Hoosier Morning for Feb. 17

IU women’s basketball was tinkled pink to score a signature win over No. 20 Michigan, Jon writes.

Tom Crean has proof his team can be good defensively, but being consistent remains elusive, Mike writes.

When the Hoosiers look back at how they lost to Minnesota, they’ll be sick to their stomach, I wrote.

The baseball Hoosiers are looking to get off to a fast start in today’s season opener, Mike writes.

Lilly King helped lead Indiana into first place at the Big Ten Women’s Swimming Championships, we reported.

A preview trailer of the upcoming documentary, “Perfect in ’76,” is now available via Showtime.

Indiana plans to accept an NIT bid, if one is offered, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star reports.

The Hoosiers are on the verge of completing an epic collapse, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

Five takeaways from IU’s loss at Minnesota on Wednesday, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Mark Gottfried is out at N.C. State, and Tom Crean’s name has already come up on a prospective list of replacements, Rob Dauster of NBCsports.com writes.

Is Tom Crean the right coach for Indiana basketball in 2017-18, asks Kent Sterling at kentsterling.com.

Indiana’s basketball problems run deeper than Tom Crean, Kyle Robbins of Crimson Quarry writes.

IU baseball kicks off the season with four games in three days in Arizona, Spencer Davis of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

An obvious choice in honor of the big win by IU women’s basketball, Pink with “Just Like Fire.”


  1. Just read an interesting tidbit. RMK had a total of 4 native born Hoosiers in his last SIX recruiting classes. That included Luke Recker.

  2. What RMK and his players/teams had were 3 national championships, many big ten titles, several other tournament titles, olympic gold, player individual honors, player jobs + careers, and a lot of wins….and was set to start up another winning run over the next few years with the team that M.D. took to the final game of March Madness.

  3. I can think of 3 on the team Davis took to the championship…Weren’t they recruited by Knight? Maybe not….Not sure exactly when the signed the LOI, but I remember many on this site(and IDS Basketblog) that used to argue Davis reaped the rewards of some Hoosier grit because they believed they’d be playing for Knight. Fife was from nearby Michigan …..Knight traditionally found those “anchor” recruits from the Hoosier state and would then fill in with very “heady” and talented ballers from South, East, and West.

    Jeffries…Bloomington, IN
    Coverdale- Noblesville, IN
    Odle-Swayzee, IN

    1. In Knight’s last 6 recruiting classes, he had 4 Indiana kids. The three you mentioned and Luke Recker.

      Jason Gardner was an example of in-state kids going elsewhere in Knight’s last days. Mr Basketball in Indiana and went to Arizona without even a visit to any in-state schools. This isn’t a shot on Knight at all. Just an example of the fact that “locking down” the borders was always going to be more challenging than it was back in the days before email and now Skype, facetime, etc.

      Knight ended up having his one bad recruiting period following the Cheaney/Henderson/Bailey squad. Sherron Wilkerson, Charlie Miller, Andre Patterson and Neil Reed. No need to dig into Neil Reed, as we all know how that one worked out. 😉

      Sherron Wilkerson was a McDonald’s All-American. Broke his leg at the end of his freshman year, but 17 games into his sophomore year (where he wasn’t exactly lighting it up 7 pts a game), he decided he’d give his girlfriend some unsolicited changes to her face. Knight booted him immediately.

      Andre Patterson showed flashes (his 39 pt game vs Duke in the preseason NIT in MSG was a sight to behold), but mostly was a flop. Somehow, despite a pretty pedestrian career at Indiana, he got drafted in the 2nd round. Dude was a physical specimen.

      Charlie Miller. Oh Charlie. You guys want to crap on guys like VJ3 and JBJ? Charlie played over 30 min a game, averaged just over 3ppg, less than assist and shot 22.3% from 3. Even Josh McRoberts is laughing at those stats.

      But he got some solid recruits after that. But two major one’s transferred, Recker and Jason Collier (RIP). But Knight was building a solid roster before he got fired. Would loved to have seen that 2001-2002 team with Haston on it. I loved his game.

      Anyway, regardless. The issue that I have with Crean and his instate “recruiting” is that there are multiple reports (Jermey, I think you even mentioned this. Correct me if I’m citing you wrong?) of Crean burning bridges with instate high school coaches. So, I don’t expect the Indiana Hoosiers to look like the Indiana State High School All-Star roster (those days are long past even if Brad Stevens coaches here), but he doesn’t have a prayer to get ANY of those kids if their coaches are against Crean. I’m curious as to what he did besides substitute so much that caused them to feel this way.

      I don’t know if I have much of a point. Just reliving the time I was in school. Knight’s roster was pretty bad during that era. But, despite playing with a weak hand, he never finished less than .500 in the conference. If you look at those mid-late 90’s rosters, it was a coaching miracle that happened.

