Report: Michigan hires Greg Frey as assistant

Indiana appears to be losing a nationally-recognized assistant.

Offensive line coach Greg Frey is set to take a similar position at Michigan, according to a report from’s Sam Webb. With the Wolverines, Frey would oversee the tackles and tight ends, while serving as run game coordinator.

A 2015 nominee for the Broyles Award, which recognizes college football’s top assistant, Frey built a reputation in Bloomington as one of the top offensive line coaches in the nation during his six years with the Hoosiers. He was also heralded in the recruiting realm, using his deep connections to his home state of Florida to help Indiana develop ties to the South’s fertile recruiting ground.

The Herald-Times’ salary database shows Frey was the highest-paid non-coordinator on IU’s football staff in 2016, making $375,000. At Michigan, Frey’s could receive a significant salary boost. For example, former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton will make $1 million as Michigan’s newly-hired passing game coordinator in 2017.

With the Hoosiers, Frey developed left tackle Jason Spriggs and right guard Dan Feeney into All-Americans and integral parts of IU’s 2015 Big Ten-best offense. Prior to joining former coach Kevin Wilson’s staff in 2011, Frey spent three seasons in Ann Arbor under coach Rich Rodriguez, helping to develop David Molk into the nation’s best center.

While Frey had a hand in recruiting offensive line standouts like Taylor Lewan at Michigan and Feeney at Indiana, he also did well landing players beyond his position. Frey played a significant role in pulling safety Jonathan Crawford out of Florida. Frey’s reach also extended to key areas in Ohio.

All the while, his recruiting influence was not limited to players. After the 2015 season, Frey also suggested to Wilson that he look at Tom Allen as a candidate to become IU’s next defensive coordinator.

Now IU’s head coach, Allen appears to have a significant hole to fill on his coaching staff.


  1. Fred Glass needs to quit paying Bball coaches so much and cut back on their $1M recruiting budget when they can’t get past the sweet 16. Glass needs to understand to have a winning football program he has to use the TV money to get pay up comparable to the top 5 schools. If PU can pay their coach so much and increase assistant coaches allotment to $3.5M. If IU doesn’t really boost assistant coaches pay we will continue to lose our best assistants. IU will stay in the bottom level of the B1G if we don’t start paying more to keep them.

    Good Luck to coach Frey and coach Allen it is time to surprise people with how good an OL coach you can bring to IU.

  2. IU football tradition.
    I read interesting article about when Phil Dickens coached @ IU. Ohio State & Michigan felt a little threatened and consequently thus the demise of Phil Dickensc era.

    Once Frey interviewed @ Mich to the extent he did I did not want him back at IU. Like Bo on Bill Frieder when he interviewed at Arizona and was replaced by Fisher. However, things should have been in place to prevent that from happening regarding IU and Frey.

  3. v13, you may have set off WW3 with that comment. 😉

    Indiana isn’t going to retain assistant fb coaches by dipping into the bb fund. The big news out of Ann Arbor isn’t the fact that they poached one of our best assistants. It is the fact that Michigan just paid 3 of their top assistant coaches $1 million each. Michigan’s assistant football coaches almost make as much as the head coach at Indiana.

    Growth of revenues in college football has exploded with TV, apparel and massive increases in ticket prices. Schools that fill 120k butts on Saturdays, exponentially have it better off.

    In case we start getting all nostalgic for the old days, lets remember that he never was able to get over the hump while Michigan & PSU were down. He beat PSU once and Michigan never. Our division within the B1G is

    Fact is, Indiana isn’t going to compete with Mich, OSU & PSU (schools with huge followings and 100k+ sellouts on Sat) if there is an assistant they want. The chump change they could scrape together from other programs will never get us over the hump versus the arms race the super powers in the conference are capable of mustering against our Baltic States.

