Bryant helps Hoosiers to 63-62 win over Wildcats

Thomas Bryant won the game with a three-point play in the waning moments, and Collin Hartman won the night with a successful marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend.

For the first time in weeks, everything felt right again with Indiana basketball.

The Hoosiers came dangerously close to dropping another close game, but Bryant’s dunk and ensuing free throw helped IU claim a thrilling 63-62 win over Northwestern on Saturday night at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The victory snapped a five-game losing streak for Indiana, which finally made the crunch-time plays that have eluded this team during a frustrating month. Instead of wrestling with another frustrating defeat in a winnable game, the Hoosiers closed the game on an 8-0 run and earned their first win since Feb. 1.

It wasn’t the only sizable spurt for Indiana (16-13, 6-10 Big Ten), which closed the first half on a 22-0 run β€” then gave back every bit of halftime momentum with a poor start to the second half.

But with the game on the line, the Hoosiers made sure the positive moments of a topsy-turvy Senior Night in Bloomington did not go for naught.

“I’m very proud of the resiliency of this group,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “Certainly, numerous times they could have turned it in and they never did. I never felt like they would. You gotta have some reward of going through the hard stretch we’ve been going through. The reward is resiliency.”

Crean and his players credited both the 22-0 run and the 8-0 run to decent defensive sequences. The Hoosiers also caught a break with nine seconds remaining when Northwestern leading scorer Bryant McIntosh missed a runner that gave IU a chance for the win.

With the Hoosiers trailing 62-60, James Blackmon Jr. grabbed McIntosh’s miss and pushed the ball upcourt. While IU’s bench screamed for Blackmon to call a time out, but the Indiana junior felt he had a lane to the rim. He drove to the baseline and dished to Bryant, who threw down a dunk and drew a foul on his ascent with 2.6 seconds left in regulation.

“I was coming down, and they collapsed on me dribbling,” Blackmon said. “I’d say two or three guys came at me, so I knew TB would be in the right spot. That’s what we work on. He wedged, and it was a perfect play.”

Though the game-winning sequence was not without drama.

Going for the win at the line, Bryant’s free throw bounced off the back iron, then fell off the side of the rim and into the goal for the game-winning score.

“At some point in time, the bounce goes your way,” Crean said. “Literally, the bounce went our way.”

McIntosh led Northwestern (20-9, 9-7) with 22 points. Blackmon paced the Hoosiers with 13 points, while Bryant added 11. The Hoosiers return to action on Tuesday at Purdue.

This is still an Indiana team learning how to avoid the extended lulls that come back to haunt it late in games. The Hoosiers couldn’t follow up Tuesday’s hot start at Iowa, falling behind as an early 18-3 Northwestern run built a 26-14 lead for the Wildcats with 5:30 remaining in the first half. IU was forced to play a chunk of the half without Blackmon, who picked up his second foul midway through the period.

To its credit, Indiana answered in spectacular fashion.

After Crean called a timeout to stem Northwestern’s momentum, the Hoosiers embarked upon their 22-0 run to close the final five minutes of the half. It started and ended with Devonte Green. The IU freshman began the spurt with a 3-pointer that was initially ruled a two-point basket. He closed it with a 70-foot buzzer beater that sent the Assembly Hall crowd into a frenzy. The ball, which nearly hit the overhead scoreboard, banked off the glass and into the goal, giving the Hoosiers a 36-26 halftime lead.

Supercharged with momentum at the break, Indiana lost it all early in the second half.

“We didn’t come out and have the same passion at the start of the second half that we needed to,” Crean said.

The Hoosiers committed four turnovers in the first six minutes of the half, helping the Wildcats whittle away at the Indiana advantage. Sanjay Lumpkin completed a three-point play at the free throw line to cut IU’s lead to one at the 14:55 mark, and moments later, a pair of free throws by Vic Law helped Northwestern retake the lead at 41-40.

It came in the midst of a 9-0 Northwestern run that stole every last bit of high IU rode into the halftime locker room.

