Priller ruled ineligible, Indiana appealing

As injuries continue to strike Indiana’s frontcourt, the Hoosiers are moving forward without 6-foot-9 forward Tim Priller.

Priller, a little-used junior, is currently ineligible as he deals with a progress-toward-degree issue. Priller recently added a second major and has not met the NCAA requirement for progress-toward-degree, which calls for student-athletes to fulfill certain requirements for their majors throughout their academic careers in order to stay eligible.

Indiana is currently appealing the decision.

The progress-toward-degree ruling means Priller can practice, dress for home games and sit on the bench with the team at Assembly Hall, but he cannot play or travel.

Priller has not played since Dec. 19, and was not with the team for recent trips to Maryland and Penn State.

“We’re working through it,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “It’s been going on for a little bit here and it’s unique. He’s got so many credits, but at the same time it’s a progress-toward-degree situation.”

Priller has appeared in eight games this season. He scored a career-high four points against Houston Baptist on Dec. 10.

He is the fourth Indiana forward that is currently unavailable. Collin Hartman, OG Anunoby and Juwan Morgan are each dealing with injuries.


  1. The guy needs to know things like that and be responsible. Still with a what, multi-million budget , IU sports not on top of something like this?

  2. Another detail not paid attention to by this staff led by Coach Crean. Where I come from it is said they’re work in “coasting mode”. The peripheral tasks and duties of this staff have to be managed by the HC. Drip, drip, drip through the cracks.

  3. Im sorry but really who cares the guy does’nt play was’nt goin to play any time soon so big freakin deal he’ll graduate at some point with atleast one degree why are you people makin such a little fuss over this?

    1. I think you guys are misunderstanding this situation. By all accounts, this appears to be a silly NCAA nitpicking issue with a player who is trying to take on a greater academic load and is being treated like he’s making no effort at all.

  4. Yes Jeremy, it is interesting how some were quick to blame the coaching staff and the AD’s academic advisors for what really appears to be some SNAFU with the NCAA’s interpretation of the rules. And how ironic that the NCAA has ruled that a student athlete, playing for one of the cleanest academic programs in the country, and who has too many course credits, can’t play. The NCAA is filled with grossly overpaid paper-pushers who look for ways to appear to punishing rules violates while remaining blind and impotent toward programs that make a mockery of the spirit of those rules. I wonder what degrees the starting five at Kentucky are pursuing.

  5. Jeremy, that’s the way it reads to me. He has a double major. That’s a lot of credit hours.

    That being said, his academic advisor should have seen this coming.

  6. JP, you’re the 1 not getting it. The staff has supposed experts to keep this from occurring, nitpicking or otherwise. Right or wrong? Piss poor management drops the ball when they coast through their work. Absolutely no excuse.

  7. Oh My God. Someone made a mistake, and our 12th man can’t play. The season is ruined! Fire that idiot right now! We demand perfection!

  8. Po you’re not getting it either. You seldom do. It is not about Priller. It is about keeping 13 players eligible. Who is accountable? Crean and the person(s) tasked with never allowing a player getting close to crossing the line of an NCAA academic infraction. Which ties up his valuable scholarship longer than necessary. Drip, drip, drip through the cracks.

  9. That’s right HC, you “get it,” but dummies like Jeremy and I don’t. You’re O.K., it’s just that everyone else is stupid. Given your superior intellect, why do you waste your time with dummies like us?

  10. this appears to be a silly NCAA nitpicking issue

    3-way calling a recruit was also a “silly nitpicking issue” seeing how the NCAA dropped the prohibited asinine recruiting rule one year after they treated IU as if we were doing something as heinous as inventing fake classes(UNC) for athletes.

    This is pretty minor schnitzel with Priller. When did we sign Priller? What were the circumstances? Wasn’t it a desperation move(April & Priller) after Holt and Davis were removed? So many projects…..Jobe, Guy-Marc, Bawa, Jurkin, Perea, April, Priller…. We have bigger fish to fry….like finding a stronger in-game coach who can land(more importantly, develop) more than one decent BIG every four years.

    Cody digressed…Bryant is digressing. Not only have we had far more raw projects taking up scholarships than legit post players, we’ve witnessed the legit guys slowly digress due to poor use of their skills within our offense. As noted by Dakich in the MSU game, Bryant parks himself 30 feet from the basket and appears to be of less value than the freshman with stronger inside game; Davis. At times, the walk-on, McRoberts, seems to be a better option on the floor with Davis than Bryant.

  11. Who takes most of the great photos of Hoosier hoops for the HT? Damn it…His name is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t think of it. Howell?
    Anyway, the photo of Priller on this thread brought a huge smile to my face…That damn kid on Liberty looks like he could be Priller’s twin. Hoosier hoops is Liberty on steroids… What a fabulous shot….maybe not intended, but fabulous nonetheless. It speaks to so many things unintended but present. The true beauty of photography is where each free thinker can write his/her own editorial. So much more than a couple clean cut guys looking up for a rebound….or not.

  12. My kids all had academic advisors who worked with (or for) the athletic department. Keeping this kind of thing from happening was about 75% of their job responsibilities.

    Sure, it’s Tom Priller. We won’t lose any games because of this. But that is the biggest part of their jobs. You can count on it coming up during recruiting. “Why, IU just had a kid lose his eligibility because his athletic departments provided academic advisor couldn’t keep track of his credits. That could happen to you.”

    The margins can be razor thin on where a kid chooses to go. This is the last thing we need.

  13. I’m sure the more vital components of a roster get far more micromanagement. I highly doubt this would have any detrimental effects on recruiting. Not playing deep into March Madness is where most recruiting damage is done.

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  15. I didn’t think the headline of this piece was very considerate….Not nice to conclude Indiana as now “appealing” simply because Priller has become ineligible.

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