Hawkeyes send Hoosiers to 5th straight loss, 96-90 in OT

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Thomas Bryant ran both hands along his scalp as he walked off the floor at the end of the night, reconciling the reality of further disappointment.

It’s not getting any better for Indiana, which once again Tuesday failed to win the close game it needed to claim in order to salvage this season of profound frustration.

A 96-90 overtime loss to Iowa at Carver-Hawkeye Arena stood as a microcosm of IU’s season, featuring a hot start, a lull midway through and a truly forgettable finish. There were the same maddening errors, missed block outs and segments that have prevented this team previously from fixing the downward trajectory it can’t seem to shake.

Tuesday was yet another example that for this team, coming close is far from being good enough.

“This is our 12th game where it’s three points or less with under a minute to go,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “It’s disheartening that we play as hard as we play … and to not have it go our way.”

Short of a Big Ten Tournament run, Indiana’s NCAA Tournament hopes appear dashed. Even earning a bid to the National Invitation Tournament will require further work from an IU team that’s now dropped five in a row and seven of its last eight.

Iowa leading scorer Peter Jok helped ensure Indiana’s skid continued in Iowa City. Jok scored 35 points, while setting a Hawkeye program record with 22 made free throws in 23 attempts. The senior, who made only six field goals, helped Iowa make 39 of its 47 free throw attempts on a night when the Hawkeyes shot merely 5-for-24 from 3-point range.

As a team, Indiana went 16-for-19 at the line. Afterwards, Crean refused to answer questions about the disparity.

“The last thing I’m going to do is put myself in any situation for any fallback or pushback,” Crean said. “I’m not doing that.”

Jok scored 15 points in overtime, including 13 at the free throw line. Meanwhile, three turnovers and an undisciplined approach prevented Indiana from pulling out the win it desperately needed.

“We just get away from the fundamental base, post feeding or driving baseline when the post is loaded,” Crean said about IU’s repeated mistakes. “It’s not how we practice, but what I gotta look back at is, at the end of the day, we’re right there to end the game and it goes overtime and we don’t win it with the mistakes that are made. But then you look at the stat sheet and I don’t know how we were in the game, to be honest with you. But we were.”

Credit a hot start that saw Josh Newkirk score seven of IU’s first nine points, helping the Hoosiers to a 12-2 lead at the first media timeout. The start was equal parts exceptional play by Indiana and abysmal execution by Iowa, which needed nearly three minutes before scoring its first basket.

Indiana’s starting backcourt of Newkirk, James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson combined for 20 of the Hoosiers’ first 22 points. Johnson led IU with 19 points, while Blackmon added 18.

All three guards, along with Juwan Morgan, eventually fouled out.

Late in the first half, Iowa introduced a zone and pressured IU ball handlers as Indiana struggled to find a solution.

A 12-0 scoring run by the Hawkeyes coupled with a nearly five-minute scoring drought for the Hoosiers allowed Iowa to tie the game at 26-all with five minutes remaining in the half.

IU went the final 3:33 of the half without a point, appearing panicked against the zone. The Hoosiers, who committed only two turnovers by the midway mark of the half, had five errors in the final eight minutes. It all allowed Iowa to turn what was an early 13-point IU lead into a tenuous 33-32 Hoosier halftime advantage.

“When they went to the zone, we got a little stagnant,” Crean said. “That’s not the idea. The idea is not to be on the wing. The idea is to be in the corner, or play through the high post and reverse it. We felt that the middle was a great place to attack, but it was too easy to cover us at times in the first half, because we didn’t get down into the corner. We got stagnant.”

Both teams were in the bonus less than seven minutes into the second half. The Hoosiers had six players carrying three personal fouls by the under-8 media timeout, at which point they held a five-point lead.

A quick Hawkeye swing, capped by a 3-pointer by Jordan Bohannon tied the game at 55-all with seven minutes remaining, but the Hoosiers answered by making their next six field goal attempts. That stretch included back-to-back 3s by Johnson and Blackmon that helped create an eight-point lead with 4:46 left.