McIntosh twice helped the Wildcats open an eight-point lead late in the half β€” the second of which came on a deep 3-pointer that banked off the glass, giving Northwestern a 61-53 lead with 3:11 remaining.

From there, IU inched back to 62-60 on a 3-pointer by Blackmon with 38.6 seconds remaining, then let Bryant do the dirty work.

It led to the first of many smiles for the Hoosiers, who later erupted in cheers for Hartman, who closed his Senior Night speech by dropping to one knee and presenting an engagement ring to girlfriend Hayley Daniel, an IU cheerleader.

She said yes.

“I didn’t know that was going to happen,” Bryant said. “So I was shocked.”

Encouraged, too, on a night when β€” finally β€” it all seemed destined to go Indiana’s way.


  1. If not for a miraculous halftime heave and a bonehead foul committed against Bryant we would be talking about another Hoosier loss. But a win is a win and with that win the Hoosiers are assured to finish their season with no worse than a .500 record ( thank goodness for all those cupcakes at Assembly ). The win also brings their RPI out of triple digits and with another win they might get a sniff of the NIT. The fact they have only 1 road win all season makes another win highly unlikely but anything is possible.
    On a side note with Gonzaga losing last night the nations longest winning streak now belongs to ….
    the Vermont Catamounts with 18 in a row. Vermont has 4 Indiana kids on their roster and their last loss was to Butler at Hinkle Fieldhouse on Dec 21. Someone is recruiting in Indiana.

  2. Cook Hall Varsity Club reception Saturday night Billy Donovan’s name for a new coach was a name for a lot of the donors would increase their Varsity Club donations to help secure Donovan as the new coach. A signs of the poor season were evident very few students in line for the close to the floor tickets, reception attendance was low, some of the reasons for attending the game expressed by some, ” see CTC’s last coached game in Assembly Hall”. Most donors that I talked with would like to see a coaching change, their only doubt was the I U Athletic department would make a coaching change.

  3. Woo-hoo. We beat Northwestern.

    That’s not just any Northwestern team. This might be the breakout team that ends it’s record as the most hapless basketball program in NCAA history. They are certainly close to achieving mediocrity this season. They were absolutely one of the two best coached teams on the Assembly Hall floor last night. With a strong finish they might even get to play in a game at the Big Dance.

    I think we’ll long remember and cherish this victory. This could be the win that propels us into the NIT.

  4. Scwartzie, Enjoyed your post immensely, all of it.
    Got lucky using the samo, samo tried, tired and worn out game performance. NW gets 16 points off 16 IU TO’s, many unforced, unbelievable, says so much about no half court offense-a poor thing. IU plays as if their fingers have been burnt by a torch. Low score created by poor shooting by both but more so by NW probably secured the W. Really no credible D by either team. IU out rebounded NW by a bunch-a good thing and the IU bench provided lots more scoring.
    Hope upon hoping hopeful hopes this is the last W or L by a Crean coached IU BB team in AE. What a damned ole mess he has orchestrated.

  5. Great to see Hartman get a win on senior night. He’s a great kid and his Indiana career has been a tough one. A guy who does the little things. An Indiana kid. Came in on a 6 man recruiting class and was the sole member left. What could of been? A senior Fischer in the middle…a senior Davis at forward…a senior Hartman at forward…and a senior Robinson at guard. Williams and Vonleh obviously made the right moves for themselves financially. Much like “the movement” 5 man class of Patterson, Yogi, Perea, Hollowell, and Jurkin…only won lone senior. In two classes there were 11 guys:
    1 never saw the court
    2 went pro early
    6 transferred
    2 graduated
    (1 to the NBA and 1 suffered an injury plagued career.)

    Out of those 11 players 6 were involved in disciplinary issues.

    Transfers happen. Injuries happen. Early pro careers happen. Disciplinary issues happen. I get this, but I just don’t see much evidence of sustaining longevity within this program. We still have a lot of transfers, we still have inconsistency, we still have disciplinary issues. These are issues that led to the terminations of Knight, Davis, and Sampson all rolled into one program. Recruiting may be Creans strong point…but keeping players at IU is definitely his weakness. You will constantly hear youth as an excuse when you can’t keep and develop the 4 year players you recruit.

