Hoosier Morning for Feb. 16

The heartbreak and frustration continued for Indiana with a one-point loss at Minnesota, Mike writes.

IU women’s basketball is looking for a resume-building win against No. 20 Michigan tonight, Jon writes.

Indiana is in fourth after the first day of the Big Ten Women’s Swimming Championships, we reported.

Indiana had a response on Wednesday night, but it wasn’t enough to get a win, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A narrow loss to Minnesota was yet another game this Indiana team found a way to lose, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

The Golden Gophers got their share of second chances against the Hoosiers and capitalized in the end, Marcus Fuller of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes.

Aesthetics aren’t nearly important as wins for Minnesota, which got the latter against Indiana, Chip Scroggins of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes.

Indiana was among Wednesday’s big bubble losers, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports writes.

The signs are piling up that it’s too late to salvage this season for Tom Crean and the Hoosiers, Greg Gottfried of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy isn’t surprised Yogi Ferrell has found a home in the NBA, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press writes.

The new Indiana football staff has added “greatness” to the coaching mix, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Here’s one for the heartbroken Hoosiers, Def Leppard with “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak.”


  1. Not sure who the guest was with Miller for the recent ScoopTalk, but that might be the most unbecoming ‘freeze frame’ to ever grace the pages. Was he eating sour candies?

  2. Per the Indy Star today.. IU Athletics….
    * IU revenue generated in 2016…95.2 Million. Doubled in 9 yrs.
    * Net profit of 1 million.
    * No student fees to support athletics.
    * Ticket sales of $17,388,154.
    * BB ticket drop of $364,000. Football up 1.8 million.
    * IU BB recruitment dropped by $100,000

  3. Gottfried was fired at NC State. His sweet sixteen appearances did him no good and shouldn’t have.

  4. I think things are pretty shaky on the team at this point. This could be really bad if CTC can’t pull them together.

    This is an interview for his own job. Nothing could tell you more about his coaching prowess then how he performs as a coach the rest of this season.

  5. Any thoughts about interviewing Jeff Capel from Duke’s bench? Yes Karma, something TRULY unusual will have to occur because the remainder of the schedule is difficult..at Iowa next and that is a difficult game to say the least AND making it worse…..at Iowa.

  6. This is an interview for his own job. Nothing could tell you more about his coaching prowess then how he performs as a coach the rest of this season.

    Didn’t you say something similar previous to the Purdue game….? 0-3 (two losses at home) in the immediacy and 1-5 over the last six. We all knew this had nothing to do with job credentials, not games ago, but years ago.
    This is Twenty-year Tom. He will not be fired. He hired his own boss. There was no interview. There is no current interview. There is only a letter from Joey and a fix known as a “committee.”

  7. Not much talk around here about the documentary coming out on Showtime about the ’76 team….

    I, for one, am looking forward to it.

  8. Sounds cool, Double Down.

    I’ll have to wait for the DVD. Those were the days when candy stripes had swagger.
    Days long before the softened our great ONE high school basketball tournament(now every “champion” has a class designation with full dilution of importance). Young lads looked more seasoned at the game because they were more battle tested and seasoned. Basketball was the playground to refine the time rather XBox, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reality TV, iPads, iPhones, and YouTube available to mold the hours into towers of nothing.

    I do remember how swagger once looked. I remember it on the streets. I remember it in a coach. I remember it in timeless expressions of missions worth conquering…..I remember it in the quest for banners over a quest to allow your brain to be inflated to the heavens via prognosticators without a face picking your podium place for the next NBA draft. Yes, they were different times.

    It’s oversimplified to blame coaches for focus fallen off the table of purpose. Will there ever be such basketball passion in the driveways of an Indiana summer where the hours are carefree and in love with the game of basketball?

    Zeller created a rapid heartbeat and a remembrance of those old passions….For ever so brief a moment, it felt it as though it was a taste of swagger again. But, in reality, that day is gone. Too many distractions…Too much cash to lure….Too soft a high school game to prepare any sort of cohesive mojo still fully the property of the cloth above McCracken. Rare are the unique and steadfast mission seekers who turn ingredients of character into teams of brothers. They are now only disjointed pieces of narcissistic canvases empty of the layers in complexity in basketball that build teams and swagger…..

    But, oh, how I do remember the fun. Oh, how I do remember the swagger of banner cloth.

  9. karma- That picture remains an instant classic. I don’t have the words to describe the hundreds of layers of ‘funny’ in that shot. Marvelous.

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