1. I don’t even know what to say anymore. This team is just a soft complacent and painful to watch right now. If they feel good about this win—–wow.

  2. Just when you thought IU was going to choke this game away, they pulled it out. Crean will have lot’s of teaching material, just from the last 60 seconds of this game, to use in helping his players improve their mental toughness and execution.

    Put the pitch forks back in the barn for a few more days.

  3. Some of the comments of late look like they’re from trolls. IU WON THE GAME! And they won it on the road with two key players out with injuries. Get some perspective!

  4. I just think we have had enough. No trolling here. Just Jekyll and Hyde basketball for the last several years. We can beat anyone but lose to anyone as well. That’s all. Just tired of it.

  5. It’s one thing to criticize the team when they lose a game, but to do so when they win a game, especially on the road, that just seems a bit too harsh. You go back and watch some of the games from IU’s undefeated National Championship team in 1976, and you’ll see a lot of very ugly victories from that season. But they were victories! Same for the last IU National Championship team. How many games did they lose that season before they got it together?

  6. I just had my night vastly improved by watching ‘The Greek Freak’…He looks like the most dynamic NBAer since ‘Wilt the Stilt.’ Wow….only 22 years old and absolutely phenomenal.

    More importantly, where are the pitch fork throwers who have been aiming at James Blackmon, Jr for the last year and a half?

    Like I said…Season is young. Happenstance happens.

  7. Last time I checked, this team isn’t undefeated…So now we’re comparing a season that has losses to IPFW, Wisconsin(at home), Nebraska(at home), Butler(neutral site), and Louisville(neutral site) to one of the best teams in the history of college basketball? Puhhhhhhlease…’76 Hoosiers comparison to this? That sort of BS will take a whole shopping cart of Depends. You couldn’t put the tenacity and savvy of our entire backcourt into Quinn Buckner’s jock strap.

  8. Tough loss ,OG has become the silent leader of this team and he will be greatly missed. If Morgan can’t go Saturday it will be tough to handle MSU . They are just starting to put it together and Izzo will have them ready to go. We will have a lot of emotion going on hoping it will be good. We can’t lose anymore home games ! Playing at both ends of the floor like at Penn State until the melt down is a must. Just cannot understand the in bounds play or lack thereof. Nine years! Blackmon’s shot was huge ! If he just ever knew where his man was on defense would help. Bryant looked more like his old self. He will have to stay in the paint to be effective from now on . Knowing McRoberts and McSwain are our only options is scary. The turnovers just never go away have to give Green and Jones more time bring Newkirk off the bench he is a turnover machine. RJ and JBJ will both have to go for 20 to give us a chance. Look for Davis to continue to get better with each game we really need him now! GO HOOSIERS ! WIN THIS ONE FOR OG !

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