    Congratulations to Collin Hartman and Thank you for being a Hoosier. Hopefully you decide to comeback, but sometimes there is more to life than basketball.

  6. Not only is the mess physically or talent wise; the mess is in the heads of the whole men’s basketball program. This includes on pretty much an equal basis; head coach, staff, athletic director, other administration, players, players parents and family, IU students and fans. It is broken. Even when it has peaked at big ten regular season championships and sweet 16 it was just repaired with a band aid to slow the bleeding. It has been broken for a long time.

  7. The highlight of my evening was being completely captivated by the performance of Ronald Colman in ‘A Tale of Two Cities.’

    Wow….What an amazing actor.

  8. I U South and Ben …very good comments!! I cant see Glass keeping CTC around for next year; if he does he has to know he’s tied his job to Crean’s results. With assuredly Most upper class leaving he will have “excuse” of a young team….and MOST wont accept that “excuse” anymore. the fact that there is a tremendous disconnect between coach and team really isn’t the problem. The problem is that Crean doesn’t know HOW to fix it because it APPEARS from his public conversations he has done ALL he knows; and therein lies the problem: All he knows. he HAS maximized his abilities but many areas of the game he is substandard to what the legacy and standards are for Indiana Basketball and that MIGHT be a reason he cant recruit Indiana. When I was in the Military we were taught there are 2 kinds of communication routes: 1) Formal and 2) grapevine. Obviously the formal is coach talking after BB games or radio show, BUT the lack of leadership on the floor and the disconnected play between practices and games ..TO ME indicate the lack of encouragement by staff to develop that GRAPEVINE within the team..its very possible that CTC discourages the grapevine which could lead to disgruntled players. What he says about “leadership” and whats displayed on the floor are at polar ends.

  9. Obviously, group think produces amnesia. Talk about a “what have you done for me lately” mentality! It’s as if Crean’s team did not win the Outright Big Ten Championship just last season, or if that wasn’t the second outright championship in four years. It’s as if Crean was not honored as Big Ten Coach of the Year less than 12 months ago. It’s as if Crean has not lead IU to three appearances to the Sweet 16 in the last six seasons, and four trips to the big dance in that same time period. It’s as if Crean’s winning percentage at IU was not .672 overall or .580 in conference in the last six seasons. Nope, none of that matters to the uber-nostalgic IU Basketball fans who consider themselves experts on how to coach the sport. Tom Crean must be fired because he has not lead IU to the final four since arriving in Bloomington. At IU, even though it has been 15 years since IU played in the final four, and only twice in the last 25 years, we expect that our once elite program (emphasis on once) make the final four like we expect it to snow in winter.

    Can IU’s administration hire a man that will be a better coach than Tom Crean? Theoretically, yes. But it can also hire a man that will turn out to be worse, far worse. And honestly, if you’re a successful young coach on your way up, would you be enticed to take over a program that fired a man a year after his team won it’s conference championship and was named Conference Coach of the Year? If you’re paying attention, would you be enticed to take over a program whose fans suffer from such acute amnesia and whose expectations are based on nostalgia?

    Good by Tom. Thanks for coming in and cleaning up that sewage spill that was IU basketball, cleaning up the mess and returning our beloved program to national relevance. You deserve better, but remember, “the best revenge is to live well.”

    1. Nonsense. It’s been said here many times that when we win we win DESPITE the disrupting, spasmodic influence on the sidelines. I don’t think you watch the games or if you do you don’t pay attention so here, in slow motion, is the end of the great victory on senior night against NW (courtesy Chicago Tribune’s Pete DiPrimio):

      Blackmon was spot on in the final 10 seconds of IU’s dramatic 63-62 comeback victory over Northwestern on Saturday night, just as he was while hitting the 3-pointer that beat Penn State last month.

      He played good defense, grabbed a rebound, drove the length of the court, got into the lane and passed to teammate Thomas Bryant for the game-winning three-point play, all while coach Tom Crean was shouting for a timeout.