  4. Criticizing Glass and/or IU’s Administration for not preventing Frey’s departure is silly, and shows a lack of awareness about the realities associated with IU Athletics, specifically football. The reality is that there are the “haves” and the “have-nots” in college football. IU has been among the “have-nots” for a very long time and we will continue to be unless some billionaire decides to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the Athletic Department. In reality, IU is all but helpless to prevent such defections, because we simply don’t have the money to win a bidding war against the wealthiest football programs in the country. The reality is that schools like Michigan, OSU, PSU, Alabama, USC, etc., will always be able to outspend IU for coaching talent. They simply generate a lot more money from their football program that IU does. And the difference in revenue, due almost exclusively to football revenue, is HUGE! Michigan paid Harbaugh over $7 million in 2016! What did IU pay Wilson? It’s not even close. And even if IU had the money to match Michigan’s offer, it would be stupid to do so because IU will always lose a bidding war with the wealthiest football programs in the country. I hate to see Frey leave, but it’s “next man up” and an opportunity for IU to find the next talented O-line coach who will see IU as a major step up in his career progression.

    Sorry folks, but IU will continue to be vulnerable to our best football coaches getting poached by much wealthier college football programs.

  5. The four “wealthiest” college Athletic Departments in 2015: (USA Today)
    1. Texas A&M: Revenue = $192,608,876. Expenses = $109,608,876; Profit = $83 million
    2. Texas: Revenue = $183,521,028; Expenses = $173,248,133; Profit = $10,272,895
    3. Ohio State: Revenue = $167,166,065; Expenses = $154,033,208; Profit = $13,132,857
    4. Michigan: Revenue = $152,477,026; Expenses = $151,144,964; Profit = $2,332,062

    In that same year, IU was ranked 33rd in the U.S., with Revenues of $88,362,421, Expenses of $88,330,530 and profits of $31,891.

    Think about that the next time you see Memorial Stadium two-thirds full for a home football game.

    1. Tell you what I’m thinking about, even new math can’t calculate Meatchicken’s profit to be 2,332,062.00 with the #’s listed.

  6. Might be better to just pull out of the BIG 10. Watch the stock of that crap hole fall. Watch that junk heap known as the Big 10 Network spiral down in viewership ratings….
    Don ‘t let them bully you, v-13. If IU Basketball was not in the conference, the entire prestige of the BIG drops off the cliff. Every night the candy stripes take to the maple, we still have the biggest targets on our backs(doesn’t matter if we have a terrible coach). That will never end. And because we garner that sort of attention(along with viewership drawing power), the BIG should have used affirmative action policies to bring us into a closer to equal playing field in football. Because Indiana Basketball put the conference on the map, there should have been conference $$$(shared revenues from football) to bring Indiana up to speed.

    Maybe we should see if the Big East would be interested in Indiana University? Donald Trump would never stand for this relationship. If we can’t get some sort of ideas from the conference to help put our football program into a level of competitiveness, then we should let them see how well they would survive without Indiana Basketball fueling their national and local ratings/dollars.

    Doesn’t matter that the banners are thirty years old….
    We are the only true “blue blood” in anything. We are the school with FIVE banners.

    Maybe it is truly the time to stand proud rather continue to be a punching bag? Our banners are the timeless gold absent from ALL other programs in this conference. Let the BIG and that Establishment guy from UNC, Delany, consider how much will be lost if Indiana puts those banners on the open market.

  7. Just look at those schools in the Big East…It’s like the who’s who of Brainy/Pedigree Basketball…

    Could you imagine a schedule that would include games with Villanova, Butler, Creighton, Marquette, Xavier, Seton Hall, Providence, St. Johns, Georgetown
    and DePaul. Wow…There is some coaching heritage at those programs. Do any of them play football? Who cares. What a wonderful change of scene for our basketball program. Coaches in the Big East would simply destroy Crean in the X’s and O’s of the game.

  8. Typical conversations about IU fb program, history, and tradition….around and around in circles it goes. What makes it worse is the once blue chip bb program has followed suit.

  9. Maybe we could become an independent in football…and a Big East member in hoops? We really have nothing to lose….if the revenues are already as low as Podunker’s research concludes.

    It’s time for inventive thinking…It’s time to stop the tail of the BIG(football $$$) wagging the dog of prestige and banners(Indiana). See how their TV revenues and national attention do without the candy stripes. I believe it would mean immeasurable hurt on the conference. The only reason Maryland and Rutgers got into the act was the chance to gain some sun under our banners.