The Hoosiers gave that separation right back, following that spurt with a truly ugly stretch that saw a couple lackadaisical errors by Freddie McSwain and Bryant turn into four quick points for the Hawkeyes, who tied the game at 70-all on an alley-oop dunk by Tyler Cook with 2:46 to play.

Another dunk by Cook 36 seconds later gave Iowa its first lead of the night at 72-71.

Jok and Newkirk traded free throws down the stretch to force a 75-75 tie with 25 seconds remaining, before Bryant came dangerously close to fouling Cook at the rim on the final play of regulation.

No whistle was blown as Cook’s last-second attempt missed. It didn’t much matter.

On a night when Indiana was once again doomed by a familiar ending, the Hoosiers were left to walk out of the arena pondering once again what has become of their season.


  1. Hoosier Basketball is akin to the “World’s Largest Truckstop.” Junk food, gimmicks, suckers, and a bunch of hype in the middle of nowhere. Stop for the freaks and the gas…Forever lucky to be semi important. It’s big on Highway 80. We were big in 1980.

  2. I watched the post-game interview Crean gave and he volunteered that he was not going to talk about the foul shot discrepancy. Ah! So THAT was it!! The refs called too many fouls on I.U.

    So..this season we’ve gone from blaming the players and now we’re (not) blaming the refs.

    Perhaps a Banner is too much to ask for regarding this season, but surely we can still hope for something…perhaps a plaque.

  3. We have a basketball team….that has more turnovers….than free throws made.

    World War I had a better ratio.

    Thomas Bryant spends less time in the block that Kentucky players do in class. The only thing Dakich said all night that wasn’t a complete joke was when with less than 2 min left, he pointed out what, in my head, I was yelling at the TV: Thomas Bryant was just roaming around the elbow to the 3 point line. Never seen a big man so underused.

  4. Didn’t bother to watch so I came out ahead. Same ‘ol same ‘ol. Guards played loose with the ball, bigs hung out beyond the arc.


    Has CTC dropped any pretense that he coaches these guys? “I’m not gonna talk about free throws.”

    We’ll good because your big man will never shoot any unless he’s fouled shooting a three.

    I’ve seen better coaching in the HPER building. I really have.

    I’m done. If a game is on and I happen to be watching TV I might watch it for a few minutes. That where I am.

  5. These kids really are trying and I do appreciate the effort. It’s obvious that they don’t get the concept of 40 minutes of effort though. Bryant had some serious mental lapses down the stretch that were just uncalled for. I think Green has potential, but he is way out of control on the court. Seems as if he is always going for the home run play. I’m not sure how he can play with that mindset this late in the season. Doesn’t anyone show him game tape? I haven’t seen much improvement in his game this year.

    So when is enough…enough? Last year Blackmon was injured…we won the Big Ten…and it was glorified. Now injuries are an excuse. At what point is it ok to want change for this program? At what point does Glass have no choice? I’ve never seen such a mess before. If Crean can’t win with ONLY two veteran McDonalds all-Americans …what will happen next year without any on the team? The glaring issue is Crean has 3 years left on his contract. How can you recruit a kid for 4 years? How do you sell that when your team is in the basement. How do you blame youth, but not comment that the team will be younger next year with arguably less talent? Tom Crean supports can say whatever they like, but Crean is giving this program absolutely no choice. At this point what does it matter if there is a mass exodus? We can’t win with the team we have anyway. Where will waiting for the inevitable get the program? Tom Izzo is having an off year…yet he is still competitive. He had players go pro. He had kids graduate. He had injuries. Yet he’s still in the top half of the conference. IU is 13th place. 13 out of 14 teams. Indiana fans have a right to demand more than that for all the support they give to the program. You can blame youth…you can blame juniors..you can blame injuries .you can blame refs…but at what point does the blame squarely and fairly fall on the head coach of the program?