      Blackmon said by the time he heard the timeout call, he was already in his game-deciding move. Crean, boosted by the realization that finally a close game went the Hoosiers’ way again, let it go.

      “It was just a great play,” Crean said. “They did a great job.”

      After the Kelvin Sampson debacle there were a number of self-imposed sanctions by the IU administration. I always thought of Crean as one of them (the longest lasting, also hopefully the last one). Last year would have been a good time for him and Indiana to part ways. This year is going to be harder as I am sure it’s going to be very difficult (if not impossible) for him to find a head coach job somewhere in Division I after the mess he made here this year.

  10. Change of subject here. Last 5 minutes of the Butler game. Killer. Created 5-6 TOs, and on the road….

    Louisville, “we beat IU when they were healthy”…

  11. But it can also hire a man that will turn out to be worse, far worse.

    -There is no X’s and O’s coach worse than Crean.
    -Is there a BIG team that averages more turnovers?
    -And if you’re truly paying attention, those outright titles were fueled by Indiana kids; one outright BIG title was with Zeller and the other was with a team led by the last piece of the Zeller “movement,” Yogi Ferrell.
    -In addition, last season’s conference schedule was unprecedentedly soft. All but the true bottom feeders could have won coach of the year with that conference schedule.
    -The Indiana recruits have been nearly zilch since said momentum/”movements” all initiated by landing Zeller.
    -Austin Etherington should have received ‘Coach of the Year’ because he is more responsible for Crean landing Zeller, ‘The Movement,” and all subsequent, short-lived success, that came as a result.

    Yet, with all the talent that Crean was gifted via Zeller’s decision, Crean still failed to take any of his Top-10 teams beyond a Sweet 16.

    Zeller bought Crean his personal honors and made him look like a far better coach than he is. There are no more Indiana kids who want to play for Crean. And there are certainly none in the pipeline who will be program-changers.

  12. Tom Crean must be fired because he has not lead IU to the final four since arriving in Bloomington. At IU, even though it has been 15 years since IU played in the final four

    Yes, how brilliant…We’ve had Crean for 9 of the most recent 15 years’ absence from a Final Four. It had only been six years in the rear view mirror since a Final Four(March 2002 with Mike Davis’s team) when Crean was hired in 2008.

  13. Win or lose I’m sick and disgusted of Crean ball. No discipline with ball possession, nothing resembling a half court offense and defense so poor it is insulting to candy stripe warmups. Hell, “It’s INDIANA”, it is not Crean.

  14. Billy Donovan would be an absolute home run hire. Coach Donovan is a proven National Champion. Multiple final fours. Proven program builder. USA coach. He’s young. He’s actually played the game. I doubt it’s a realistic option but with enough money anything is possible.

  15. If he coached a crappy franchise he might consider it.

    He doesn’t.

    That being said, there aren’t many worse places to live than OKC.

    1. There’s a chance Russell Westbrook leaves OKC…and soon. He signed an extension, but he has an option to leave next season if he wants. Gonna be interesting. πŸ™‚

  16. Do you guys really like Billy Donovan? He’s starting to feel like yesterday’s news.

    I think we should go younger…..The BIG is starting to transition to solid younger coaching.

    Dane Fife? I know it’s not a sexy pick, but the young man is intelligent and has worked the recruiting trails heavily in NW Indiana, Michigan, Indiana, etc. Hard-nosed baller during his Hoosier years. He’s been on big stages as a player and assistant.

    Will Wade at VCU…? …formerly of “Pardon me, boy, is that the Chattanooga Choo-Choo?”

    Bottom Line: I don’t know. I just want a coach who is genuinely honored to coach the candy stripes, will get back into the Indiana h.s. talent scene, and is not about excuses.

    Interesting list of younger names here:

    Still think Shaka would also be a great choice.

  17. Don’t know if there’s any possibility of luring a pure Ivy League guy away, but Mitch Henderson(love the first name too!) seems like a really bright coach(listed as #1 ‘up-and-coming’ candidate from Bleacher Report piece in like above). He’s got that Brad Stevens brainiac look about him …Really self-confident in pressers …and he’s more handsome than Brad.