  4. t- You’re correct…I did not initially read your last sentence. You must have been one of those who claimed Davis reaped the rewards of a team Knight would have brought home the banner. Of course, that’s all speculation. Davis did a hell of a job with that team…The game against #1 Duke was, arguably, the greatest come-from-behind win in Hoosier NCAA tournament history. I was there. Best game I have ever been lucky enough to see and experience firsthand ….17 point deficit erased because Davis made halftime adjustments that few coaches would have been keen enough to implement. Duke was concerned nearly entirely with Jeffriies…The first five plays of the second half were all designed for Odle..Odle rose to the challenge and it sparked the entire team…It was a thing of beauty.

    I don’t think it’s fair to Mike Davis to steal those moments and claim Knight would have done more….

  5. Tom Coverdale grew up wanting to play basketball for Bob Knight, but in the one season he played for the Hall of Fame coach, Cov played only 41 minutes. For a former Indiana Mr. Basketball, it was a tough adjustment, especially after spending his previous season at a New England prep school.

    Considering the competitiveness of the former Noblesville High School star, he appeared to be a candidate to transfer to another college. However, Coverdale’s career took off during a sophomore season that followed Knight’s firing and Mike Davis’ promotion to head coach of the Hoosiers.

    Coverdale always knew good things would happen in Bloomington, and Knight’s controversial reputation never was a deterrent.

    “No, I grew up wanting to play for him. I grew up an Indiana fan and knew my dream was to play for him,” Coverdale said. ‘I never had any concerns or I probably would have gone further into the recruiting process. Once Indiana offered me a scholarship, I didn’t even look anywhere else. I didn’t even make any visits.”(courtesy: Inside Indiana)

  6. Sorta funny…Listen to these two loonies who, just 6 weeks ago(just after the loss to Nebraska in Assembly), believed IU to be the “class of the conference.”


    Isn’t it great being an expert journalist….? You never have to return and post a video with your sock in your mouth. Reminds me of someone who used to work for HT….He was once was so giddy over Hanner Perea that he’d be the next “Hakeem the Dream.” Did he return with sock in mouth? What do you think?

  7. Yes, M.D. led IU on a March Madness run that so far has not been done since. Not even close. I think B.K. had IU bb set up the kind of team he liked. I will also note that M.D. helped recruit some of those players. The question may have been would those players hang in there together under B.K. tenure. I also think M.D. was a good compliment to B.K. as two different demeanor until B.K. last situation that ended his time at IU.

  8. t- Entirely agree.

    I always considered Coach K to be Knight II …..minus choke holds. You didn’t need social media to realize that this guy drank the Bobby Kool-Aid and it stuck.

    Let’s not forget the traitor, Shawn May…..Zach Randolph, and Plumlees….and a Zeller not Cody. There were plenty more…Can’t think of the plethora of talent we have fed many a program.

    Mike Davis did secure Jeffries who likely believed Sean May might follow…They all believed they were going to play for Knight.

    Before competing in the college ranks, Jeffries attended high school at Bloomington High School North, advancing to the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) basketball finals in 2000 before losing to Marion High School, led by current Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph. In his last two years in high school, one of his teammates was future North Carolina player Sean May. Jeffries was recognized as the 2000 Indiana Mr. Basketball.

  9. And during more upheaval, there was that invented 3-way call scandal that gave a kick in the ass to in-state recruiting. Greg Oden and Mike Conley, Jr. of Lawrence North would propel Mr. Handsome at OSU for one of his two trips to a Final Four. I believe a recruit from Fort Wayne(Deshaun Thomas) was his Indiana star for the second trip. He was likely another Indiana Mr. Basketball. The pillaging continues….

    And then the latest ‘big’ to be an Indiana Mr. Basketball, Swanigan, attends PU.
    And somewhere in the mix, I think one Indiana premier post player went to UK… who is now on Utah. Trey Lyles of Arsenal Tech? Another Mr. Basketball big…Swing and a miss!

    And the hits just keep on comin’……Everything hinges on Zeller.

  10. How could I forget the most important of ALL Indiana bigs….who, we once again, swung and missed. Mitch McGary!!!! The kid from a tiny town named Chesterton tucked in the NW corner of Indiana…..took exception to a supposed “tattoo” courtesy of a soft teddy bear name Cody and turned it into a completely unexpected March Madness storm*…He would wash off the Play-Doh tattoo and put together a run of jaw-dropping performances in leading Michigan to a championship game. Meanwhile, Cody would leave for the NBA completely satisfied with a bitch-slapping and having his teddy bear cotton stuffing removed courtesy of Syracuse.
    McGary was primed to return to Michigan and finish the job but was caught with marijuana in his bloodstream(far more harmful than drinking and driving) and banned from all of college basketball….