  6. Wichita State has young players and continue a system of young players that stay with program. Wichita State wins and are a very difficult out in March madness.

  7. I U’s men’s basketball record is 7wins and 13 loses after you subtract the 8 cupcake games . When I U beat Kansas, that was the worst that could happen to CTC, as the fans expectations were raised to a level that can’t accept what this season has turned into. I hope CTC gets his agent to look for a good landing spot for CTC to take constant pacing and yelling on the sidelines to somewhere else. I U men’s basketball deserves a better coach.

  8. When they have this level of TCDS, there is such a darkness found that a form of intoxicating eloquence emerges.
    We can’t totally blame him. “Because it’s Indiana” ruins the best of any hopeful Hoosier.
    You didn’t “wreck” anything, Ben_M. They came delivering slogans….They built bonfires to burn the witches….They made t-shirts that said “We’re Back!.”
    They put out videos with highlights of Alford in the short short days….They brought us “Hoosier Rising” DVDs and we started to dream of Crean encouraging a kid named OG to don the short shorts…
    They said that Hanner Perea had a wing span that could reach to Lexington and back…and an “upside” to rival Hakeem the Dream meets planet Lovetron.
    They gave us banner reunions as snacks between meals of the BS…We cut down nets at McCracken after a loss. Repeat: We cut down nets after a loss.
    There’s Kent Benson…So nice to see him back after he tore up his season tickets. Kent’s back. We’re back.
    They called it a “New Generation” when they first hit Bloomington
    They made up names like Olasheehey….because it sounded like a guy who would win the PGA tour.
    And they fed us more slogans and more of a diet that has nothing to do with playing an intense and smart game of basketball.
    They would tell us that “Everything hinges” on one tall kid from Washington High School. Yes, very skilled, but he didn’t play in the most demanding “class” of Indiana high school hoops.
    They fed us stuff like “state champion, Cody” …or “Yogi led his Park Tudor team to a state title” to make it sound like we were getting the attention of the best of the best from Indiana. But in these omission of facts, they apologized for the IHSAA butchering our great ONE high school tournament…and they also misrepresented what “battle tested” used to mean in this state(research Scott Skiles).
    They made “Back to Back” sound so wonderfully special and unique….but they failed to mention that our most talent-rich teams have yet to play in the second weekend of March Madness(the Elite 8 weekend). 7 other programs from the Midwest have appeared in a total of 21 Elite 8’s over that same time frame.
    And they continue to feed us….everything but a game of basketball we all know can be played inside storied McCracken and, yes, even in those hostile road environments.
    We know it doesn’t take a Brad Stevens to make for something exponentially better than this charade of marketing and gimmicks….and blame game. My God, we’re still reading garbage about “decimation” 9 years in the rear view mirror. I don’t know how long you weep over a 3-way calling scandal, but it appears there aren’t enough pools at the IU Natatorium complex to hold the tears of a Hoosier Apologist. Christ wouldn’t be this hard on himself.
    What do you do if your kid gets beat up in 3rd grade? Do you tell him to pick himself up and live to fight another day…or do you whine and cry over a bathtub of excuses tied to such event until his senior year of high school? Grow the hell up, Hoosiers!

    Tom Crean may be weak….Our defense may be weak…Our fundamentals may be weak…Our team’s energy may be weak. I used to call California soft….That was a joke compared to what we’re building in cotton towers. The weakest thing about Indiana Basketball is us. Only the weak get fed so much BS over 9 years and treat such mass quantities of dog food bowls in carnival marketing like the prime steak dinner we’ll never see.

    Sampson was no saint…But I’ll take it any day of the week over the pathetic weakness that dines on crucifying said man over looking in the effing mirror. We don’t desire to be better. We only desire to condemn the past. WEAK.

  9. There are several places a guy like T.C. could go including assistant type jobs in NBA and make a lot of money….just not as much as he makes now nor as much as his brother-n-laws. Could almost all of us be so fortunate/lucky.

