Hoosier Morning for Feb. 24

IU women’s basketball is looking to ride its Senior Night, double OT win into the postseason, Jon writes.

Pitching has been an early bright spot for IU baseball, which heads south to Florida Atlantic this weekend, Mike writes.

IU men’s swimming set five school records and two conference records on the way to first place after two days of the Big Ten Championships, we reported.

The noise is getting louder and louder around IU coach Tom Crean, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

By-gone blue blood or sleeping superpower, it’s hard to say what Indiana basketball is now, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A look at Indiana’s struggles against the Iowa press in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

The time is now and the opponent is Indiana for Northwestern to prove its winning mentality and NCAA worthiness, Garrett Jochneau of the Daily Northwestern writes.

This year’s coaching carousel could be one of the craziest ever, including at Indiana, Pete Thamel of SI.com writes.

Yogi Ferrell has set the bar impossibly high through his first 10 games with the Mavericks, Bobby Karalla of Mavs.com writes.

A look at the quarterbacks in this IU spring practice preview, Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

It appears IU running backs coach Deland McCullough is headed to USC and replacing him may be Tom Allen’s biggest challenge yet, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A look at the biggest weaknesses of Big Ten East football teams, including IU, Brian Bennett of ESPN.com writes.

The noise is getting louder with IU basketball, but not as loud as Public Enemy with “Bring the Noise.”


  1. I am so sick and tired of these articles about how IU fans should be content with the state of IU basketball and how no coach would want to coach at IU. There is a disconnect with Tom Crean and his team. There is a disconnect between Indiana high school players and coaches and Crean. There is a disconnect with the IU fan base and Crean. The last NINE seasons have been more down then up. I think any rational coaching candidate can look at the Crean era and understand the situation is more than an unruly fan base. I’d hope someone realizes this is just bad basketball. Id hope someone would think this program wants more than what the last 9 years have produced and that’s ok. His contract has 3 years left regardless of anything, so you either give him an extension or termination based on the entire 9 years and the direction the program is headed. We are obviously not a blueblood program with Crean at the helm for 9 years so what’s the difference? Why not try something new? Crean has profited from the experience more than IU fans have. At least he gets paid for his time to suffer through this….we don’t. IU has the resources to maintain a competitive college basketball program. If something doesn’t change maybe people will quit buying tickets, donating money, reading newspapers, and visiting IU based internet sights.

  2. Ben, you are 100% correct. Look at the Butler Bulldogs, I believe that the school had three different coaches(including Brad Stevens) in the last 9 years during CTC tenure at IU. Butler has kicked I U’s ass in men’s basketball with less facilities, less TV money, and joined the Big East Conference in these nine years and will be around a 4 seed in the NCAA and I U is a NO Show this year. We need a coaching change and CTC needs to move on.

  3. As far as being at IU “Crean has profited from the experience more than IU fans have”. Best statement I’ve heard about IU BB in 2 decades. Very proficient thinking Ben.
    Until reading Thamel’s SI article I did not think about Crean leaving on his own volition as it costs him nothing contractually. Also many options for Crean to look into this year where he would be an instant hero with his over supply of working energy in somewhat underdog programs in BB; Washington, Mizzou, NC State, Georgia and LSU.
    Watch for Brad Underwood HC at OK St. as a sleeper to elevate if not this year for sure next as he is the lowest paid paid HC in the ’12’. He has much experience and has been successful everywhere he has been.

  4. The reason you see these kinds of articles, radio and TV media regarding in this case the state of IU bb program is strictly self-serving. That’s it 100%. It happens in every segment of our lives; (political, sports, entertainment, education, religion, dieting, exercising, etc etc etc). You name it. The only reason it’s a person’s job. The person’s job is say or write something to elicit a response (reading, watching, responding). Pavlov theory In a pure sense. Hold a piece of meat (article and media in this case about IU bb)…Fans salivate….Fans read and respond and blow off steam (Reward)…It is also reward for sports media, writers etc because it gives them something to do and perform his or her job creating a self-serving need for themselves (job performance, employment)

  5. Clarion I agree with you with Crean being an Instant hero. I was a nurse and had worked in Nursing Homes. When a nursing home was found to have multiple violations they would call in a “trouble shooter”..assess the situation. develope a plan to to FIX the violations, then implement the plan. Coach Crean is such a coach….he will ALWAYS be a “troubleshooter”…go in revive programs that have had trouble ..then move on that’s the kind of coach he is….Unfortunately Fred Glass and others thought he was much more.

  6. These articles, like Tery Hutchens’ above, suggesting that the problem is not CTC but the fact that the players don’t ‘buy into’ what he is trying to do, are asinine. WTF? What do they think the first duty of a coach is? EVERY coach has to convince players to ‘buy into’ their system. For some, let’s say Coach K, that’s relatively easy. For CTC it obviously is not. I wonder what the difference could be?