  10. Yep, the legacy of decades of inconsistent and at times incompetent leadership throughout IU’s Administration. But also a factor of pour attendance at IU home football games for decades. To a large extent, IU fans must share the blame. If you fill all 53,000 seats in Memorial Stadium for every home game, we might have the budget necessary to keep coaches like Frey from defecting.

  11. 1st off IU has plenty of $ to take care of Frey. Lets put it this way; if they had enough $ to pay off all the unbudgeted fired coaches over the last 14 years when $ were really tight then this 1 was not impossible. But the bigger conundrum is the talented professional just lost and the ? now hanging over the 2017 commits he recruited now it is so close to NSD. 1st hand it is almost as big as the HC just lost, on the 2nd hand it is as big as there is no known coach on the team to step in like Allen did. Of the assistants Frey was topmost in executing his responsibility of the dynamic offense Wilson brought to Bloomington. Also he was 2nd only to Wilson in identifying talent to develop and in helping change the culture of IU FB. 3rdly his recruiting prowess in Florida and Ohio cannot be equaled in any reasonable term of time with any replacement that can be brought to IU. The loss of Wilson and Frey so close together are solid body blows to the offense. To bad James Patton was let go as he was a solid and competent OL coach at NW and Oklahoma. Being so late in the restructuring staff for 2017 I doubt anyone will take a lateral move from a P5 team so a replacement will come from a step or 2 below. This loss hurts – right between the eyes.

  12. Great Assistants get job offers and Frey has been great. Assistant Coaches at the Ohio States, Alabama’s and Michigan’s of the world go on to be head coaches. I don’t blame Michigan for offering or Frey for accepting. I just hope that Coach Allen can reach into that coaching network of his and pull out another great name to replace him.

  13. Heard a name thrown out today as a possible replacement to Fry. Justin Frye. Past IU offensive lineman. No relation.

  14. Justin Frye was a first team All State football player at Elwood high school. Set the all time record at IU for the most consecutive starts for an IU football player (45). Was a team captain his senior year and an Academic All American. Was Offensive Graduate Assistant at IU during the 2007-2008 season. Steve Addazio was his offensive coordinator while he was playing at IU. He followed Addazio to Florida, then Temple, and now is Addazio’s offensive line coach at Boston College. He’s an Indiana guy and has had tremendous success everywhere he’s been. Google his name and look at the success of the running games at Temple and Boston College, while he was the line coach.

  15. Xavier, Justin looks like he would be a very good pick up for IUFB as their OL coach. I haven’t seen any articles on possible replacements so I am in the dark about who and when the decision will be about. It would be nice to get an IU guy with a proven track record.

  16. HC, coach Frey is a major loss especially this close to signing day but I don’t think any commits will leave due to his departure. The OL guys are Indiana players and the other guys he recruited play different positions IE WR and DB so they are more in tune with their position coaches.

    As far as future recruiting coach Allen and Coach Watson are strong in the areas coach Frey was strong in. Coach Allen and Watson have both coached and recruited in Florida along with coach Watson having strong connections in the Cincy area from his time at Louisville. Only time will tell what impact coach Frey or any of the other coaches, who have left, will have on IUFB.

    Remember that replacing coach is an opportunity to bring in another outstanding OL coach who has experience in recruiting other areas of the country making IUFB stronger.

  17. I’m afraid I just can’t buy the Coach Frey loss will be felt by the IU FB program for only a transitional short term. He’s just too good. After all Meatchicken targeted and hired him. Not an Iowa or Maryland. He was a Broyles award nominee while at IU. He has put over 20 men into the NFL. He is a Florida boy who played at FSU. He initiated and successfully developed the Florida to IU pipeline. I can’t count the # of players just from the Tampa area who became and are Hoosiers. He repeatedly and routinely willed and instructed IU linemen to overachieve. Also, what is centerpiece is the combination of a Wilson/ Frey loss is double damning to the offense for more than just the 2017 season. It is just to big a challenge to say the next hire on the offensive side of the ball will just be here a short time, get acclimated, engaged, comfortable and overcome all the functions Frey accomplished with quality and success. My outlook for IU FB in 2017 is now circumspect and guarded. POTMFB!!!!!!

