1. The worst bench coached game in the CTC era bar none ! Wisconson 11-0 blitz scoring at will . Very rarely was there a defender with in 10 feet of anyone . Like shooting ducks in a barrel.16-2 CTC and the players all had same deer in the headlight look. The panic was apparent until Davis and Morgan got to work and down 1 at half . The weird subsitutions continued . Were still in the game and Clappy the clown aka the Bench pacer has McRoberts , McSwaine ,and no hustle Bryant all in together game over Wisconson makes a run down 10 ! Blackmon bearly plays the whole second half . Granted he has no interest in playing defense ever but he can shoot ! If Newkirk is a point guard so is Bryant . Speaking of Bryant absolutely no effort big crybaby . Davis is the man along with Morgan they get it . Wisconson is a good ball club, great hustle and defense,make the extra pass. And as with most teams they have a 7 man rotation and that’s the way it is. Not sub like your insane hoping someone will be hot ? RJ hit a three in the middle of a run and Clappy jerked him out right away How can you justify playing Newkirk and letting 2 freshman guards rot on the bench, and I am sorry but McRoberts,McSwain,Newkirk would be my 9 10 11 guys . I will go with RJ,Blackmon,OG,Davis,Jones ,Green,Morgan,and Byrant, the rest get in whenever. Stay with the rotation ,if you losing any way try to build something if you don’t play defense,and hustle you don’t play. I almost forgot a new coach ASAP ! Probably not till the buyout drops in July.It is not the players fault it is all on CTC ,He doesn’t have a clue or understanding of fundamental basketball . Watch Wisconson maybe they have a asst. coach looking to move up? CTC IS THE REASON WE DO NOT HAVE A POINT GUARD. REMEMBER WHEN HE FORGOT WE DIDN’T HAVE ANY BIGS? O FOR INDIANA FOR RECRUITING FOR 2017! What does that tell you?

  2. Cheerio TJ, well said. The sub pattern & results are the same; irrational!

    I’m no JBJ fan but I thought he was highly engaged on both sides in the 1H. When he’s out who is our 3 PT threat? RJ, but he’s in a slump.

    Newkirk…Mr Awful, but if you do play him he needs to be told to shoot nothing longer than a lay up. That would be his role…drive & dish.

    Problem simply stated is that Crean doesn’t believe in role players. You only need to watch the first play of the game…Bryant dribbling with his back to the bucket 15 ft from the bucket. And Crean continues to run that set with the ‘post player’ beyond the 3 line on the right side. It is a complete joke!

    We could’ve & should’ve pounded the ball inside vs. IPFW, Butler, Lville, Neb, & Wisc. We lost all 5 of those because we have no plans or plays to use our real strength. Our front court of Bryant, OG, Morgan & Davis IS THE BEST IN THE BIG 10. Just ref. rebound differential among all teams in the conf.

  3. Substitutions pattern – Seems to be more of a nervous energy thing for him. Did not notice it so much last year, but the prior yrs, make a shot, get a turnover and/or block a shot and it’s to the bench for a break. Seems that with the number of players subbing in/out it would be difficult to get into an rhythm, as Ella Fitzgerald would say.

  4. First 10 minutes of the UCLA game, Alford’s team is really good. Maybe Final Four or better good. But between Bill Walton & Dave Pasch the game itself is inconsequential. Guess I’ll miss the last 30 minutes.

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