Report: Greg Frey interviewing at Michigan

After filling his staff with three assistants at the beginning of the month, Tom Allen could end January with an unexpected opening.

Indiana offensive line coach Greg Frey is reportedly on campus and interviewing for a position at Michigan today, according to’s Sam Webb. Frey worked under former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez from 2008 to 2010.

At IU, Frey’s group earned national acclaim, including back-to-back first team All-America honors for now-graduated right guard Dan Feeney, and an All-American season for former left tackle Jason Spriggs in 2015. That year, Spriggs and Feeney became the first O-line duo in program history to earn first team recognition in the same season.

Frey received a nomination for the 2015 Broyles Award, which goes annually to the nation’s top assistant coach.

Michigan has a staff opening after running back coach Tyrone Wheatley recently took a job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. According to the Detroit News, should Frey be hired, another current Michigan assistant could shift to overseeing the running backs, allowing Frey to share line duties with current offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Tim Drevno.

At the start of January, Allen hired Mike DeBord as his new offensive coordinator, Grant Heard as his receivers coach and permanently installed Shawn Watson as his quarterbacks coach.

At that time, Allen — as best he could tell — said there would be no further staff changes.


  1. I hope he chooses to stay at IU especially at this late date. I would guess Coach Debord and Allen have a coach in mind to replace Coach Frey if he does leave. If he leaves he will be missed but it opens up an opportunity for another OL coach to show his chops.

  2. I wanted to add that I thought this was settled with a promotion at IU as one of the OCs. This was reported over at another site and died down with being promoted. I guess we will see in the next couple of days.

  3. This is an unfortunate side effect of the football program not sucking anymore. “Elite” programs identify the coaches behind the turn-around and poach them. Now, Ohio State’s offense will be run by Kevin Wilson and Michigan’s o-line will be run by Frey. Hopefully when Harbaugh implodes at Michigan (a matter of when, not if) we can lure Frey back. OSU can have WIlson.

  4. Pay the man what he deserves. If IU is to be a FB presence we will be paying proper $ to proven successful coaches anyway. Frey is and has been 1 of those coaches. Ante up and end these flirting dalliances of distraction. His wife is a Bloomington gal and in the past being settled here has been a major reason they have remained at IU for as long as they have.

  5. HC, with the TV money there is no reason for PU to increase FB pay so much for HC and assistants to have IU stuck in the lower half of the league. Pay coaches at the level you want the program to be, which I hope is in the top 5 teams.

  6. “This is an unfortunate side effect of the football program not”…….having the budget it needs to compete with the wealthiest college football programs in the country (like Michigan, OSU, PSU), and is a direct result of IU’s low attendance at home football games. I agree that IU should do everything it can to keep Frey. But the reality is that IU’s best effort just may not be good enough to prevent his defection. And as we’ve seen in the past, Glass has a tendency to be reactive in trying to match the offers of schools trying to poach IU’s assistants. Being reactive is just not an effective tactic. Once someone goes through the process of interviewing for a new job, negotiates the compensation package, and secures the job offer, they’re already mentally and emotionally half way out the door.

    And compensation aside, I wonder if their are other considerations tempting Frey to pursue this job? Does he want to hook his wagon to Harbaugh in case he returns to the NFL? Does he want to be with a National title contender? Or maybe he just prefers to live in Ann Arbor over Bloomington? My guess is that it’s simply about the considerable increase in compensation he’s likely to get from Michigan. Hope he stays at IU.

  7. In other news, Indiana just got Mr Football in Florida to commit. We might have a new QB next year.

    Kids stats are off the chart. How on earth was he only a 2 star?

  8. I can’t imagine anyone who is experienced with both Ann Arbor and Bloomington would choose Ann Arbor…and I LIKE Ann Arbor. It’s just a brutal place to live 7 months out of the year.

  9. Warming of the globe, Chet. In ten more years, the Michigan shoreline will have palm trees….and Trump hotels.
    It was 70 degrees in Indy over the weekend.

  10. A lot of protected state and national park shoreline in Michigan…Wonder how that will fare over the next four years? I’ll give your auto plants some incentives, you give me 100 miles of shoreline for golf courses and casinos? DEAL!

  11. I actually love the Lake Michigan shoreline in Michigan but it is dark, dismal, and cold much of the year. To the extreme.

    I get tons of snow at 8,000ft in Colorado but the sun usually shines. Intensely.

  12. The News is that Coach Frey is gone, IU needs to bring in another great OL coach. I am sorry to see him go, especially so late in the season, and I wish him the best at UM. With as close as we played them and the players they lost we could beat them next year [I really hope we do].

  13. Lake Michigan is a snow manufacturer, for sure. Hopefully, many will continue to believe it is far from a practical and beautiful haven. There are few places you can go anymore that include sand without the 1% owning 99% of the access and beauty. I won’t fight you in your belief that it’s dismal place. Colorado is truly paradise in comparison. And you have mountains! Skiing….etc, etc. You’ve got it good, my man. And the shoreline of Michigan has that beautiful tall grass that mixes into the tall dunes….Seem like yesterday when we were running our cherished Yellow Labrador along the shores and up and down the sandy slopes….The color of her coat would blend into the golden strands…She would disappear and suddenly reappear; jumping through it as if she where jumping through the heavens of all happiness. We would sit atop highest point and she would stare off to the lake in some state of dreamy joy …And there was nothing that would warm our heart more than to watch her toboggan on her backside down a large dune …It was her playground. I can’t locate a sun in the universe that could warm my heart more.

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