    I want a guy who wants to get his hands dirty into Hoosier gyms and sectionals…Not sure if a prima donna coach is the answer right now(especially with Calipari and Pitino so nearby). Dakich rather flippantly called Indiana the “Harvard of the Midwest” while doing a recent broadcast. He knows very well that our basketball program is about as far removed from top hardwood SAT scores as a program can get. We need to be smart basketball again. How about a “Princeton of the Midwest?”

  18. I do like the idea of replacing Crean with a Wade…..

    Young Guns:

    Mitch Henderson
    Will Wade
    Dane Fife
    Matt McCall

    Still young enough with high energy:

    Shaka Smart

    Honorable Mention:

    Bill Coen

  19. o.k…I’ve made my decision. It’s Will Wade. He looks like a version of a cross between Damon Bailey and John Beilein.

    Will Wade it is….Everything hinges on Wade.

  20. So, Billy Donovan is too old at 51 but you think Northeastern’s Bill Coen (whose W/L record is pretty horrible) is an ideal candidate at 55?

    Makes sense.

    HC, sorry to hear that.

  21. Tom Crean is Tim Tebow.

    It is getting tiring talking about it.

    Both have seen some success, but they also have had plenty of time to display their glaring deficiencies. Both love the Jesus a little more than the average devote, while being a little too willing to let you know about it.

    They both have awkward personal quirks. But they also seem to display genuine care and empathy for their fellow man.

    But the arguments starting to get circular. The facts are in. The results for both are mixed. The real question now is, do you think the most important position in the Indiana Basketball Program should be filled by someone with these mixed results? There’s a reason why Tim Tebow is trying to play baseball right now. All the wasted breath of people who liked him couldn’t hold up the scrutiny of his actual performance on the football field. The argument is over.

  22. DD, I always got a laugh out of the Denver fans who found it unconscionable that Tebow was released after starting a playoff game that the Broncos won. They would often add, “Nobody does that.”

    Then I would remind them that Baltimore released Trent Dilfer after he won a Super Bowl.

  23. How about Jeff Capel benchcoach at Duke …42 and coached when Coach K had his surgery..he can hire Assistants to recruit Indiana that were former IU players . How about Jordan Hulls for bench coach and recruiting?

    1. Capel crashed and burned when he filled in for Coach K.

      What in Jordy’s history indicates an acumen for coaching at Indiana? I’d hire him for a high school or maybe a graduate assistant.

  24. As a head coach Capel had one good team at VCU and two at Oklahoma, courtesy of Blake Griffin. He also had an entire season (2009-2010) of wins vacated because of recruiting violations. His conference finishes at OU were, in order, T-7th, T-4th, 2nd (Blake Griffin), T-11th, and 8th. He has gotten to the Big Dance 4 times in nine years.

    Replacing Coach K, he went 4-3 with the biggest collection of McDonalds All American outside of Lexington.

    I hope he isn’t being considered. We hired OU’s last good coach and that was a disaster. Capel was fired from there.

  25. If you’re going to use the NFL Quarterback analogies, just remember that Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck will never be available to another team.

    If Crean gets fired after this season, my vote would go to Archie Miller (Dayton). He’s already established himself as a winner. He was a good college player and the son of a very good HS Coach. He also had some good mentors on the way up. His reputation is spotless and he has been recruiting the Midwest for a number of years. The problem might be that there is an opening at his alma mater, North Carolina State. And the Syracuse job might also open up this spring. Could IU win the potential bidding war for Miller without spending more than we currently pay Crean? Does he want to return to his alma mater as the head coach?

    I would have put Chris Mack on the list, but his team is fading right now and has lost five in a row. In spite of his .688 overall win percentage, my guess is that his stock might be slipping a bit right now. And he has yet to lead any of his teams beyond the sweet 16. Of course, there’s always Holtman at Butler. But he only has three years coaching the big boys.

