Hoosier Morning for Feb. 14

An experienced lineup and young pitching staff will have to mix for IU baseball this season, Mike writes.

IU started playing the blame game after Sunday’s loss, creating a chicken or the egg conundrum as to whether the problem is player or coach, I wrote.

Wisconsin remains atop the latest Big Ten power rankings despite the loss to Northwestern, I wrote.

Indiana has officially entered crisis mode in the latest stock watch, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

The Hoosiers are struggling to find solutions for their midseason funk, Michael Marot of the Associated Press writes.

Tom Crean’s status is one worth watching this offseason, especially for Missouri fans, Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes.

Yogi Ferrell enjoyed another good night for Dallas, but coach Rick Carlisle says the former Hoosier is just doing his job, Eddie Sefko of the Dallas News writes.

Sidelined J.J. Barea praised the work of the Mavs’ new little guy, Yogi Ferrell, Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes.

Indiana’s new quarterbacks coach, Nick Sheridan, is looking for a winner’s mentality, Taylor Lehman of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Indiana comes in at 7th when ranking the quarterback situations in the Big Ten, Matt Murschel of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

This week’s Big Ten championships are another stepping stone for Olympian Lilly King, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star writes.

In an attempt to ease the blame for IU’s slide, Howard Jones with “No One Is To Blame.”


  1. Again indirect censorship imposed at the Scoop. Only the Photo Gallery available from the Meatchicken game remains. In the day and age of TV recording the gallery is of no value. This is a blog, if not shut it down.

  2. I U not going to the Big Dance, maybe CTC is going to do the Missouri Waltz. If your posting from the Missouri newspaper has any merit. I hope so!!!!!

  3. More Group Thinkin’:

    Found this over at Btown Banners

    Indiana Hoosiers Turnover to Assist Ratio Rankings from 2008 – Present

    08-09…542to(325th) 364ast(263rd)

    09-10…486to(289th) 375ast(245th)

    10-11…415to(126th) 393ast(208th)

    11-12…463to(245th) 487ast(49th)

    12-13…468 TO’s (267th) to 514 ast (39th)

    13-14…482to(336th) 368ast(259th)

    14-15…392to(129th) 473ast(66th)

    15-16…470to(319th) 560ast(19th)

    16-17thus far 394to(325th) 374ast(104th)


  4. Good Call HC ! You know CTC is feeling the heat finally having to admit there is trouble in paradise. A great interview Dakich and Fish on 107 the fan yesterday ! Fish just putting it out there the way it is ! Check it out online. Also a dress down of the BTN announcers .How bad they really are , totally unprepared and uninformed. I cannot ever remember fans leaving a I.U. game early in mass even in Crean’s early years when it would have been understandable. This team continues spiral down due to zero defense at any position and no leadership by upper classmen and being fundamentally challenged at every position. Even though it is too late CTC did call them out . But this is another coaching staff issue that needed to be addressed long before now. Barring a miracle NO NIT ! CTC recruited these kids and it’s his responsibility to coach them to being better players . We all have seen this all year as they went from a team that really had potential of being good to what we are seeing today. I can think of 3 million reasons that he should have fixed the issues long before now . Every team has injuries but good coaches go to next man up and keep playing hard to win . He only dumped on the team to protect himself . He has to be accountable. If this doesn’t turn around it is very possible they will not win another game this year. Even bad teams play well at home in most cases.

  5. We don’t have Anunoby and Hartman, gang. Just enjoy the tournament without the Hoosiers. Find some other Indiana team not beginning with a ‘P’ or some small school/underdog to attach your passion.

    Any Final Four predictions..?

    My picks:


    Champion: Bruins

    1. Gosh, I never know when you are serious and when you are sarcastic. I don’t think Oregon can go as far as Final Four, look how they lost at Colorado (granted they never won there but that in itself is an issue).

      Don’t overlook Villanova and Gonzaga.

      Finally as underdogs I will be rooting for Minny (if they make it, they were abysmal last year and look at the turnaround) and Northwestern (recent win at Wiscy where few people win). Also Butler and Notre Dame. Michigan are also fun to watch.

      My ultimate underdog is Bobby Hurley’s team: the Sun Devils. If they beat Arizona at home.

  6. Also keep this in mind, gang. It was only last season that most of Bruin Nation wanted Alford’s head on a platter. Now they are considered one of the best teams in the nation with a Wooden Award candidate who is simply infectious to watch.

    Keep it all in perspective, gang. OG could be the next Ball. Hartman will be back. TB might not follow the Zeller cop-out model. Bryant may just decide he is determined in bringing Coach Crean a banner. Johnson will be back. Morgan and Davis will be far more polished with the PT they’ve been getting this season.

    Things at IU could easily mirror the recent Bruin tale…..Things could go from “hot seat” to hottest team in the nation. Let’s not get all crazy and stab ourselves in the chest with a bunch of stats that rarely dig into the facts. This team has been severely shorthanded. Blackmon was just really catching fire immediately prior to the heartbreaking “lower leg” injury. There was not the same lift on his jumper against PU and Michigan.

    Your friendly neighborhood apologist.

  7. Finally as underdogs I will be rooting for Minny (if they make it, they were abysmal last year and look at the turnaround) and Northwestern (recent win at Wiscy where few people win). Also Butler and Notre Dame. Michigan are also fun to watch.

    I do like all those picks…as well. I also believe Michigan is very fun to watch. Could be an Elite 8…They’ll need Zak Irvin to play much more up to potential to get to the Final Four. Really like the German kid in the middle.

    I really haven’t watched Oregon much….It was more of a bandwagon pick.

    Would be great if IU could somehow get to .500 and make it to the championship game of the BIG tournament. With those wins over Kansas and UNC, it would be difficult for the committee to keep them out of the Dance. No matter Crean’s future, it would be fun to see what these kids could do as “underdogs”…..Big hype and big rankings add a lot of pressure.

  8. Stats Drive-by:

    Kelvin Sampson’s Houston(9-4, 18-7) has a higher RPI than Indiana.

    U. of Houston RPI = 59
    Indiana U. RPI = 91

  9. Five remaining games are all winnable deals….
    Three lower tier teams: @ Minn, @ Iowa, @ OSU.
    Two upper tier teams: Northwestern, @ Purdue.

    Granted, a lot of road games…but it’s doable. I think it all hinges on RJ and Blackmon. If RJ finds his stroke/confidence, and Blackmon gets back to his pre-injury groove, anything is possible.

    Never give up.

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