  10. Crean could go to the ‘Island of Misfit Coaches’….also known as an ESPN analyst.

    Funny…Last night Dan Dakich referred to himself as a “great coach” at IU.
    Dan, the closest you’ll ever get to carrying around a “great Coach” is when you take the wife purse shopping at Nordstrom.

  11. Dakich is a blowhard and just needs to be tuned out. About 10% of what he blurts out is pertinent and insightful. Like his comments about Blackmon walking the talk last night and what his seeming intentions are.

    Blackmon is a key reason, if not the reason, why this team sucks. He is a net 0 at best in almost every game. Some games he’s highly +, scoring more than he gives up, some games he’s highly -. He has no interest in blocking out or feeding the post. He needs to go. Look at history….when he went down last year the team kicked into gear. I’ve posted on here before that it was clear that Yogi and he did not get along. Once Yogi was able to take over without Blackmon interference look what happened. Given he’s “the man” the rest of the team just looks to him for leadership and help; and he’s got nothing to give.

    That’s where coaching comes in. We finally were ready to play last night. That’s a near first for this team this year. Instead of digging a 10 – 12 pt. hole we made one & needed to bury them. But then the dreaded zone came out with idiotic substitutions. Right out of Jim Boeheim’s book on how to beat Tom Crean. Yet we have 2 of the best post players (Davis and Bryant, if you want to call him that) and some of the best perimeter shooters. The zone SHOULD BE suicide against us. But no, because Crean keeps toying with different line-ups and subs that are just simply clueless. Case in point, late in the game last night, Johnson was on the bench. He was the best player we had last night.

    Last but not least, one can blame the players for not having any leadership, or moxie, etc…. but Crean & Staff recruited them. He recruits athletes and tries to make them basketball players, instead of recruiting basketball players. If the kids aren’t listening, whose fault is that??? HE RECRUITED THEM. He is locked into 1 style of play and recruits athletes and tries to make them fit into it. Contrasted with recruiting basketball players that can play his style. (In my opinion, his style sucks, but that’s a whole other rant.)

    1. We’re on the same page….I looked up this stat on ESPN while listening to Don Fischer wrap up the game last night waiting for the clown to show up late to the radio show.

  12. Did you guys hear CTC on the radio before the game last night saying that although they had lost four in a row he liked how hard the team played and “we’re literally a few possessions from actually being 3-1” in those last four games?! Man, wasn’t this kind of thinking unacceptable for Bill Lynch (in a sport with far less tradition than BB) the season he was fired?

  13. Stick a fork in this team, they are done. They may play hard, but they make a lot of really stupid mistakes. Kind of makes us appreciate Yogi all the more, doesn’t it?

    I give Crean one more season to show that this season was an anomaly. If he does not lead his team to a much better record, than it will be time for him to go. But I hope Glass does not waste a bunch of money in his limited budget in order to buy out another head coach’s contract. As we’re seeing in football, that cash could be better spent making sure we keep our best assistant football coaches in Bloomington. Crean staying in Bloomington for another season is not going to affect IU’s revenue, one way or the other, in any significant way. But getting the football team to finally “break through” with a winning season could have a profound affect on the Athletic Department’s revenue and cash reserves for many years to come.

    1. It’s over Podunker. No more chances. Cut your losses now and stop the bleeding. A million dollars isn’t much to ask, as I’ve seen many schools dish out much more in football and basketball.

