1. Jordy in town..? The Bratwurst Bomber in the Hall! Wurst defender in all of Germany!
    Wisconsin cheese would pair nicely with some Mettwurst….Maybe he’s on a recruiting trip….?

  2. Enjoy reminiscing when Indiana won 32 of 33 Wisconsin series in B.K. era…those were the days.

    Since then Wisconsin is like playing a tooth ache and IU plays in slow motion with a lot of meaningless movement.

  3. I remember it being a big deal when Wisconsin took IU to overtime at Wisconsin with IU winning during that era.

  4. The last 8 minutes of this game was some of the worst game management I’ve seen in a while.

    3 game losing streak at home. Lovely.

  5. We should feel blessed. We really got to see some well-coached teams with high IQ ballers these last few weeks. IPFW, Butler, Nebraska, Louisville, & Wisconsin….They all played with collective grit and mental toughness that has always been absent from Tom Crean squads. These teams owned us in tenacity and smarts.
    I’m pretty sure we all know it’s not because our guys wearing the candy stripes are soft and unteachable.

    Is it true that Baylor received zero votes in preseason polls? Wow… We need more experts.

    1. Completely agree…all of those teams are smarter & have leaders on the floor.

      OG should’ve been on Nigel from the tip. That’s a no brainer that Crean didn’t find until late 1H.

      Having Morgan on Happ was ok, but isn’t it really saying “Thomas, Happ is better than you are.”?

      The difference turned out to be Koenig vs. JBJ…5-5 vs. 2-5 from 3….that’s 9 pts. & we lost by 7.

      We had 6 more TO but 7 more rebounds.

      We have no leader on the bench or on the floor….besides Hartmann & the strength & conditioning coach.

      Prediction: Crean will make changes & we’ll win at home Sat. vs. IL, & he’ll get satisfaction & press conf. babble out of it.

  6. This program is bi polar.

    Last year we start the season like the first 3 minutes of the this Wisconsin game. Win the Big Ten.

    This year, we start the year with a promising win over #3 Kansas. The team looks promising. Of course, after playing the patsies, we go 0-4 (with 3 straight losses at home). In the state of Indiana, the Hoosiers have only beat one real team (UNC).

    Of course, with all of us hanging out head in disbelief that a team this talented can play this badly, we’ll then run the table through another weak Big Ten schedule, make the tournament and lose in the 2nd round.

    At least we have a 3.3 star recruiting class to look forward to next year.

  7. Another season of coaching puke put under ever more scutiny. AD Glass’s inbox must be exploding. As it should.

  8. It is what it is. Peaks at a few conference championships in a mediocre conference and sweet 16 championship every several years. And that is as good as it gets!

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