1. First half almost perfect defense ,ball movement ,making the extra pass and hitting the boards! The second half not so much! Complete collapse back to all the issues that have plagued the team all year. They will not beat or compete with a quality team if they continue to let down and try to get by. If they had not had such a huge lead early they could have very easily lost. Road games will be a real test through the year. Newkirk still a train wreak should never be allowed to shoot. CTC continues to be brain dead and play him NOT WORKING ! Props to RJ being back, actually felt sorry for Blackmon worked hard without the ball and no one got him the ball enough. I do not care if Bryant can shoot the 3 . He is always out of position and for the most part his foot work and defense are lame at best. CTC continues horrible substitutions throughout the game. I would love to know why he is the only coach that coaches out of a manila folder? It is apparent he is in over his head . Love the new hair color and tan ! Glad to see Jones and Green get at shot! Still need to have a 8 man rotation and stick with it like everyone else. We have the talent to be good but unfortunately the team takes the personality of the coach. Maryland on the road will not be a walk in the park ! They will have to put a complete game together like the first half against Illinois.

  2. I’ve never liked seeing a big man hanging out outside the arc. What’s the point of being nearly 7 feet tall if you are 22 feet from the basket?

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