Hoosier Morning for Feb. 3

In the absence of James Blackmon Jr., Thomas Bryant has begun to assert himself at a higher level, Mike writes.

If nothing else, Indiana showed the fight, grit and pride that had been missing in its triple OT win, I wrote.

Michigan State dominated the boards in holding off the IU women Thursday, 69-60, we reported.

Avon’s Bryant Fitzgerald could be one of several new IU recruits to contribute early next season, Teddy Bailey writes for the Indianpolis Star.

Indiana defensive line signee Tramar Reece is a study in triumph over tragedy, Bob Putnam of the Tampa Bay Times writes.

A look at some of the signees who could make an impact early and some key quotes from coach Tom Allen, Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Forward Mason Toye put pen to paper on Wednesday to make his future with the IU soccer team secure, Richard Greco of NJ.com writes.

The Patriots are getting ready for the 1-2 punch of Devonta Freeman and former Hoosier Tevin Coleman from the Falcons in the Super Bowl, Chris Wesseling of NFL.com writes.

From Thomas Bryant to B.J. Thomas, “I Just Can’t Help Believin’.”


  1. Didn’t Bryant get things started against PSU with a nice hook shot going across the lane? Should have went with “Hooked on a Feeling.”

    Thomas must have sung the original, but I always preferred the cover version….Man, I’m dating myself…but this tune brings back some memories. One in particular was being on a high school bus going to football game…There was this cheerleader riding on the bus who I was just completely head over heels for…Of course, this extremely cute and sophisticated flamethrower to my heart didn’t have a clue because I was forever to shy to even give a hello…I remember to this day the song playing in the shadows of the night…How many times love hits you hard in those teenage years when it seems to cut deepest…? My heart already broken because I knew I would never have the nerve..

  2. I’ve been one of those very overcritical of Bryant….

    One thing you can’t deny is the young man’s heart. I would suggest to continue at developing that hook shot. Looked like a go-to shot to this observer; a very underutilized shot nearly impossible to stop.

  3. He’s great when he asserts himself and goes to the bucket. Sometimes he just disappears. Great kid though.

  4. Big game tomorrow….Guacamole & Gaga!

    Harvard has……

    BREAKING NEWS: Just announced that Barry Manilow will be part of the halftime concert festivities….Just sayin’.

  5. To change the subject, from all the fire trucks & police cars with sirens going and lights flashing, plus the 20 or so cars behind them honking I’m guessing the Martinsville girls team won the Sectionals. One of them has signed with Purdue……Or, could be the Martinsville Scholastic team won the State match. Last 15 years the team has finished first 9 times and a couple of seconds.

    Kids today….

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