IUWBB: Indiana pounded by No. 3 Maryland, 92-56

Indiana was hammered Sunday by No. 3 Maryland, 92-56.

In a contest where the Hoosiers struggled, as a team, junior Tyra Buss had her streak of 59 consecutive games in double figures broken. She finished with seven points on 2-of-17 shooting. Amanda Cahill led the Hoosiers with 16 points and nine rebounds.

IU (15-8, 5-5 Big Ten) was never really in the contest. Maryland (23-1, 11-0) had a 27-13 lead after one quarter. That deficit increased to 46-27 at half. The third quarter was even worse, as the Terrapins outscored the Hoosiers, 28-9.

The Hoosiers hit 32 percent from the field, including 3-of-16 from 3. Maryland, on the other hand, hit 58 percent from the field and 7-of-14 from 3-point range. Brionna Jones scored 17 points and pulled in 14 rebounds, while Shatori Walker-Kimbrough led the Terps with 23 points.



  1. First of all, Maryland is the #3 ranked team in the nation only losing 1 game to U-Conn for a reason. They are big, athletic and deep and they showed all 3 of those attributes Sunday afternoon. Something t said after the Michigan St. game is something I have been saying for years, the best teams in the conference (Ohio St., Maryland) are bigger and more athletic than us and again, it has showed in both of the games we have played against those 2 teams.
    Again, our shooting betrayed us, only 31.9 % from the floor today and 3 for 16 from 3 point land for 18.8%. We were outrebounded 47-32 and we had 11 shots blocked when we tried to go inside. Maryland is simply to big and athletic for us to match up with! But, again their only loss is by 6 points to U-Conn.
    Amanda Cahill just missed another double-double with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Really, no one else other than Gassion (9 points) had a decent day scoring, Although Alexis only hit 4 of 12 shots and Buss only hit 2 of 17. Their size and athleticism really shut us down all day. We did have a very nice crowd today of over 4,000. It’s a real shame we can’t get a crowd like that for every game?
    Now it’s on to Rutgers to try to get back on track. Nathan was right after the Michigan St. game when he mentioned that after Maryland, the last 6 games are winnable but, if our shooting doesn’t start to improve, we could lose any of those games?

    1. Total lack of outside shooting is definitely one of our biggest problems. Seems like Curt Miller recruited a girl a few years ago from Indiana who was scouted as the best shooter in the state. She never saw the court or got a chance. I can not remember her name. Always thought we could have used her. Steve W. would probably remember her name.

  2. Irish, Maura Munstramen (spel?) was the girl you are referring to. She was at IU for one year and hardly played, she transferred to Belmont and was eligible to play this year. She has only played a couple of games due to an injury?

  3. Irish– Yes you are thinking of Maura Meunsterman who is now playing with Belmont and was a great outside shooter, but evidently she didnt fit the mode that Moren set for defense and as a side note she was second all time in indiana in assists. I hated to see her go and still do .

    A comment was made by the announcers that buss and company looked tired , weak legs , shots were short, Moren also professed the same thoughts in her interview. But that doesnt take anything away from how good the Terps are, deserved of their ranking and maybe a final four team. IU is not there yet , last years team over achieved so its not too surprising to see them lose games now. Hated to see Gassion take all those shots , short jumpers and miss would have liked to have seen her attack, sure some may have been blocked , but I feel she is athletic enough to turn her body to draw fouls and get some free throws. So now the shooting slump continues .18% from 3pt land wont get it done. Im thinking we would need to win out now to make the big dance ,, perhaps Moren does need to give the team some rest.

  4. In checking the archives at Belmont I find that the last game Maura played in was Nov 16, so the injury must be quite severe. In that last game she came off the bench and played as many minutes as the starters 26min scored 8pts 4 reb, 2- 3ptrs.

  5. Maryland showed why they are a contender for the national championship. They put on a clinic and a good old fashioned but kicking but at the end of the day a L is an L and a W is a W regardless of the score. We are only 1 game out of fourth place in the standings and a bye in the B10 tournament. The teams ahead of us still have to play each other and we have a favorable schedule remaining.
    It’s only just begun.

  6. It’s spelled muensterman and miller recruited her to be a shooter often comparing her to a.s. Coach moren stuck her on the end of the bench where she spent the whole season . My sources say she is number 1 in career assists in the state and top 15 in scoring . According to her aau coach she hurt her foot in the preseason tried to play a few games then had it checked revealing a stress fracture . Hasn’t played since . I was extremely disappointed in our play Sunday . It seems like there is some kind of disconnect on this team . Mike won’t like this but we have a chemistry problem . Something is going on . Most girls coming off the bench don’t seem to care we need to correct it in a hurry . Finally Steve w . I think you are correct on the statement that m’m didn’t get a chance and moren alluded to a weakness playing defense . Watching the game Sunday I had to laugh at that watching one of our starting guards literally struggling to get up and down the floor much less guard anyone .