    I’ve read more than once that Coach Marshall at Wichita would ‘not be a good fit’ at Indiana. Why?

    Yogi is lighting the NBA on fire while playing for an owner who is a big time IU fan. Talk about having it all come together. Good for him.

    1. So how does Hutchens explain Kansas and UNC on this years schedule? Or does he dismiss it since it does not fit his story.

  7. Why is there rarely any suggestion of getting Chris Holtmann as the next IU coach? I see all sorts of coaches suggested here by the regular basketball wizards, but rarely is Chris mentioned, while all bemoan the fact that IU didn’t go after Brad Stevens fast enough, etc. Plus I’ve read several articles indicating that perhaps Chris is ready to move on to bigger pastures than Butler.
    He seems like the PERFECT fit for what IU fans want in a coach……
    And BTW, I’ve still greatly enjoyed watching IU games, and I’m STILL a forever IU fan, no matter what anyone may think. My secret for enjoying the games is to root for IU to loose, because as a true fan of IU basketball, each loss has been “another nail in the coffin” toward the Crean demise I’ve been wanting for years. I eagerly look forward to all games, just like in the good old days of real basketball at IU, I don my beautiful adidas IU #40 shirt (Zeller’s), and get just about as much enjoyment and excitement out of each game as I did back when I was a “proper” IU BB fan. And the team has come through for me with a predictable, ridiculous loss, just like in the good old days when I could predict and root for a victory.
    After IU’s great start this year, I sort of got back to believing my Hoosiers were finally back. But that didn’t last long due to a run of ridiculous losses. So sad. The ongoing betrayal of my IU BB expectations by the Crean Calamity Coaching continued to be very emotionally painful for me UNTIL I came up with the “Root for a Loss” strategy, and I’m happy to report it has worked very well for me. Many have stated they have quit watching IUBB, lost interest, lost caring, as their way of coping, but that penalizes the ex-fan, leaving one with an empty spot in their basketball hearts, and nothing to look forward to on game nights. Thus I highly recommend the “Root to Lose” strategy.

    1. Holtman is a solid prospect. Just not on the end of everybody’s tongue. I have to believe Illinois would hire him for sure.

      1. I don’t agree that $ demanded would make him a bad fit. He exudes self confidence more robustly than near any other NCAA BB HC. 2 coaches that don’t want him near them would be K and RW. I suspect NCST knows that too.

    2. Most AD’s would be on more of a hot seat than the head coach. This is Indiana, folks. These sorts of debacles often go even higher than the AD.
      You candy store shoppers are heading into the same trap that started in the committee rooms that got us here.
      Fred Glass’s first choice was Tom Crean(Joey spilled the beans while spinning his thumbs at Marquette..Want to see the letter again?). Please don’t tell me that wasn’t the order of business. Now, Fred gets to dodge all the bullets. Somebody please explain why that is? How wonderfully convenient…Aren’t lawyers brilliant?

  8. It would take a lot to get Marshall from Wichita State. He would probably only consider an elite program or one that was trying to get back to eliteness (Indiana). He has one of the best jobs in college basketball due to his ability. He recruits diamonds in the rough and coaches them to be successful as a team. He recruits transfers including jr. College. He recruits good but not great high school players. He has lack of ties to big ten and Indiana. He has not recruited 5 and 4 star players. He has been a winner everywhere he has been. He demands respect from players and those around him. He is very confident in what he does. I think he could recruit Blue Chips in Indiana and midwest. Athletic director and administrative staff would have to support him. Some of these political student athlete directives Glass has created maybe should be used as toilet paper so a guy like Marshall would not be treated like K.W. Maybe, Glass should go. Maybe, those above or his superiors should re acess what they are doing? I definitely think Gregg Marshall should be given high priority for the new coach at IU. However, why would he want to leave the happiness he has at Shocker land?

  9. I really really really like Chris Holtman. Does he have a big enough ego? Yes, cheering for IU to lose is like putting a beloved sick dog or cat to sleep that has been sick for a few years now. An act of kindness to putting a beloved pet out of its misery.

  10. This is not an endorsement or condemnation of any of the names posted, nor a reference to CTC, but I was reminded of the old cliche’ that the most popular player on losing NFL teams is the backup quarterback.

    Nobody knows what he will do but most people have grown weary of the starter.

    Me, too.

    1. This is why that it is problematic for the folks that always want to frame this discussion in binary terms of “Fire Crean” or “Keep Crean.” There are so many different ways that one can arrive at these conclusions. And there are equally lazy and thoughtful ways to find someone in either of those camps.

