1. I share in the head-shaking and shrugging. It is just about the only way I can describe what I’m seeing right now. Apart from the injuries, it isn’t just the losing, it is how Indiana is losing. You guys said it, Indiana’s D has been terrible all year and without our offense weapons, the margin for error is gone. There’s so much confusion out there. So many missed assignments. Assistant coaches holding up signs that say very basic fundamental things. Embarrassing.

    Where’s Geoff? What’s the Maven in Maine’s take on this…. 😉

  2. Sorta funny how your frozen image in the ScoopTalk gives the appearance of you each having a marshmallow sitting atop your heads. Maybe some sort of unintended metaphor for “sugary soft on Crean” guys disguised as tough critics…? It’s a message from God.

  3. Maybe it’s time to pull a Bobby Knight and start most of the bench for the next game…? Play them an entire half….? Go with the following:


    I would have preferred to go with Priller in place of Davis, but that’s currently not an option.

    The results might not be any worse. Crean doesn’t have the cojones to make such a move.

    1. You’re right, 0 cajones to do such a thing….but in reality, what does he have to lose at this point? NOTHING! There’s a lot of talk & noise from him about the shortfalls of the team, but no solutions. Remember, he recruited these exact kids to come to IU, win Big 10 titles and compete for NCAA Championships. But they are simply incapable & don’t seem to care.

      How many true IN kids do we have? McRoberts? One could argue Blackmon, but I doubt he grew up watching IU. I would cut off my junk to play in those uniforms & stripes. Still would.

      But there’s no passion on this team. No passion for the INDIANA across the chest & what it means. That, in itself, is The PROBLEM.

  4. No passion is the apt description. I can only hope Crean is very uncomfortable every time the whistle hangs from his neck. In the morning that mirror has to be mighty lonely. He has no ability to design a half court offensive play, teach consistent, passionate, energetic D and correct unforced TO’s that have been occurring for years. What is so disheartening is near any experienced Indiana HS BB coach could noticeably improve all 3 in 10 practice days. He if he was sincere about IU’s future along with his own should announce his resignation immediately. Because the coaching job is not getting done.

  5. To quote the late, great Joan Rivers(no relation to Jeremiah), “Can we talk?”

    Harvard for Hillbillies says:
    July 18, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Recruiting has never been Crean’s major issue. Coaching and proper decisions with regard to maintaining flow and team synergy is his major issue. The “eye for NBA talent” argument is highly overrated.

    I really don’t care that he’s short on commitments or found a couple scholarships in his hip pocket only a few months before classes begin. There is plenty of talent on this upcoming team to be highly competitive. The problem that will forever plague Tom Crean is underutilized talent within the college framework. Our teams will never be coached above their talent. I am personally convinced that even some of the younger and/or more recent coaching additions to the Big 10(John Groce, Chris Collins, Richard Pitino) blow Crean out of the water in front of the chalkboard. Within a state that produces such a vast amount of quality basketball players(nothing across the nation compares on a per capita basis), I wouldn’t be shocked if any assistant at a quality program couldn’t step into Bloomington and produce better results than Ringmaster Joyce Tweet. Unfortunately, this would not include the assistant coaches brought in by Crean. Insecure men surround themselves with a certain undemanding level of shortcomings and insecurities the same. The cleaning of house will come…It will take a few more years before, what to most with unclouded vision glaringly can already see, the mediocre accomplishments of talented squads, and the lack of deep appearances in March, will eventually even wear thin on the last holdouts of the holier-than-thou, Christian Right blowhards his once full parish of staunch supporters, that can desperately cling no more.

    “Embrace” the individual talent shows…Enjoy Blackmon’s profound skills and savvy learned from solid coaching and a father immersed in the Indiana game. Relish the few that wear the candy stripes despite the quick realization of playing for a preacher rather than a teacher and the locker room intuitions of their talent only as stage worthy its individual value.

    With so much premier focus on draft nights, mega million contracts, and what a supremely athletic kid can do to get the highest level, I’m increasingly convinced the best of talent really cares that much about what results can be achieved as a team. The best of college basketball within the realm of a team game its stock market value in filling seats is a thing of the past. It’s no shock as to why coaches like Crean have found a home at a place where teaching was just as much a priority as the forever upsides of D-Wade jumpers and every undiscovered vaudevillian act of undressing athleticism in our unrefined hoops.

    Also thank Max Beilfeldt…..He was beyond well schooled in fundamentals…He was actually coached at Michigan. He also wore the cloak for everything absent in Tom Crean’s in-game coaching abilities and lack of post play design/teaching/competency.

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