  7. Nathan, while I am not going to argue with you over this, I might point out every year you mention chemistry issues? This is your constant gripe about the team. What I will say is, sure didn’t see that last year when the team was very, very successful? The team is not playing as well as it did last year and that is a result of poor chemistry? As t stated last week and I agree with, this team is still short on size and athleticism, that is the biggest problem when they play teams that are better than them, they simply don’t match up.

  8. Mike, the teams chemistry is awful. I’ve spent 3 years close to several of these girls and the coaches favoring of a couple players causes a real disconnect both on and off the court. This is not a small problem. Also the bullying of player(s) the staff wants to get rid of in order to free up scholarships. I think they need to have ANOTHER investigation into player treatment. Has anyone ever noticed the players that transferred the first season under moren have been completely deleted from iuhoosiers.com as if they never went here. You can turn a blind eye to it if you want to..but it’s all there in plain sight.

  9. Chemistry issues? I remember last year when we had that run at home going the question put to the players, “Why the success this year’ first word out of their mouth “chemistry”. That is so important to Moren that she had the entire team spend time together at her home to help develop the needed chemistry. So important is team chemistry that I think Moren would not stand for it and would do what is necessary to change that. So this year thats gone, I doubt it. So this year the arrival of Foresman and Gulley, and Wickware has thrown that off , not likely. Of course some players saddened by lack of playing time will transfer happens at most schools, part of the game. If there is as you say “bullying ” it may come out later with an investigation, until then lets move on. Right now the biggest issue is the teams shooting woes, which hopefully will soon be corrected.

  10. Can anyone tell me why a program would delete 4 players off the roster? Go look for yourself! Perhaps they talk about chemistry a lot because they have none..fake it til you make it? Usually the couple posting constantly about how much they love each other on social media have the worst relationship. You can say you have great chemistry but it doesn’t make it true. There has already been one investigation into player treatment.

  11. What I have noticed currently between IU and Ohio State recruits in football is that what IU implied as inappropriate treatment Ohio State implies as expectations and opportunity. Ohio State players want it because they usually win. Winning makes for better team satisfaction and overall happiness. One disadvantage this year is that T.Moren and staff plus team over achieved last year that made it a more stressed and challenging situation this year. However, NIT would still be good for this year regarding IU ladies basketball.

  12. Somewhere another important and necessary step if IU ladies are going to achieve a higher level of success is to get better, faster,bigger, quicker, athletes who can more comfortably score. In other words a higher quality athletic recruit. T.Moren and staff are trying to do this and have a couple times. It must be remembered T.Moren is still in her infant coaching years at IU.

  13. @hoosierfan,
    having been around this women’s team since the 2004-2005 season, I can tell you that having player’s information leave the iuhoosiers website pretty quickly after their departure is not that unusual.
    When Coach Jack was here, we would usually have at least one player leave a year. My wife and I used to take bets on who it would be each season.
    After those recruits left, they would also be removed from the online rosters. I do not think it is indicative of anything sinister.

      1. http://iuhoosiers.com/roster.aspx?roster=277

        Bvance: larryn Brooks, Taylor agler, maura muensterman, coach Starkey, and coach lloyd all missing from this roster. Therefore, roster is incomplete. There is no need to delete people that were a part of the team. Do you understand? That’s just not something you do. And mike if you could look at archives I told you liz stratman was leaving the team..and you said there was no way! I will gladly link you the post.

  14. t, let all of the conspiracy theory proclaimer’s profess their thoughts. What you say is true, next year’s incoming class will have those bigger, stronger more athletic players that you are speaking of which should make us more competitive with the better teams in the conference. Next year’s class is ranked higher than any incoming class in IU history. Let the haters continue to berate our coaching staff. And not to be redundant but, as I mentioned more than once last year, there were 1,100 transfers last year at the division 1 level. Many highly ranked schools including Duke and North Carolina had multiple transfers. Again as I have stated in the past, transfers are common bussiness in the basketball industry.

  15. I just got thru watching the Rutgers vs Maryland from the 22nd , Rutgers is bigger and more athletic than we are and play tough defense on the inside, dont shoot many 3s but if we arent hitting from out we will most likely be in trouble. In that game with about 2min remaining and leading by 17 the terps took out all the starters. Rutgers proceeded to cut the lead down to 8 points with about about 30 sec left. Freeze chickened out and put slocum back in the game at that point to stem the tide. I guess I lost a little respect for freeze at that point.

  16. I was referring to our on the court chemistry Mike . We win and all the credit goes to the big 3 . Those are morens words . We lose we blame the underused and underdeveloped bench or our small ten . We have one player who gets a lions share of the credit but never any blame and all they hear about is next years class . You think we have the chemistry we need with all this going on . Did you see the faces of some of our subs as moren left buss in while losing by 40 when all the reserves were in . How do you think these girls feel when we’re losing by 40 and they don’t get in . C’mon man . Oh well we have Rutgers everything will be fine soon .

