I’m beginning to get cynical and bordering on conspiratorial. Crean started McRoberts tonight. He gets to make the excuse that the injuries are so bad, he has had to start a walk-on.

  7. Well, that was certainly reassuring.

    McRoberts is a nice story. He’s also the nineteenth best player on the team.

    This could get very ugly very fast.

  8. Tom Crean should be fired tonight as soon as the plane lands. If Glass does not see the writing on the wall he should be fired too.

  9. This could get very ugly very fast.

    Chet- You probably didn’t notice, but I said nearly those exact words 9 hours ago on ‘Hoosier Morning.’

    Everything hinges on Zeller. Speaking of Cody, he should really consider giving back about 20 million to IU. His brief two seasons at IU cost us easily that much in saving Crean from a fate that would have been far earlier and far less costly.

  10. This would be a good time for another one of those reunions… Do we have any left? 25 year reunion for the ’92 team’s Final Four? Nothing would warm the heart like seeing Damon Bailey give Tom a nice embrace…..Pat Knight could throw a chair at Crean.

  11. When we’re not at home and being allowed to hold and grab on defense, and shuffle our feet prior to dribbling on offense, we are a beatable team. I still believe we are good for a post-season berth as we’ve got a few more home games.

  12. NW is going to kill us too. Why? Because they understand the game. They have fundamentals. We don’t. They’ll backcut us to death.

    The Defense…if you want to call it that;
    It amuses me (not!) when the so-called analysts are crowing about how good the other team is playing. At one point, the turnover points were 24 – 2. At one point they had 7 3’s and 1 turnover. Why? Because we can’t guard anybody. McRoberts on Wagner to start the game? Are you &%^$ing kidding me?

    The Offense…..
    When was the last time you saw this team feed the post off of a screen & roll??? Over and over and over the screener rolled open in the lane. It is a lack of understanding. It is all about ME ME ME basketball down to the cheerleader who can’t sit down on our sideline. He is a complete joke. Creany the Clown. (CTC)

    The Program….
    Where an elite “blue blood” now settles for mediocrity. CTC belongs in the NBA or at a D-II program.

    I think we win in Nov. and Dec. for 2 reasons;
    1. Patsy Dec. home schedule.
    2. We have an elite conditioning program. We start the season in better shape and can run the others out of the gym. Then we get tired and the others get stronger, better, and smarter.

    We don’t. I’m starting to think the ONLY way Glass pulls his head out of his butt is if Purdue beats us twice. At this point, I can’t see us beating them.

  13. Samo! Samo! Here’s another, ‘TBOTE’ “the beginning of the end”. This year is the beginning of the end. Very glad Crean came to IU but very important to state Marquette is his max.
    good man, moral and obeys the rules
    limited manager
    decent recruiter
    average coach, consistently poor at making adjustments and correcting continued errors
    poor instructor, loosey-goosey offensive scheme and pathetic D
    Hoosiers expect more and much better.
    Only 1 ending needed and only 1 ending can transpire.

  14. Actually, past time. Not to long after Zeller and Syracuse loss even though IU won big ten titles and sweet 16 past due.

  15. Dackich is a T.C. (and even Glass) apologist because he is bitter towards IU for firing him. He even has said on his talk show before that he is neutral fan when IU plays. (except for his kids teams…he is a fan of that team as he should be)

    1. Where to start? Without question the worst coached and prepared for game in the Clappy the Clown era. What is being done in practice ? Pretty much nothing ! The blame mostly has to be on the coaching staff and the clown leader CTC. What a joke we are now the laughing stock of D-1 basketball ! Crean is the biggest joke in the conference . $3million a year he should be paying I.U. ! I am over it not only stupid enough to start McRoberts and Newkirk but no game plan at all . CTC was so lost under fire again he just has to go . I liked our new in bounds plays the Michigan players could not stop laughing on camera all night . At this point in time all we have is RJ and a prayer. These kids are so confused I am embarrassed for them. Blackmon was done from the get go and just quit . CTA could called a time out early to settle things down and rip them for no defense anything to stop the bleeding. How in the hell can you not start Davis and Green move Blackmon to small forward ? Morgan looked real bad ,Bryant is a unathletic, whinning ,train wreak.Plays zero defense ever and he will not play inside where he belongs which is CTC’S fault another coaching issue. Blackmon was never in the game I can’t believe there are not plays set for him to get his shot off. Now that he is hurt again that is one less problem for Clappy . There are so many things wrong NW barring a miracle will kill us . They have a good coach SHOCKING a good young team that has chemistry and plays defense and they all want to win . We have none of the above. CTC now has another injury to use as a excuse . I am ready for Chuck Martin to get a chance to take over just dreaming! Glass will do nothing until people quit going to games and recruits start decommiting. HELP ! ! !

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