    Dan Fife might one day become a good college head coach, but he’s not ready to take over IU’s program at this stage in his career. Hiring Fife carries with it the same risk that hiring Mike Davis did after Knight was terminated. Fife needs to prove himself at a smaller program before trying to meet the expectations of IU’s fan base.

  26. So I’m watching a bit of UNC vs. Virginia and I keep hearing the analyst heaping praise on this guy, Guy. Turns out this guy, Guy, is from Indianapolis. These are the sort of guys that Crean is completely failing to land. Turns out this guy was a Mr. Basketball. I should have known about this guy….but I spend too much time on this site listening to apologists who claim we can’t do better.
    Guy is going to be a scoring machine…Sounds like he’s already been one in high school(averaged 23.5 ppg @ Lawrence Central). Said he chose Virginia because he wanted to play for Bennett.

    Crean once had a guy named Guy…His name was Guy-Marc Michel…He sat on the bench in his sweats for one season. I was telling most of you what a complete joke Crean was to our program back then. Most of you guys didn’t care to listen.

    1. Indiana was the undisputed favorite for Guy at one point. However, as the recruitment went on, not so much. It is my opinion that Guy and UCLA’s T.J. Leaf (dad from Indianapolis and mom from Evansville) are guys that should have been slam dunk Hoosier recruits. That neither was is rather indicting.

      1. JP, thanks for passing this along. I don’t follow recruiting that much. You’ve been mentioning about issues with Crean and his relationship with high school coaches for a while. I didn’t know about Guy either.

        I get that in this day and age with Skype, Facetime and every single other communication channel, that kids are likely to spread their wings a little bit more. However, kids of this caliber are going to go to programs where they think, not only do I get a chance to get national exposure, perhaps a good tournament run, and hopefully a boost into the NBA. It could be Bloomington, Lexington or Westwood. It’s all about the guy running the program who can get these kids there and do it regularly.

        As an aside, I hear people lament this dynamic with sadness about “selfish kids these days.” Except they are doing the exact same thing that top students think about picking colleges where they’ll have the best exposure to the best jobs/grad schools when they graduate….but these are kids who bounce a basketball, so they have to appeal to playing for free for as long as possible because, like, moral integrity or something.

    2. Yes you should have known about Guy. You did not but not for the reason you specified. You simply spend too much time on hear spinning your narratives.

      1. Knowing we could do better than a preaching bag of wind? Yup, that’s been my narrative. For about 8.7 of those years, most other “narratives” on here(one, in particular, who still hasn’t stopped) were to apologize for him.
        And Crean arrived with his own set of narratives as well. They had nothing to do with playing winning basketball. They had everything to do with fueling hatred and bigotry(much like the current ‘Mop-over in Chief’ in the oval office).

        And I’ve certainly been here long enough to know you didn’t know of him either(until I mentioned him last night).
        At least Double Down is honest.

        1. And Jeremy didn’t pass anything along….He followed up on my bringing this kid and bringing to the forefront Crean’s problems recruiting the state. I’ve said it numerous times before on dozens of other top names from the state he’s missed(or likely not even given a full effort) to recruit/land.

          If they(Scoop journalists) have placed any commentary onto pages of Scoop bringing this issue to the forefront, please send me the link because I must have missed their astute observations…

          Come on, guys. Jeremy is coming around, but most of the radio personalities journalists in this state hold Crean accountable for nothing.

          1. I get a kick out of the idea I’m coming around. This is what I wrote two years ago:

            If elite is where Glass wants to live, he’s going to need a new master of the house, regardless of the cost.
            It’s a cold reality that nobody wants to face, but this is, as it always has been, a big-picture question.
            And the big picture suggests it’s just a matter of when, not if, a change is made.

        2. How silly to think I would not know about an INDIANA Mr. BB. It would benefit you to control yourself. It would make for less silliness.

          1. That is pretty silly. I mentioned he was the former Mr. Basketball. I was the first to mention his name ever on these pages. Whatever you claim you knew in barbershops or morning java before the sunrise tractor firing is only empty blow. Almost as empty to know that for 8.5 years you’ve been apologizing for the horrific coach that has been the face of Indiana Basketball.
            I shouldn’t be too hard on you…Like Jeremy, you finally saw the light.