  14. It’s weird how you cling onto those “forever” things…Odd how fears are deeply repressed and we thus remain in some sort of denial that they’ll never end. But if the denial turns into something far more distorted, we destroy even more by mimicking an old passion instead of truly living one for whatever its own worth may someday blossom. Hard to imagine an Assembly Hall one day drained into being like so many other passionless arenas….I dread the day of pretend cheers for something pedestrian enough to walk in the shadows of what was once true greatness. Never does such a thought ever cross the mind until recently. It was really never banners or Knight that filled the place. It was a truth that we felt in our hearts ….that Bloomington was the Broadway stage for a game so respected and revered in this state. There was no other place in the nation to see a craft so respected and perfected. To put on the uniform went far beyond any history a coach could bring to the wild roar of a crowd.
    I just want the selling to stop. I want the prostitution of the game, the marketing, and the excuses for every time someone slips on a banana to stop. I’d prefer a half empty Assembly over any circus show of applause for more pretend acts.
    Have you ever stayed around inside Assembly long after the game has ended…long after nearly all have filed out? That’s the only time I now here the old roar. That’s when I finally get to hear the building take an exhale in relief. The game never wanted to be more than our honest hearts could enjoy. Please hire Bill Coen. I want genuine losses and small crowds…over wins against soft opponents fed to the beast that only makes noise in the mirrors of narcissism. I want people to turn away because he’s not a “big name.” I’m a dreamer. I want to see the game of basketball again.

    1. Bill Coen makes Tom Crean look like Bob Knight.

      Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason
      Northeastern (Colonial Athletic Association) (2006–present)
      2006–07 Northeastern 13–19 9–9 T–5th
      2007–08 Northeastern 14–17 9–9 T–6th
      2008–09 Northeastern 19–13 12–6 T–3rd CBI Quarterfinals
      2009–10 Northeastern 20–13 14–4 2nd NIT First Round
      2010–11 Northeastern 11–20 6–12 T–9th
      2011–12 Northeastern 13–17 9–9 7th
      2012–13 Northeastern 20–11 14-4 1st NIT First Round
      2013–14 Northeastern 11–21 7–9 5th
      2014–15 Northeastern 23–12 12–6 T–1st NCAA Second Round
      2015–16 Northeastern 18-15 9-9
      2016-17 Northeastern 14-14 5-1

      1. Maybe so, Double Down. I’m not sure if you ever build dynasties at the CAA. Don’t know the history. He’d never be hired by Indiana. But listen to the man tell his story…He drinks from the fountain of true basketball passion. Give him a place to operate where talent abounds and I think his infectious love for the game would fuel a rebirth of statewide h.s. coaches encouraging their players of talent and integrity to take a hard look. We’ve lost our credibility, my friend.
        A big name coach is all good…I just enjoyed watching Coen and Northeastern a couple years back when they made their mini run(as deep as Crean has gone in 9 years at the Land of Because) ….

        I researched a bit….Found a few interviews. Liked him a lot. I never went digging for wins or losses. I’d be a terrible CEO.

        1. I’ve looked at those records DD posted and I can’t find the year he went to the Sweet Sixteen as you claim. What years was that?

        2. I’ve looked at those records DD posted and I can’t find the year he went to the Sweet Sixteen as you claim. What year was that?

          1. My mistake, Chet. They fought an eventual, Elite 8, ND team tooth and nail in their one NCAA bid year. That ND team went on to defeat Butler, Wichita State(who took down Kansas), and gave Kentucky all they could handle at the Elite 8.

            Geoff knows I like the guy…Ask Geoff if he’s a quality coach. Coen is a Boston guy. Geoff is sort of a Boston guy. I think you have had enough personal contacts with Geoff(and the rest our your Scoop inner circle of sanctum) that he’ll give you a straight answer. One of Geoff’s last posts I remember(outside of a few about ‘rhythm’ explaining why Crean isn’t at a Final Four every year) was a little shout-out to yours truly to let me know Coen took his 400,000/yr salary and towel boys up to East Lansing to take down the mighty Spartans and Crean’s Master Po.

            As of June 30, 2014, Coen’s annual salary was $448,082.

            That salary speaks volumes. Some of these conferences do truly operate in their own removed world.

