Zander Diamont talks career, life after football and IU memories

Now that his football career is over, Zander Diamont works at Kilroy’s. He’s looking to graduate in May, and once he does, Diamont wants to write a book, get into acting and maybe even host his own show.

On Monday night, Diamont got some experience doing the latter.

In a wide-ranging and entertaining two-hour interview on WIUX, Indiana University’s student radio station, Diamont reflected upon his time as a quarterback at Indiana, while looking ahead to life after football. During his three seasons at IU, Diamont gave fun, thoughtful, engaging and honest interviews. Speaking for many inside the Memorial Stadium press box, we’re disappointed to see him go.

But for two hours Monday, Diamont joined Eddie Cotton and Sam Beishuizen of The Tall Trio, along with special guest @ChronicHoosier, and dished on life in Bloomington, his teammates, his relationship with former coach Kevin Wilson, his transition to the working world and a whole list of other topics.

It’s a great listen. Set aside some time in the next couple days and check out the full interview below:


  1. Yo, that was fun. So, so fun. Zander was terrific. The guy was honest, insightful, humble, funny, and incredibly open. He put zero conditions on our talk, dodged no topics, yet never dumped on anybody despite having no constraints keeping him from speaking his mind. The kid’s pure class.

  2. Yep. I was never in a position to interview the guy, of course, but he was certainly a breathe of fresh air.

    He’s gonna do just fine.

  3. The interview was fun and it is telling when talking about coach Allen the comment was made about his ability to connect with players and it was something missing while coach Wilson was here. Zander will have a great career where ever he turns up and I expect to see him to TV some time in the future.

    I was also glad to here about the vibe in the locker room being so high for this coming season.

  4. 2 hours long, really? Is there text available on this interview? Simply my preference for text as I read way faster than people talk. Maybe I’ll find time early some morning.

  5. What a smart, likable and outstanding young man. It was very a fun interview. Zander is going to be very successful in whatever he chooses to do after school, and I’m really proud that he’s a Hoosier. By the way, when talking about IU football fans, I appreciated when he said, “If you (meaning IU fans) want a good football program, don’t be a part of the problem. If you want a good football program, come to the games.” Right on, and all the best to you, Zander. Thanks for your outstanding contribution to IU Football. You’ll be missed.

  6. There are a lot more quality football players in California like Zander Diamont, who get overlooked by PAC-12 schools. And like Zander did, many of those players would find IU to be a much better opportunity compared to schools like Fresno State and schools in the Mountain West Conference that recruited him. Using ZD as an example, I’d love to see IU increase their recruiting efforts in California. As he said in this interview, he was sold on IU “the minute he stepped on campus.”

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