  27. Never been to OKC.

    I stumbled into Boise, Idaho once….We were heading back home after a vacation out West….Boise was a horrific place. …an absolute cultural hell hole.

  28. Very indicting indeed, Jeremy.

    Wow….All it took was an Indiana kid to awaken Virginia from their slumber. Could not believe some of the deep triples Guy was hitting while flying away from defenders off-balance. Dynamic. Not bad in the postgame interview too.

    Indiana rules the college basketball world…except at a college known as Indiana University. How pathetic is that?

    Don’t forget the SMU guard, Nic Moore, from Warsaw….Without the very unreasonable NCAA sanctions placed upon Brown, that young man would have been a very probable Indiana point guard in the Final Four. Just a rock solid kid in the backcourt.

    Crean has totally lost Indiana.

  29. A bit of a change of subject….while talking of Indiana kids.

    It is this born and bred Hoosier’s humble opinion that the day Devin Davis was kicked off the team should have concluded with Crean being kicked off as well. On that very day the clown stopped tweeting, he should have been told he no longer has to worry about pretending to be a coach at Indiana.
    Crean has received all the excuses in the world…I think we could have found one more for Devin to stay before sending Crean on a bus. That was the day Chuck Martin should have taken over all duties.

  30. H, if you are an outdoor sports enthusiast Boise is one of the best places in the country to live. Absolutely gorgeous country. Don’t know much about what’s happening indoors there, though. I was always too tired from the day’s activities to find out. Nothing pretty about OKC unless you are a feedlot or strip mall aficionado.

    Po, I agree that Miller would be a good selection. I read an SI article in which the writer was of the opinion that NC State wasn’t a good enough program to land Miller but Indiana was. Having lived in NC for 30 years I can tell you that, after UNC and Duke, NC State is kinda lumped in with Davidson, Charlotte, Wake Forest, and a few other schools. They just don’t have that “it” factor, even within the state. Maybe at one time but not anymore.

  31. Forbes Magazine placed Boise in the #2 spot in the country for “Best Places to Raise a Family’.

  32. Well, that explains it. I have a theory about those “Best Places to Live in America” pieces….Maybe another time.

    Guess the Forbes piece didn’t notice all the strip clubs.

    Lastly, I know there may be more practical reasons out West for owning such a vehicle, but I tend to avoid places where snotty looking frat rat dudes are driving expensive pick-up trucks with 6 ft. clearance from the pavement.

    Secondly on lastly, I think I live in one of those “Best Places to Live/Raise a Family in America” right here in good old Indiana. I have many a no good reason to be stuck here(we’ve had these talks…self-determination, etc), but it’s a cultural hell hole. The whole place reeks of pretentiousness and an aura of show(almost as if you’re making a conscious and very expensive effort to appear “culturally” motivated by theater, arts, etc.) A lot of mega churches and roundabouts, too…..and terrible, absolutely terrible, restaurants that put on the facade of exquisiteness.

    I liked Portland when I was out West. I like the old vibe of the town…I’m usually sold when I eat at a fantastic restaurant. Got one of my top meals of a 3 week vacation in Portland. The younger crowd of Portland seemed like a happy lot. Might be too young of a town for Harv…I’m getting old.

    Thirdly on lastly, we should really be talking about Kyle Guy. Wow…just…wow. He just made me a little more excited for March Madness. How typical….all the sports radio broadcasts last night buzzing over Virginia’s new 3-pt threat and newly acquired ACC momentum gave no mention that Guy was from Indiana….and only a freshman!

    1. A 4WD truck in a place like Louisville or Indianapolis is usually stupid. One person in ten driving them will ever need them. Ninety percent of the vehicles where I live are full sized 4WD trucks. We got a foot on snow last night on top of the two to three feet of packed snow already there. Nobody would leave home 7 months of the year without chains, a shovel, and a bad of sand in their truck. Throw in food, water, and a sleeping bag if you’re smart. The wilderness is on three sides of me and ranches are on the other. Most of the roads are gravel. Home Depots are 250 miles apart so you make trips count. Some people have to haul water up the mountain to their house. Where are you gonna put the dogs?