    *Outside of one blowbag on website known as Hoosier Scoop who saw the momentum and dominance coming.

  11. Mike Davis recruited most of those kids. According to Dackich, Knight didn’t do much more than seal the deal at the end. More than likely that why Davis got the job over Trealor. Now had Knoght continued coaching we might of seen Hastings stay and almost definitely signed Sean May and present times might of looked much different.

    I read an article stereotyping IU fans that claim we are the problem because we want old school basketball and that hasn’t proven nationally successful. Now come on Wisconsin hasn’t finished out of the top 4 in the big ten in how long? Recent final 4…currently #1 in the big ten after changing coaches…yes it does work and that style can be successful because good Basketball is successful.

    True IU fans love coach knight but also understand the game has changed. We don’t mind fast paced basketball. We don’t mind slow paced basketball. We just want good basketball. Crean needs to go. He came in made things worse than they already were…he’s had 9 seasons…this is enough. Maybe North Carolina should of held on to Matt Daugherty and not looked for Roy Williams…yea right. Or maybe Kentucky should of stuck with Billy Gillispie. I’ve had a lot of fun…and made a lot of great plays with a lot of women before I married my wife.

  12. And Knight did miss on Eric Montross…..another Indy product headed for Carolina. Would he have been part of the Damon Bailey team? Not sure….Knight did secure Alan Henderson though.
    And then there’s Lawrence Funderburke …A top quality ‘big’ who began in candy stripes but didn’t see eye to eye with Knight and ultimately transferred.

    The hits just keep comin’……It’s absolutely remarkable to think of the talented college post players from this hoops paradise known as Indiana….So many made Final Four runs possible at those other “so-called” elite programs while only a drop in the bucket made their choice candy stripes.

  13. Did we mention Shawn Kemp of Concord H.S. in Elkhart..?
    Matt Howard of Connersville…?
    A.J. Hammons…?

    Come on, Chet. Help me out. You surely know more.

  14. No, John Treloar wasn’t hired because a trustee and Davis called the naacp and lawyers were called. If you worked at IU or were connected on campus at the time, you know that, fact!

    1. So, Hoosier fans owe that run to the title game to the NAACP? I guess that’s news to many of us. Good to know. Thanks NAACP.

  15. Knight could run teams off the floor, Ben_M…That’s all stereotyping and hogwash fueled by that stupid movie about Milan.. Two of Knight’s teams ran athletic teams right out of the NCAA tournament. We put up nearly 100 points against UNLV in one banner run….and scored 57 points in a half against Michigan in a victorious championship game(it’s still the record for most points in a half in March Madness).

    Hoosiers don’t play Wisconsin ball…We play all types of ball and we play it at any winning pace to precision. Knight blistered teams out of gyms. We had shooters and centers who could run the floor….starting with guys like Steve Downing(who outplayed Bill Walton in Knight’s first Final Four trip). Isiah Thomas….? Come on, man. That wasn’t Wisconsin ball.

    That old-fashioned moniker was started by jealous Establishment journalists from the East who had no answer for what Bobby could do with Hoosier/Midwestern talent. They wanted to stamp a Milan game to the whole of Indiana hoops. This is the home of Oscar Roberston, my friend. This is the home of many a Globetrotter who also came out of Crispus Attucks(before any colleges were signing black kids)…Do your homework, buddy.

  16. Great reading!!

    On the Steve Downing/Bill Walton….Steve Downing got hosed on a very, very, bad call that fouled him out. Had the call been correct, Walton would have fouled out. I watched that one on T.V. The Coaches (and teams) were on the baseline. Weird gym.

    I cannot remember if it was a block or a charge….H4, do you recall that play?


  17. I don’t recall, Rock. I was quite the young lad. I do remember Knight always claiming the 4th foul on Downing was more outlandish than the 5th.

    Downing always appeared to be such a quiet an unassuming young man….But on the basketball court he was so, so, skilled and intense. I believe he still holds the only triple double in Hoosier history… He had wonderful turn-around jump shot moves he’d kiss off the glass…Super fluid and built for the college game. He was clutch through and through….Never intimidated by the big lights where very few had heard of his name. He was just a damn strong-willed Indiana kid who knew the moment would never be bigger. He wanted that moment against UCLA and more. It’s a crime that in all the years I’ve heard the endless blabber spill out of Walton’s mouth, I’ve never heard him once utter the name of Steve Downing. “Conference of Champions,” my ass. Champions know how to give credit where credit is due.

    Chet- You always say in concise and best. How ridiculous that people still want to steal Mike Davis’s moment of Hoosier pride and accomplishment. This is what I’ve forever meant as “meddlers.” They still likely pull all the wrong strings of Hoosier Basketball…..

