Hoosier Morning for Feb. 21

IU will try to jumpstart the remainder of its season tonight at Iowa, Mike writes.

IU football is hitting the weight room in search of its key word, breakthrough, Mike writes.

Purdue takes over the top spot in the weekly Big Ten power rankings, I wrote.

IU baseball wrapped up its opening weekend with a loss to Oregon State, splitting the first four games of the year, we reported.

The Hoosiers are hopeful the break in the schedule will lead to the break they need at Iowa, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana is hitting the reset button as it heads to Iowa after the weekend off, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Iowa coach Fran McCaffery came to Tom Crean’s defense Monday, saying the IU coach will not be fired, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

The coaching carousel is already under way, but Tom Crean to N.C. State is not an option, Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports writes.

Illinois has a unique coaching quandary, but the Illini aren’t alone if you look at Indiana and Ohio State, Loren Tate of the Champaign News Gazette writes.

What to expect from the Iowa Hawkeyes, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Wes Martin is trying to provide a new voice for Indiana’s offensive line this spring, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A look at what redshirt freshmen might break out in spring practice for the Hoosiers, Alex Compton of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

In honor of Indiana’s desire to break through on the basketball court and the football weight room, The Doors with “Break On Through.”


  1. Fran McCaffery gets it. Fran McCaffery has perspective. McCaffery is an intelligent man. He was spot on when he recently said, “They’re not going to fire the guy (Crean). They went to the sweet 16 last year. They’ve lost five games in the league by five points or less. They’re (IU’s players) playing hard for him. The guy (Crean) walked into as bad a mess as anyone has had to overcome in the history of our profession (college basketball coaching). They were playing nothing but walk-ons when he first got there, three scholarship players. It was imperative he build that thing without cutting corners because they just fired a guy for cheating. Tom did it the right way. This guy (Crean) knows what he’s doing.”

    Too bad it took Iowa’s Head Coach to provide a little sanity and perspective to The Hoosier Nation.

  2. Who would want T.C. fired when you can have a good chance to chalk up a win. Of course opponents do not want IU to ever get a marquee coach who could lead the Hoosiers back to dominance separating themselves from this so so league .


    Known subject immune to rapidly spreading TCDS OUTBREAK has been located in Iowa.

    We are currently confining the subject in an HT offsite laboratory while thorough testing and observation begin.

    Remain hopeful for vaccination procedures to follow. Those who sought shelter at ITH should remain. CDC must validate that said “immune subject” is of the human population.


  4. Unless it’s B. S. or S. A. Go after Gregg Marshall where he makes 3 million a year @ Wichita State.

  5. Podunker was never missing, I just have not felt the need to comment on Women’s Basketball of late.

    Marshall’s new contract will place him 7th on the list of top paid college basketball coaches, dropping Crean down to ninth. But I’m certain that’s temporary as the bidding war will continue to escalate as University AD’s continue to wet their beds at the thought of getting their winning coaches poached. So imagine, if WSU gave Marshall $3.3 million per for seven years, what it would cost IU to buy out Crean’s contract and then hire his replacement. Any of you Crean-haters donating money to fund such strategy? Any of you coaching experts putting your money where your mouths are? Come on, it would only take 1,000 IU fans to donate $1,000 each to pay for Crean’s contract buyout. But of course, that does not include the cost that Glass will incur to hire a Retained Search Firm to identify the best candidates. That fee usually equals 20% of the eventual hire’s first year gross income, or in this case about another $700,000. Hey, maybe it would be a better idea if Glass were to spend a small portion of the cost to change basketball coaches to upgrade McCullough’s salary and prevent him from bolting to USC. I’d say, for about $125,000 more per year, Glass could help Allen keep McCullough in Bloomington. And that would be a much better way to spend IU’s limited Athletic budget. Besides, we can always fire Crean after next season, right?

  6. The guy (Crean) walked into as bad a mess as anyone has had to overcome in the history of our profession

    Fran-That excuse might work for about three years….in a state like Iowa.
    Indiana is the mecca of high school hoops talent, Fran. Tommy Teeter had his hype and his shot with the “Everything Hinges” kid and “Movements.” What we’ve learned from the embarrassments at Sweet 16’s subsequent to those pivotal, “We’re Back,” moments, is what many of us knew from the beginning of Witch-Hunt Mania. Nine years, Fran…going on ten. Excuses…? Nobody gave Alford any at Iowa. Nobody will give you any.

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