Report: McCullough interviews with USC

Another college program is eyeing an Indiana assistant to fill an opening on its coaching staff.

According to a report from 247 Sports, IU running backs coach Deland McCullough recently interviewed for a similar position on coach Clay Helton’s staff. McCullough, who’s guided Indiana’s running backs since 2011, has earned a reputation as one of the top position coaches in the nation.

If McCullough were to leave, he would be the third IU assistant this off-season to depart Bloomington for a new job.

In January, offensive line coach Greg Frey left to become Michigan’s offensive tackles/tight ends coach and run game coordinator. Earlier this month, quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson left to take over as Pitt’s offensive coordinator. Both of those positions have since been filled by Darren Hiller and Nick Sheridan, respectively.

USC lost former running backs coach Tommie Robinson to LSU earlier this month.

McCullough helped Tevin Coleman (third round, 2015) and Jordan Howard (fifth round, 2016) become the first IU running backs drafted in consecutive years since 1990-92. This past season, Devine Redding became the first Hoosier since Vaughn Dunbar in 1991 to rush for 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons. Next week, Redding will attend this year’s NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.

After Coleman became the 18th player in Football Bowl Subdivision history to rush for 2,000 yards during the 2014 season, named McCullough the league’s top running backs coach.

Last June, McCullough was one of nine minority assistants selected to participate in the 2016 NCAA Champion Forum, which is designed to groom attendees to become successful future head coaches.

McCullough made $255,000 in 2016, according to The Herald-Times’ Indiana University salary database.


  1. But don’t worry, IU has the money to match whatever offer USC would make to this outstanding position coach. It’s just a matter of whether Glass wants to spend it or not, right! I guess he did not want to spend the money to match Michigan’s offer of $880,000 per year to keep Frey. And my guess is that Glass and Allen will be helpless to match USC’s offer to McCullough, if and when it comes. Maybe LA’s cost of living will be enough to dissuade Deland from making the move. I mean, have you seen what it costs to buy a decent house in LA these days? He’ll have to double his salary just to break even.

    Well, I guess it is a sign of progress when power football programs are raiding IU’s coaching staff. But it would have been nice if this assembly of coaching talent could have produced a winning season over the last four of five seasons before they began working for the big bucks. If only Wilson had known how to spell the word defense before he found Allen.

  2. after all that has happen with the coaching staff, I think IU, Glass and Allen would have been better off dismissing everybody and starting from scratch….IU will have all new coaches at every position but defense line, linebacker and secondary (isn’t that strange, all the offensive coaches are gone – after one so-call bad year). Truly will be a very interesting year for IU football this year. This is why recruiting in college football is so hard, you never know who your college football coach will be. you commit to play with a certain college and coach only to watch that coach leave in a couple of weeks, this is not fair to the college student/athletic. the way I see it any of the player that where recruited by Deland McCullough should have the opportunity to de-commit and pursue another university or program.

  3. gm01, Forgive Po, he likes to play fast and real loose with facts whenever he needs to embellish his argument.

  4. Well it looks like the whole offensive staff embedded together at IU for several years is now gone. The long looked for “break through season” will be near impossible in 2017 with a whole new offensive staff. In as much as I believe the D will do its part in creating opportunities for the offense it will be a much bigger challenge without Frey and McCullough. Just to much turnover and turmoil to overcome in 1 season. Hope I’m wrong, but the reality is if RR could not make it happen at Meatchicken with lots more good FB players than IU has to offer my hope for it to happen with IUFB is slim. I suspect with Frey and DM it was as much about being comfortable and advancing to a higher profile program as it is with $. With all the assistants hired away during the Wilson’s years sure says he new coaching talent and he always stated opportunities for them would happen.

  5. That’s certainly one possibility. That being said, it’s not as if the Hoosiers were burning up scoreboards last year.

    I believe we made a major upgrade in our OC. These guys aren’t exactly replacing Mike Martz’s offensive staff from the Kurt Warner lead ‘Greatest Show On Turf’.

    All they have to be is OK and we’ll be as good as last season.

  6. I stand corrected. Frey’s salary is $500,000 per year for three years. It was not a deliberate attempt to embellish but my source was (USA Today) was wrong. But shame on me, I should have just asked Hoosier Clarion, because as everyone knows, he knows everything, especially all the facts. So gosh, given that it was only an additional $125,000 a year, I wonder why Glass did not match or exceed Michigan’s offer to Frey? Remember, according to HC, IU has all the money it needs to hold on to any coach it wants to retain.

