1. Instead of showing so much emotion after making a 3, Blackman would be better served saving that same emotion showing it while playing defense.

  2. Right on t….he’s atrocious on defense & so is Johnson.

    Before the clown takes the podium and talks about how hard they played, deflections being up, leaving it all on the floor, just didn’t shoot the ball well, have to watch the film, etc….. I urge you all to rewind the last MN possession.

    Besides Johnson getting over the backed, watch Blackmon & where he is. He’s standing flat footed at the 3 pt. line while his guy makes a cut to the bucket and gets the tipped ball lay-up. And while you’re at it, watch Bryant just standing there, behind the backboard, nearly out of bounds. This, my dear friends, is why we suck. Add this lack of fundamentals to 4 missed layups, 1 missed dunk and a Johnson fast break pass 1 on none to Blackmon go out of bounds and that is why we suck and are in 3rd to last place in the Big 10.

    The refs didn’t help any, but hey, when you suck calls don’t go your way.

    1. Post game T.C. comments; I think even though he was coaching the skins, that being IU and describing how hard they fought, never gave up and played…he was actually describing play of the shirts, that being Minnesota, how hard they fought, never gave up, and played in this Skins vs. Shirts fiasc/game. T.C. is delusional and so is program. Psychological attitude of team, coach, staff, and messed up. How psychological attitude is Glass and top decision makers messed up?

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