  18. The firing of Wilson will haunt Memorial for a very long time….To have any hope of parting the decades of dark blanketing clouds of insignificance forever compressing upon the belief, Indiana required exactly what Wilson could command of an ear.

    All the specifics and debates can be hammered and crafted like a blacksmith molding iron into an argument. It simply doesn’t matter. Everything I needed to know about Wilson was contained in that early radio interview with Jack Trudeau. The horrible expectations for mediocrity had finally met its match.

    But there are heavier clouds over Indiana right now….and even a man with knowledge, vision, and ability to bring change was unable to break through that weight from above. IU is at war with itself. Indiana Athletics(and maybe many institutions as a whole) is in a battle between image and truth. Wilson was never going to be a man interested in the former. He was just beginning to transform that same core of confidence into the young men who came to Indiana, not as an intended ‘fallback plan,’ but as a first plan. There are few individuals who can emanate such a natural order of confidence for it to move into others without the deceptions of rhetoric absent the heart.

    That confidence shook Trudeau and I felt, for whatever brief moment, the clouds above Memorial cracked in their sky of lazy defeatism; parted to nothing of screams, nothing of chasing the easy targets any uninspiring history finds its villains., but to the anchor hitting the hardened earth only found in competence and determined honesty. Memorial shook from its long sleep, and the sun always there, briefly came to shine and say hello upon football at Indiana.

    The clouds have again won. They mumbled a few words and chuckled in the gray.
    They huddled between downs and filled just enough for another long stay; another touchdown in the dark weight of their conclusions…We wouldn’t know the sun from one painted on a canvas.

  19. H4H I know much of your writing has double meanings so I am not sure how you meant this to be. Coach Wilson did a lot for IU football including changing the mindset but so did Coach Hoeppner.
    The impact of Wilson and the other coaches leaving won’t be known for several years. The changes made could cause the program to be worse or better. This year’s recruiting indicates IU won’t fall back to the bad days as this class looks to be very good and more than half committed after Coach Wilson left IU. I do know players love playing for coach Allen which is an indication things could get better. The talent evaluation from 2017 seems to be very good so I don’t see a drop off in playing talent under Coach Allen.

    I was concerned about coach Wilson being let go but I have kept an open mind about the program under coach Allen. 2017 will be an interesting season especially with opening up with OSU. To make the 2017 season tougher, IU picks up Wisconsin. Just another power team to challenge and work to move up to their level and win, which is good for IU.

  20. Bloomington is a wonderful place to live. The people here are as friendly as anywhere else in the state and there is a lot to do for the young and the old. I see no grey clouds here. Fred Glass may have made a few questionable coaching hires during his time here at IU, but he has made tremendous progress in the IU athletic facilities across the board. Major upgrades to the football stadium and more to come. Major facelift at Assembly Hall and the addition of a beautiful baseball stadium and also a new softball stadium. The weight room probably rivals any school in the big ten. The offices, player meeting rooms and player rooms used for scholastics shows an emphasis on the athletes education. Parking lots at the football stadium were paved last year and countless trees were planted in and around the new paved areas. There is no question that the investment put into the athletic facilities has been a major reason for improved recruiting within the football program, as well as other sports. There are so many good things going on in Bloomington, the majority of people living here don’t care about Kevin Wilson being gone. I don’t care if we go 4-8 next season, I’m just excited that we have a coach of great character, faith, and family. A coach with tremendous energy and enthusiasm, something that has been sorely lacking for the past six years. What legacy did Kevin Wilson leave here at Indiana? No winning seasons. Below average PR skills. Poor game day decision making. Getting in trouble in a student dorm. Not interactive with the students and season ticket holders. The majority of his few wins were against the weakest teams in the big ten and against non conference schools with much weaker programs (some of which he lost to). Maybe one big win against Missouri. The only thing positive thing I can think of is we competed better in the games we lost to the better teams in the big ten. I don’t get it. It’s a shame we had to pay him $500K to walk away, but in my mind, that’s the best money Glass ever wasted. Only time will tell if Allen and his new staff are the answer IU football fans are looking for, but the majority of people here don’t miss him and won’t miss him, no matter how much success he might have at Ohio State. His elite players might miss him, but my guess is the majority of the players won’t. A lot of the Alumni won’t miss him and a lot of the IU employees won’t miss him either. People skills, people skills, people skills. Most IU fans feel the same way about the firing of Wilson as Colt fans feel about the firing of Grigson. In the words of Pat Mcafee “Thank God.” The sun is shining bright here in Bloomington, even on a cold drizzly day. Time will tell if Coach Allen is The Guy, but in my mind he’s a God send. Our spirits are as high as ever and the dark clouds are few. In the words of Dusty Kiel “It’s a great day to be a Hoosier.”