    1. It isn’t all about money. He got asked to come and coach for a national title contender. We’ll never win a national title at IU. This fact is obvious to just about every single one of us that commented on it when Harbaugh hired him.

      Frey didn’t even wait for a counter offer, so Glass didn’t even have the opportunity to give it to him. He accepted the job immediately. Frey said, “Like I said, it took me about 18 seconds (to say yes).”

      Stop trying to spin stories that aren’t there. This is why we say you are fast and loose with the facts. It is because you are.

      1. Let me get this straight. He leaves Indiana football just because he can coach at a national title contender AND get paid more money to do it.

        I don’t get it.

          1. While the long, gray winters would kill me I’ve had a great time every time I visited Ann Arbor. It’s a great college town affiliated with an outstanding university.

            Good for Coach Frey. Let’s be honest…it was a no brainer.

  7. He got no opportunity to match or beat an offer as Frey took the job as soon as it was offered.
    You have repeatedly and continue to distort facts. You’re easy to correct even if there is a couple of things I do not know.

  8. I think he wasn’t comfortable with newly created shared duties. A top candidate will be Stu Holt now at Appalachian State.

  9. Holt in his carer has coached near everything but QB and DB. But I doubt he can recruit at the level needed in the B1G and particularly at IU.

  10. More money, better program, greater exposure, chance to win a National Championship, better weather and the change in McCullough’s chain of command. Those are the obvious justifications. But could Allen’s his leadership style, coaching philosophy or his emphasis on defense compared to Wilson’s emphasis on offense be the reason why the entire offensive coaching staff has departed? Would this turnover have occurred if Wilson was still IU’s head coach? Would it have occurred if IU had the money to match these competitive offers?

    McCullough will be missed.

  11. LB coach Mike Ekeler must take Dramamine every morning before leaving for work. He has moved again, now to North Carolina. In recent memory he has been at LSU, Ok., Nebraska, IU, Georgia, USC, No. Texas and now NC. All since 2003. Now that is moving.

  12. Coach DM will be missed and Coach Allen has a tough decision to make for our new RB choice. Our offensive players have been rocked this off-season but have an opportunity to show new coaches their ability to be a starter. IU offense will have a different look in 2017 with all new coaches and a new offensive scheme.

  13. Frey was obviously very good. Props to the running backs coach.

    But, by and large, the offense IU put on the field this past season didn’t earn any coaches any job security. It’s not like these guys will be impossible to replace. What will happen? Will we be disastrous in the red zone. Will we consistently fail to convert on third and fourth downs? Will the QB and receivers blow their reads and give up interceptions? Will passes be dropped all over the field? If that all happens then we will be the same as last season.

    I’ll grant you that Coach Frey was a good one but, as a unit, the offensive coaching staff put together a terrible offense. If they kept score by how you moved the ball between the twenties it would be different…but they don’t.

    Luckily our kicking game was well coached and bailed us out…bwaaaahaaaahaaa.

  14. So where does it stand? Is DM staying or not? Gotta be some movement sometime in the next couple of days.

    1. HC,
      Nobody’s made it official, but some IU players were wishing McCullough well on Twitter last week and he was replying or retweeting them, so it seems only a matter of crossing t’s and dotting i’s before he’s off to L.A.

  15. Jeremy,
    Certainly not the response I hoped for but thanks for the response.

    Hoosier Clarion

  16. On another site a poster with inside knowledge of IUFB says they are close to signing a coach for RB. The new offensive staff will work together and I bet the offense will be much better than last year. I hope they are careful about how Patrick will practice and avoiding an injury this year. I hope he is as talented as coach Wilson said. IUFB needs a great RB and I hope Patrick is. IU is loaded at RB with very good RBs and I hope they rotate RBs to keep every one healthy and fresh legs during the games.

  17. Natee needs to become ‘260 lbs. of bust em up’ both with and without the ball between the tackles at limited times when needed. A dimension IU has not offered in a long time. With 3 years of a
    eligibility and talented feet why waste him not being in the offense.

  18. HC, I agree that Natee needs to have his talent used on offense especially if he can work his way down to 250-60 lbs. He would give IU a big strong RB with quick feet they haven’t had for a long time. With the other RBs IU has Natee would be a great change up over the next 3 years.

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