  17. I do have to admit I was surprised that Moren left the starters in as long as she did down by such a large margin. I fully expected her to sit them down way before she did. Of the subs that did play Foresman and Wickware seemed to give a spark and they need more playing time. Biggest disappointments to me on the team are Royster [lack of consistancy] Elbert [inefficient play] .

  18. I wasn’t surprised by moren leaving the starters in. Disappointed, but not surprised. Its one thing that be positive and another thing entirely to be in denial. I’ve proven time and time again that my information is good. Knew stratman would never put on an iu uniform..yet everyone get so mad and calls my info “conspiracy theories” this is why I don’t post anymore…it’s the willful ignorance of many who post

  19. I’ll say this like Harvard would, Hoosierfan, your sentence structure and wording is quite impressive in that last post. “Everyone get so mad, that be positive”, ????? Simply replying to a statement does not mean “everyone” is mad? You speak of proof about your information? I continue to wonder if we will ever actually see any proof about some of the things you submit? Simply making a statement on this website is not considered actual proof? What we see is your opinion just like everyone else on this site. Nothing you have ever said that I recall has ever been confirmed by anyone else or any kind of document we can refer to? As usual, more questions than answers.

  20. IU women basketball regular season will be around 19 wins and 10 losses going into big ten tournament. If they can win one in tournament that would be a 20 win season coming off last year’s nice season. Considering IU ladies basketball history; not bad for IU ladies basketball program to build on. T.B. seems playing a little fatigued. Needs to get a fresh second wind.

  21. This is with a pretty challenging pre-big ten schedule this season. I will say this. T.Moren challenges the lady Hoosiers, especially in pre-big ten schedule rather than just racking up wins to be undefeated or with one loss. This time of year could take its affect regarding tiredness physically etc. However, overall IU ladies seem to be holding up reasonably well with the athletes they have with more help needed from Darby, Gulley, and Royster. Hey, IU and T. Moren in 4th are beating V. Stringer and Rutgers on the road. Not bad regardless of Rutger’s record.

  22. Are those prison badge numbers next to screen names….or is it Bloomington directory assistance? 8675309….?….maybe, at least, make it rhyme? Come on, people. THIS IS HOOSIER SCOOP! MAKE AN EFFORT.

    No directory assistance needed for Maryland…It appears they had our number….and address…and keys to the front door. Did they leave anything in the fridge? Somebody call John Wick. I think our puppy is missing.

  23. Hoosier fan please keep posting and ignore the bully . Most people like Steve w .may disagree with you but they will respect your opinion . It’s the same narrative with mike c . And t we always need bigger faster and more athletic players . Let’s throw away coach morens last ten recruits and wait for next years batch . It has been and always will be about player treatment not coaching ability even though when I coached I thought they went hand in hand . If you notice mike c will ignore my posts when he has no leg to stand on . Like my post before this one . Keep posting .

  24. Fact: IU ladies are 16 wins and 8 losses with 5 regular season games to play that includes a challenging pre-big ten on the road schedule. IU ladies are having a pretty nice season.

  25. Hoosier fan I did a little investigating about players disappearing from the roster and you are right. Makes no sense why four players and two coaches are deleted off the roster when they were there all year. Makes me believe all the rumors about Morin I have heard. I checked several other women’s college teams to see if this was normal. It’s not. Even Indiana Men’s team doesn’t do this. So I asked coach Morin why ?looks vindictive.

      1. Jeremy why does the women’s do it but not the men’s? You can’t change history. I guess they missed JessWalters because she is still on last year’s. Totally stupid. Should not be done

  26. This noncon schedule wasn’t horrible..but it’s a stretch to call it challenging. NKU, Oakland, Valparaiso, Presbyterian, North texas, U mass, that’s not counting the exhibition. None of those games were helpful to this team except to inflate the teams stats

  27. I agree, but the other games were challenges plus some were on road unlike in the past before coach T.Moren. what an excellent job she is doing. IU Women’s basketball getting more comments than IU men’s basketball. Good for the lady Hoosiers.

  28. In the past almost every pre big ten schedule for IU ladies were there to inflate team stats. It is so much more challenging schedule now.

  29. let’s stop rewriting history t . When curt miller arrived the program was in bad shape . He deliberately weakened the non conference schedule to get some wins and build some confidence with every intention of strengthening the schedule as he built a better team. Moren has made the non conference schedule somewhat stronger . Our conference schedule has been very weak the last two year’s . We play the 3 best teams 1 time . Once again we need to get something out of coach morens ten recruits if we are going to take the next step . Or we can wait till next year like mike said. Brooks and agler will be glad to know they never played at I.u . Classless .

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