  21. Someone had to be the tough bastard to change the IU FB culture. Which will make Allen’s lifting lighter, less dimensional, and smoother. Ask him.

  22. Re Xavier & $5oo K. walking money…..Think I remember clause if Wilson got another position w/in 6 months(?), the money does not walk..?

  23. PO, it isn’t silly comparing BBall money to FBall money. Yes I know other top programs draw in a lot more money but we can’t do anything about that. We could do something about pay differential in IUFB and IUBB because the pay difference says our Football team is a second class citizen at IU.

    I and others understand IU can’t match UM, OSU, and practically everyone else in the B1G, with the exception of a couple of teams, due to lack of attendance at FB games. In other post I have commented that coach Frey leaving is an opportunity for another up and coming excellent OL coach taking the job at IU. In describing the coaches that could cover the recruiting areas of coach Frey I omitted coach McCullough and his connection in Cincy and the rest of Ohio.

  24. There is no reason IU football can’t achieve what has been done in recent history at Northwestern or Iowa. When I was a student Wisconsin and Minny were as bad as anyone.

  25. Chet, I agree about IU achieving as much as Northwestern and Iowa with the talent we have. You are right about how bad Wisconsin and Minnesota were in the past so they show any school with the right coaches can succeed. Minnesota looks to be in good shape with Fleck as their coach just as I think IU and PU are in very good shape with the coaching hires heading into this 2017 season. Wisconsin has proven once turning the corner a school can continue to improve their program with a roster full of 3 star players mixed in with a few higher rated players.

    B1G continues to improve due to coaching hires and the conference is becoming a brutal conference to play in. It is no longer a big two little eight conference even though OSU and UM continue to be two of the top teams in the conference. MSU showed in 2016 how close teams are from being very good teams to being one of the worst teams in the B1G. Just because you don’t win many games in the B1G means you are a bad team. The leagues puts teams on the edge with the top competition now in the league.

  26. Actually the B1G 2 got even bigger at the expense of IU. The achilles’ heel for both the Bucks and Meatchicken was offense. They now have taken very direct steps with coaching to bring about positive improvement.

  27. I found an article written by zac osterman in the Indy Star. It said that Wilson resigned and accepted 1 year of base pay salary of $540,000, to be paid out over the course of the next 12 months, regardless of accepting employment from any other school. That was all I saw. Never saw any clauses that would void the $540,000. Wilson’s annual salary was over 2 million a year, but his base was $540,000. The only part of his contract that was guarenteed was the base pay, but only if he was let go without just cause. He could have fought for the base pay for the remaining years on his contract for being let go without just cause (which would have been about 2.5 million) but mutually agreed to leave and accept the one year of base pay, thus avoiding any legal proceedings. I’m assuming he was advised to accept the buyout or risk the chance of the University proving they had just cause to let him go, and possibly receive nothing, which might explain Glass’s rather vague press release of the Wilson resignation. Ex players and some of the parents of ex players were the ones that filled in some of the details of the “philosophical differences” that Glass referred to as the reason for the coaching change. The media might have done some digging as well, giving details of IU paying a law firm to conduct two separate investigations into the treatment of players within the football program. This information is just what I’ve read and interpreted from the articles I’ve read.

  28. Osterman mentions in the article that language in Wilson’s contract that mentions him owing IU nothing if he got another job making at least $540,000 in the next 12 months as myth. In the article Osterman mentions two thing as myth, this and other financial terms were discussed as myth.

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