  18. Let’s make Steve Downing our next coach! Did I recently hear that the Carmel high school coach is accepting the Marian University head coaching job? I’m not sure if Downing is still the AD there…Sort of interesting.

  19. As I recall, John Treloar & Mike Davis were appointed co-head coaches but after a short while they decided between themselves that Mike should be the sole head coach. All this after the team lead by Dane Fife said they would transfer if IU brought in an outside coach.
    PS: My choice for Crean’s replacement is Mike Lewis.

  20. Recalling another promising guard before the Knight era whose bb career was cut short because of auto accident….Ray Pavy 51 vs. Jimmy Rayl 49.

  21. Chet, you might find multiple stories from 2001 on the internet that dive further into what I said. The one I remember was written by Al Hamnick in April of 2001. Thank who you want to, but working in and outside of athletics then, it was no secret in Bloomington. John T was the choice of IU admin. Reflect back over the years…have I been wrong yet? 🙂

  22. I spelled it wrong, it’s Hamnik and I found him on Twitter. He writes for the times of northwest Indiana. Maybe he can send you a link to the story and tell you what he remembers…the story had fantastic info about a deal being in place, within hours of Alford being signed complete w his chosen staff. I will save that for another time. I’m not a guy who thinks we need Alford now, but if we inked him back in 2001, we would have two more banners today…he and Sam would have owned the Indiana high school talent. That last part is my opinion though 🙂

  23. Scoop Time Capsule: 12/31/09

    Downing’s 5th says:
    December 31, 2009 at 4:31 am


    Happy New Year to you, too. Other than keeping up with the progression of Eric Gordon, I also don’t watch/follow a lot of NBA ball…Have you ever seen a sweeter looking jump shot than the form exhibited by Eric Gordon? Jerry West had a beautiful shot with an unbelievable quick release…One can only imagine the points he would have amassed during his career with a 3-point line.

    CONGRATS TO EJ! SATURDAY’S WINNER OF THE NBA ALL-STAR 3-PT CONTEST! :mrgreen: Great call by Downing’s 5th.

    (Northwest Indiana also representin’ with Glenn Robinson III taking home the slam dunk contest trophy).

  24. If only we had a current coach who valued intense defensive effort in the manner Mike Davis instilled into a Hoosier team. Is the competition paying cash for Hoosiers to commit acts of aloofness so degrading of the banners? If basketball at McCracken holds enumerated “commandments” of integrity to the Hoosier game representative of what we know to hold true in our faith to candy stripes, Tom Crean has violated them all.
    “Because it’s Indiana” being the biggest lie of all….

    Thou shall not subject the Assembly Hall banners to losses against Satan(Purdue).
    Thou shall not rename Assembly Hall after a shopping mall.
    Thou shall not lose three BIG 10 games at home.
    Thou shall not schedule non-conference games softer than the clouds of our heavenly father’s water bed in the sky.
    Thou shall not turn the ball over incessantly in the face of thy mother and father….and Don Fisher.
    Thou shall not hold more banner reunions than Adam picks apples in front of Eve.
    Thou shall not deceive the roster in listing a man as a post player while only allowing said “post player” to wander without sandals across a 3-point desert where it will not rain.
    Thou shall not ignore the finest basketball talent from the Hoosier state.
    Thou shall not clap as a coach if there is nothing to clap about.
    Thou shall not guzzle from the holy water in a Disani bottle when only the throat of our defense is dry.

  25. Hard to believe that NC State is eyeing many of the same coaches who reside on our wish list. They aren’t considered elite in North Carolina.

  26. Ron-

    Agree. I tuned out immediately. And to see Brad Stevens on the sideline? It’s akin to selling your basketball soul. Some like to say that they’re nearly married to their job….If Brad Stevens is married to basketball, he just committed multiple acts of adultery to a peach basket. What a fiasco.
    But I must say, I did enjoy one rather prominent star’s take on the “flatness” of the world. Wow…..And I thought Crean was out there.

  27. Flatness of the world is something to have a little fun with. Told my 3rd grade (at the time) granddaughter that I was the President of the “Earth is Flat” organization and that all the maps are faked. Few months later her teacher calls me from 1800 miles away to tell me Haley believed what I said and I was messing with her mind. Next time I think I’ll try the man walking on the moon was really in Utah desert.

    Back to 192 to 182. Obviously no defense which makes me wonder why CTC is not NBA coaching material.

  28. “Flat” was God’s original plan….He then decided it was easier to carry when he rolled it into a tube. This design was misunderstood to be round. The tube is capped at the north and south poles. Bad people are forced to spend eternity inside the tube.

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