      If you live in the west there’s a reasonable chance you need a big 4WD truck. If you live in the east it’s usually a fashion statement.

  33. A beach not far from the porches of a very nice hotel is my favorite outdoor activity. If it’s a 20-30 minute drive from a nice hotel, that’s o.k. too.

  34. Damn…Had we really lost 7 of the last 8 BIG games before the heroics against Northwestern? And without the OT win @ Penn St., it would have been an 8 game losing streak.
    Should Fred really wait until July….? Could somebody of Indiana roots/IU connections who is loaded(Simon family, Cuban, Cook, Mellencamp, Jane Pauly, Dick Enberg) put up some “Oh, my!” money? Just pay the extra couple million in March and get this coaching search/transition going?
    We need the new coach in place early enough to get some strong talent still on the fences to reconsider Indiana. Good Lord, we have renowned medical and law schools! A few extra million from a couple dozen top doctors and lawyers is lunch money. I’ve seen the mansions in Carmel… These folks remodel their kitchens on higher budgets than Crean’s buyout right now. Throw in one or two of these big name multimillionaires/billionaires big names of Hoosier pride?
    Why on earth haven’t we just fired Crean now? Chuck Martin can finish out this train wreck.
    Cuban can find a couple years guaranteed and 20 million for Yogi Ferrell? You run ‘Shark Tank,’ Mark! Hoosier Basketball looks like a dead goldfish floating upside down in a dirty fishbowl. Don’t you care?

  35. It may not be the worst city in the U.S., but OKC is on the first page of that list. Really friendly people there, but as U.S. cities go, it’s not a great place. Boise is growing in popularity for good reason.

  36. I have nothing personal against OKC. I’ve been there many times. If they paid me Billy’s salary I could live there temporarily, at least in my youth. What the hell? I lived on a ship.

  37. Jeremy I remember both those players…not sure they could have landed Guy ; BUT T J Leaf should have been a slam dunk for sure..not only for the reasons you mentioned but also the fact his grandmother was living in Indianapolis as well. I also agree it IS an indictment of Tom Crean and his ability to recruit Indiana Players and his relationship with the high schools. Caleb Swanigan didn’t want Crean or IU. Jaquan Lyle didn’t want IU either. Even though he got an extension maybe one of the best UNknown coaches is Dan Hurley of Rhode Island( Brother to Bobby Hurley) and has had 23 win season and currently a 19 win season with what I consider undersized squad…most his big men are 6’8in the first 3 years he was a +15 win turnaround (and his dad was a very good HS coach asa well ) Perhaps Tommy Ammaker who wasn’t ready for HC job but has learned his “craft” in the Ivy League..with more experience as a HC hes ready to jump into scholarship schools.

  38. The MVP of the Indiana/Kentucky All Star Game, Errick Peck, played in the Ivy League at Cornell. He was a big brother figure to my daughter while they were there. He transferred to Purdue his 5th year and played well.

  39. Jeremy- I don’t see your commentary on HT. Did that go into print or was it just buried on a site nobody reads? Let’s face it man, papers are dead. Your commentary would be more likely read on Scoop (it would at least get some legs and possibly get some push as reference on competing blogs). Putting the commentary on your HT site and not on Scoop is the definition of apology. You let Podunker spew his endless defense of Crean…Why didn’t you slap your commentary in his face or at least offer him an ounce of rebuttal?

    The dam has broke ….and you’re all coming around. Yippee. Indiana Basketball may never recover from the dysfunction and mockery made of the game courtesy of Tom Crean.
    You could fill another Monroe Lake Reservoir with his BS. You heard it on the broadcast tonight(paraphrasing): ‘Out of 350 or so Division One programs, Indiana ranks around 330 in number of turnovers.’ We heard about the embarrassingly soft non-conference scheduling as well. This is nothing new. None of it is new. Losing on top Indiana recruits is nothing new. Without one name, Cody Zeller, this man would have gone down as the worst coach in BIG history.

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