1. I want to add a voice for Zach McRoberts….his BASIC basketball IQ appears to ahead of a lot of his teammates. He plays solid but not necessarily spectacular defense ( Maybe CTC should do for or to the remainder of his teammates) to get them to play SOLID defense. Zach is unselfish could be a better passer if given the time to develop.

  2. Bryant has no idea that he’s killing his NBA profile by shooting threes instead of rebounding.

    Maybe his coach should tell him.

  3. Purdue may physically overwhelm some teams but they are light years from being a good basketball team.

  4. a Truly dysfunctional offense…2nd half IU acted like they didn’t know where they should be on the floor, Spacing was ATROCIOUS!!!! All they could do was pass the ball and not drive and pass;shot selection wasn’t great because spacing wasn’t great. Once again CTC proves he doesn’t know X’s and O’s or adjust game accordingly.

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