            Get your big name. I still believe Indiana will only get back to the promise land when it finds a genuine coach who has some strong belief in the local h.s. scene. We are being pillaged because we have lost that appeal. A lot of big name coaches are on final spin cycles….I have heard talk of Donovan …Purely rumor stuff, I’m sure. That’s a big name. He’ll demand very big $$$$. We’ve wasted more than we’ll likely ever understand over the last 9 years. Crean wouldn’t last a year in the remote CAA. There isn’t enough camouflage in the senior classroom of a small town high school league to hide a fat 3rd-grader….

            Also like:
            Shaka Smart
            Andy Enfield

            I’m sure they all have a bucket list of flaws compared to Crean’s impeccable resume that Joey Glass drool stained.

            You got the floor…Literally, “floor” as a starting point. That’s where Crean has left us.

        1. I’m replying to myself….Tell me what else is new?

          I’m been thinking about this “decimation” thing that’s been thrown around for nine years.

          When a house is decimated, you still have the property. There are still very few pieces of basketball property that an rival Indiana University. You can bring in Jeremy Price to coach the Hoosiers and top ballers from this state would sell the parent’s farm to pay the tuition and wear the Indiana jersey. Prima donnas often just piss on the property….or park a trailer for nine years.

  15. Watching the game and listening to the banter between Dakich and other commentator ; I was interested inpoints raised how the Team didn’t listen to coach. They both reiterated that during the early practice how what the team did wasn’t there In game. Whether its CTC’s fault (if you want to point a finger) or as was observed last night..almost everyone that played was/is playing for themselves. one only has to look at Bryant and watch someone “auditioning’ for the NBA scouts. Dakich said without some type of Player leadership then the “team” relies Coach driven..and essentially there is no team…..IM not sure how much of the UNwillingness to mold themselves into a team is CTC’s responsibility but still at some point many on the team play as if they CANT WAIT to get to the NBA….but their play is more like sandbox.

  16. Dakich still doesn’t look terribly removed from a Hoosier coach who ceilings out at Sweet 16’s.

    Easy to pound chest on radio and on ESPN like big bad Hoosier who stopped MJ….when he gets to hold up his legitimacy next to a clown show. We could hire a quality h.s. coach to replace Crean and Dakich would be lost for words as he instantly holds less credibility.

  17. I’m not big on hating on Blackmon…or Newkirk….or Bryant. Given the right leadership and right mentoring, all of our Hoosiers could maximize their particular talents/strengths.
    We have a very immature coach. Away from the court, I’m sure he has many positive things he can bring to his family and followers. But in a hoops setting, he is reactionary at best rather than instinctive/intuitive/creative. He is over his head when it comes to managing in the moment. He can assess it just fine when it’s in the pregame or postgame phase. It’s not a fixable problem…I can’t put this on the shoulders of kids who simply need a calmer and more confident leader.

  18. Dakich is annoying as hell and should be calling High School games. No more excuses regarding Crean. Fire him July 1, and start anew. He is a bad coach who has reached his ceiling at IU. In fact, he is has better odds of reaching the Big 10 basement. The 2017 recruiting class is poor and Blackmon, OG and Bryant are gone so you are starting over anyway.

  19. Not another season, not another game, not another day after July 1. For now and for the foreseeable future the lifeblood of IU athletics is BB and it can’t stand much of a setback nor for very long. Cook Hall and AE have outgrown Tom Crean. Spending a $1m is a wise investment to elevate the program to heights of Hoosier expectations.

  20. I also like Shaka Smart…He’s also currently on the downward slope. Doesn’t matter. He’s the real deal. He would thrive at Indiana.
    I’d be more than overjoyed with Bill Carmody too…

    I like guys who are smart and battle, not guys who battle to outsmart us. Aren’t you tired of being of the aura of condescension? Aren’t you tired of spin and a coach who can’t give a reporter a straight answer to anything? Because it’s Indiana? Those in charge now talk to the fan base like it’s the Beverly Hillbillies. Send these clowns with inferiority complexes back to the land of Joyce tweets. Big egos? Big names? Big deal.

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