1. Anybody tried to slip Deric Elston an IU uniform? I would suggest uniform with #1, but somebody would recognize he’s not Blackmon with his first 3 point try.

  2. IU’s execution. I’m in favor of it. Weak coaching and weak mentally. Glass will make excuses and extend him. Just a pathetic bunch of clueless players and coaches and administration

  3. IM thinking that IF you want to put heat on Glass and Crean…start calling the Trustees AND Chancellor

  4. Crean’s contract runs to year 2020, the buyout drops from the current $4 million to $1 million July 1 2017 per a website with information on Crean’s contract. I don’t see that any extension is needed this year that’s my opinion(my opinion & $1 will get you a cup of coffee).

  5. Even with 20+ points, there is absolutely zero finesse in Bryant’s game. His arms and legs are all over the place. Severely out of control in most instances.

  6. Is one of the Ten Commandments “Though Shall Not Get a Technical” ….?

    Wow….I still thought the Hoosiers could find more offense than this ugly output.

  7. Isn’t this all Mr. Glass, the trustees & chancellor need to know?

    “During his time at Indiana, Crean is 2-5 in Evanston and 6-9 overall against Northwestern.”

    (Ref. email by 247Sports)

  8. Imagine if Green & Jones would’ve been played more vs. the cupcakes & large wins. Would a Blackmon injury be all that detrimental? Of course the loss hurts us, but losing OG was worse in my opinion. OG was our best defender & rebounder.

    These are the times when our depth, if used methodically, would be our advantage. Kids showing they can play & they belong.

    The fact that Davis isn’t starting & we are still starting 3 Gs is insane, after these 2 injuries. A great coach would have Bryant, Morgan, Davis, Johnson & Green as starters; McRoberts, Jones, & Newkirk, in that order off the bench. But we are 1 dimensional; run up & down, don’t value the ball, play fast. That’s it. Lest I forget, try to drive, run out the shot clock, take a bad 3.

  9. I am sure glad CTC didn’t recruit McIntosh ! Sure couldn’t have used him ! He has too much basketball knowledge far more than the Clown that is pretending to be a D-1 coach . Any of the other of the teams in the league could have beat NW last night . They were flat and in foul trouble a average team would have taken them out. But this team and this coach would struggle against a good high school team ! CTC is incompetent at best . He refuses to admit that he screwed up with Newkirk, continues to babysit with Bryant who is about as athletic as a rock, and will not coach defense or play the lineup that has a chance because he is a self centered idiot . A good coach shines in these kinds of situations. Take Collins for example . I think he might be in love with McRoberts this guy is D-2 talent maybe, Newkirk is living the dream starting and horrific at best . Davis and Jones never get enough time to improve that’s what Crean gets for not playing them consistently so they would be able compete now as well as Green . One mistake and your out unless your name is Newkirk, McRoberts , McSwain, or Bryant. I have never seen a player go backwards like Bryant in one year! Lack of coaching? Also why are we having all these injuries since the crazy trainer dude came on board and sits on the bench and also coaches really? No other teams seem to have that issue especially ACL’s ? IF Blackmon was healthy put him at small forward, Davis, Bryant ,Green Johnson. 5 shooters, 4 out of 5 that will play defense and Morgan ,Jones, a tossup Newkirk/McSwain/McRoberts. IF you put the three of them together you get a below average whatever ! CTC will not attempt to recruit Indiana kids because they know and understand the game far better than he ever will. There has to be more to life than this? The team takes the personality of the coach. SOFT AND CLUELESS !

  10. Macintosh was originally an Indiana State recruit. If he played @ IU for T.C. by now he would set on the bench until Blackman got hurt. He would not be a very good player . Good for him flourishing in a well coached system.

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