      In high school, I had the privilege of working at a large printing shop owned by Philly Italians. In the warehouse, there were always radios blaring. In the morning it was Howard Stern, in the afternoons it was Philly sports radio. This is the typical phone call to Philly sports radio:

      “Hey, we have Tony from south Philly on line 1….hey Tony, what’s up?”

      “Yeah yeah yeah! What’s up? I have two questions for you: FIRST, the Eagles are #1, and SECOND, the next time Randal Cunningham runs outside of the pocket like that, should I lacerate his eyeballs?”

      It is hard to overcome the morons on both sides of the argument. On the anti-side, the “solution” is always what isn’t happening in real-life and thus can never be measured. “If only….” “We should trade for…” “Why don’t we…..” “What idiot….”. Then on the other side, you have the sycophants who’s tongue’s are permanently stuck to the boots they worship and any deviation is met with a swift and emotional reaction that reaches North Korean-esque levels in its displays of worship.

      I really knew very little about Crean when he was hired here. I knew he had some decent teams at Marquette, but I never remember thinking “we better not schedule those guys….we’d be in serious trouble.” His name was always thrown out there when a higher profile job came up. We got him and we got him at a time when we were the most vulnerable.

      I wanted Crean to succeed, but that’s because he’s the coach of my school’s team. I wanted him to succeed no more or less than I wanted Sampson, Davis or Knight to succeed. Same with Wilson, Lynch, Hoepner and Mallory. I don’t know Crean personally at all. Doesn’t matter to me that he loves Jesus, Buddha or Beelzebub. I wanted him to succeed because I love Indiana basketball.

      So, I sit back and let it unfold. 3/4 of the way into his insanely lengthly contract, we have an idea of what we are going to get. At least as far as the marriage of Indiana and Crean is concerned. Finding myself in the “Fire Crean” camp, isn’t taken lightly, nor is it something I’m not willing to listen to people who have considerate arguments on the other side. Let’s just say that Hutch’s tepid support of keeping Crean is a Grand Canyon sized chasm between him and, let’s say, our fellow commenter Podunker. Hutch acknowledges the problems and issues facing Crean and doesn’t excuse the poor results. At the end, he comes to a different conclusion for different reasons. I’m ok with that.

      Either way, I’d love to be the back-up QB for an NFL team. Make $2.1 million a year to wear a headset, stand next to the coach, learn some dancestep/hand signals and not get your head beat in (in practice, they can’t touch you), while your knees stay intact. That sounds perfect.

  11. Michigan rolling….Wagner with 20 in the first half! Man, they made it look easy against mighty Purdue.

    Somebody on this site said they had the most talent in the BIG? Hmmm?
    Somebody on this site said their sophomore post player was the hottest in the country? Hmmm? (Best multi-dimensional post player in the conference who buries 3’s and works inside)
    Somebody on this site said, of all BIG teams, Michigan will go deepest in the NCAA tournament?

    Somebody on this site said all the above when Michigan was already pegged as not being in the Dance. Hmmm? Who was that somebody?

  12. Michigan is soooo impressive. Standing on top of this steaming pile of mediocrity called the B1G is so awe inspiring.

    Speaking of Michigan, I was trying to find stats on Mitch McGary in the NBA today and I couldn’t find them. Can anyone tell me if my google is broken? Where’s the heart of the lion in the NBA? Maybe he’s residing in Washington, Colorado or California somewhere? Wasn’t he on the same team that the crappy Hoosier Oladipo is starting for? Is the “Fake News” taking over ESPN’s stat logs, too? East coast establishment bias is trying to erase him.

  13. Can you find Matt Howard’s NBA stats? He played like a stud in the NCAA tournament as well. Isn’t that what makes college ball so much fun? Kent Benson made a ton of noise in the NBA. Never even broke 10 ppg. Same with Alan Henderson. Steve Downing had one season with the Celtics. ..He averaged about 2 ppg. Knight never talked more highly of any other Hoosier….Put the Hoosiers on his shoulders in the middle for Knight’s first Final Four at Indiana…It was a rather stunning, “take by storm,” run as well. Downing spanked Walton’s ass at a Final Four and was screwed over.
    Any other questions?

    Oh, and by the way, it’s no longer the Oklahoma City Thunder…..They are the OKC Light Sprinkles without Durant. What they believed they were acquiring from Orlando has been an Oladisappointment.

  14. Michigan is soooo impressive. Standing on top of this steaming pile of mediocrity called the B1G is so awe inspiring.

    Yup….”steaming pile of mediocrity” it is…And there we sit, so far buried under the steaming pile that we are safe from the flies. Says a ton about the state of Indiana Basketball after nine years of the coach who walks on water but coaches like your steaming pile.

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